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MI-BOX Storage Central Jersey

Serving: Central New Jersey

MI-BOX Storage Central Jersey MI-BOX Storage Central Jersey
Central New Jersey Self Storage & Moving
1924 Heck
Neptune, New Jersey 07753

Toll Free: 866-MIBOX99 (866-642-6999)
Telephone: 732-531-6426
Fax: 732-681-8378

MI-BOX Storage Central Jersey delivers Storage and Moving containers. Get the time you need to properly plan your next move. Get mobile storage containers delivered right to your driveway for the ultimate convenience. Get the cost savings of only renting the moving space you need. We have 8 ft. 16 ft. and 20 ft. moving and storage containers. Choose the size you need. Get all of your self storage and moving needs covered. 

Get MI-BOX Self Storage & Moving in Central Jersey

Storage - Moving - Self Storage - Declutter - Home Staging - Renovations - Commercial 


Central New Jersey Mobile Storage Containers

MI-BOX mobile self storage solutions is here to make the hassles of moving and storing easier for you.  Whether you need storage for residential, commercial, moving or renovating, MI-BOX has a variety of solutions that meet your needs. Our value based approach to business is what will take your storage experience from acceptable to remarkable. We are locally owned and operated; investing in making life at the Jersey Shore a little more simple.

Before you start, determine how much space you’ll need for your mobile storage container. MI-BOX offers a variety of sizes including 8', 16', and 20'.  If you’re not sure what size you need for your application, you can call us any time! It’s easy to reach us to by either speaking to a local customer service representative or using hassle-free online booking. 


Nobody wants a lemon. That’s why providing a high quality product is of the utmost importance. Our mobile storage containers are constructed using DURA-PLATE technology, a high density polyethylene plastic core bonded between two high strength steel skins. This means that MI-BOX mobile storage containers are able to withstand extreme weather conditions and keep your valuables safe and secure at all times. Don’t be fooled by decommissioned sea containers or plastic wood hybrid containers. They are built with the North East climate in mind to store your valued possessions.

Small Spaces Welcome

Worried about a small storage space? Our secret weapon is the patented Level Lift System equipped on all MI-BOX delivery trucks. This systems allows us to maintain a level load when loading, transporting, or unloading your valuables ensuring your stored goods do not shift. There is absolutely no tilting of the load required. It also enables us to have the smallest footprint possible for loading and unloading as well as a very low clearance height. That means we can fit your storage unit into a pretty tight area. Loading Dock? No problem, The Level Lift System is perfect for that application as well. If portable storage was not an option for you in the past, it just might be now. How’s that for convenient?!

MI-BOX Technology

MI-BOX portable moving and storage solutions is revolutionizing the storage industry. The ultimate mobile storage container is constructed using DURA-PLATE technology, a high density polyethylene plastic core bonded between two high strength steel skins. These storage units will keep your items safe and secure even in the harshest North East weather conditions. 

Mi-Box also has the industry exclusive, the patented Level Lift System design. You can sleep easy at night knowing that your items are stored exactly how you packed them. This means that when the mobile storage container is being loaded, unloaded, or in transit, it always stays level. The Level Lift System also allows us to place our light weight units gently on your property, leaving no traces of damage behind. They sit level on the ground when you load them so no risky ramps are required. No tilting, no shifting, no problem.

Support Local

Mi-Box Central Jersey is a locally owned and operated storage facility and all of our customer service representatives are also Monmouth County residents. You can expect the best customer service along with the best equipment to get the job done. 

Residential Moving

Our goal is to take the stress out of moving. The traditional ways of moving are simply becoming outdated.Why try and cram what should be a few weeks of work into one or two days?  It isn't fair to you or your family. Gone are the days of begging friends, co- workers and neighbors to burn up one of their Saturdays to help you move. Call MI-BOX for a better way.

MI-BOX will drop your choice of an 8', 16', or 20' container at your residence. The best part? You can load it or unload it at your leisure. You rent by the month, so the price will remain the same whether you have the container for 1 day or for 30 days. There is no longer any pressure of having to work under unreasonable rental deadlines. Once your belongings are all packed up, we pick the unit up and can either deliver it to another location, or take it back to our secure storage facility. If you want to extend your desired storage duration, you may do so at any time without any added fees.


Commercial Moving & Storage

MI-BOX is well equipped to handle all of your commercial moving and storage needs. We cater to commercial companies in need of short term or long term storage as well as moving products from location to location. Seasonal or permanent, we have something for you. Think of MI-BOX as a mobile storage room or warehouse. With the price of real estate in New Jersey, this is a great way to add serious square footage at next to no cost. We rent by the month with no limitations on the time period you can rent it for. We also offer sales and rental purchase contracts. 

MI-BOX is extremely adaptable to the unique commercial moving and storage needs of your company, this means we can tailor make any commercial moving and storage program to directly accommodate your specific application. 

Speak to one of our customer service representatives today.

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Honestly, we did not mind working in the freezing cold and snow. But we are welcoming the warmer weather and ready for some Spring Cleaning!
We take the stress out of moving and storing.
Moving & Self Storage Containers Delivered | MI-BOX Mobile Storage
Self Storage and Moving solutions delivered. Move, store & more using portable storage containers by MI-BOX Mobile Self Storage.
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Central New Jersey Moving Companies

Our goal at MI-BOX Central Jersey is to make your life easier.  We are changing the way you think about self storage.

Moving Companies in Central New Jersey are abundant but none are quite like MI-BOX Moving Company. MI-BOX uses clean, secure mobile moving containers that come in three convenient sizes to accommodate any move. We have 8 ft. 16 ft. and 20 ft. moving containers. We deliver them right to your home or business. You can do the loading to save money or we can recommend a professional moving company to do the loading services for you. 

MI-BOX is less expensive than traditional moving companies because you save on the labor. By moving and loading the items yourself, you can save big money. Even if you need help with the larger items, you're reducing the required labor substantially, so you'll always save money.

For all our moving services please click Moving Services on our website at Make sure to visit our other moving pages to see how we can help make your next move simple.

You'll save time because MI-BOX containers can be loaded when it's convenient for you. There's no need to do everything in a day. Take your time with MI-BOX Moving in  Central NJ. We give you the time you need to properly plan your move. 

We're great for home staging or prepping your house before it sells. A clean, well presented home free of clutter will sell for more money and faster. Since you need to pack anyway, why not load unneeded items or seasonal items to give your home the best possible appearance. Show your homes true potential by using our moving containers to store these items until you need them at your new home. 

We can store your container at your location or we can bring your belongings to our secure storage facility until you need it. Then, we'll move it right to your new home for you. No truck rentals, no time constraints and convenient moving options not offered by other moving companies in NJ. 

Get Your Move On with MI-BOX of Central NJ.
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Central New Jersey Self Storage

Self Storage in Central New Jersey is getting better with MI-BOX. Our mobile self storage units are brand new - clean - secure - weatherproof and come in three convenient size. 8 ft., 16 ft. and 20 ft. mobile self storage units are available for monthly rent. They can be kept on your driveway or we can store them for you in our secure self storage facility.

Say Goodbye to Traditional Self Storage and Say Hello to MI-BOX Mobile Self Storage.  With the unit delivered right to your door, you only need to load and unload ONCE.  There is no need to rent a truck, load everything up, drive to the self storage facility, rent a storage unit, then unload each trip. Often times this must be done several times and it must be done again when you are done renting a storage unit. With MI-BOX in Central NJ, you don't even have to leave the comfort of your own home. Click or Call and we'll deliver a brand new, secure self storage unit right to your home. Take your time and load anything into our ground level storage units. When your done, just give us a call and we'll pick the unit up and store it for you. It's that simple.

Self Storage Made Simple and Easy

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