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Cochrane AB

Serving: Cochrane Alberta and Calgary Region

Cochrane AB Cochrane AB
Cochrane Self Storage & Moving Containers

Cochrane, Alberta T3S 0A2

Toll Free: 855-926-8642
Telephone: 403-278-4474

Cochrane, AB Self Storage

Self Storage in Cochrane Alberta is easy and convenient with MI-BOX Mobile Self Storage. We bring the self storage unit right to your home or business anywhere in Cochrane AB or the Calgary Region. That's right you don't even have to leave home.

Self storage bins are delivered to you so you don't need to rent a truck or make numerous trips back and forth to your local public storage facility. You can take as much time as you need to load them. Once you're done, MI-BOX West will pick up the loaded container and store it for you inside our climate controlled warehouse or you can keep it on your driveway. Whatever is best for you.

Self Storage in Cochrane AB is Simple
  •        MI-BOX delivers the storage unit to you
  •        Take your time to load it or do it in a day
  •        Keep the storage bin on your driveway - or -
  •        Store it inside our climate controlled storage facility
  •        MI-BOX Mobile Self Storage does all the driving for you
MI-BOX self storage containers come in three convenient sizes so you only rent the storage space you need. We have 8 ft., 16 ft., and 20 ft. storage units. Call us today and we'll help you decide which is best for you. All MI-BOX storage units are built to withstand the Calgary climate. They can be kept outside for as long as you need them or stored inside our climate controlled warehouse.

MI-BOX makes it simple to get prices on self storage in Cochrane, AB or anywhere in the Calgary Region. Just Click on Get a FREE Instant Quote at the top of this page or Call Us at 403-278-4474.

Cochrane, AB Moving Companies

MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving in unlike any other moving company in Cochrane, AB. MI-BOX is locally owned and operated, so you're guaranteed to get the best prices and service anywhere in the Calgary Region. We have a new fleet of moving containers and patented Level Lift System to deliver them. We have over 22,000 sq. ft. of climate controlled storage space to keep your moving container. Best of all MI-BOX Moving & Storage offers the best prices and our service is guaranteed.

Moving to or from Cochrane, Alberta doesn't have to be difficult. MI-BOX solves moving problems and gives you the most convenient options. From apartment moves to full house moves, MI-BOX has you covered. If you new home isn't ready and you need temporary storage, MI-BOX can help. If you need to do some remodeling before you move in, MI-BOX can help with that as well. 

Sell your home for more money and sell it faster by using our moving and storage containers to de-clutter you're home. Home staging companies and realtors insist that a well staged home, free of clutter will sell for more money and it will sell faster. It's a great way to get a jump on moving. You can take your time and sort through anything you want to move to your new home. Just put it in a MI-BOX bin and we'll store it for you. Then, we can deliver it right to your new home.

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Cochrane Self Storage & Moving

Cochrane, AB Self Storage & Moving

MI-BOX Cochrane, Alberta

MI-BOX Self Storage & Moving services Cochrane and the surrounding Calgary area! Did you know Cochrane is one of the fastest growing communities in Canada? That means there are a lot of people moving into town who could use a hand making life a little more simple. So why not deal with the most trusted name in Canada when it comes to moving and self storage. At MI-BOX, we are here to help you make the most of your time, and enjoy the moments you would have otherwise missed. 

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The MI-BOX Way

1. Determine what size self storage or moving container suits your needs. Our storage units are 8', 16' or 20' in size.
2. Call us at 403-278-4474 or use our easy online quote at the top of this page for a FREE QUOTE.
3. MI-BOX is dropped off where you need it to load for storage or moving. 
4. Pack it up!
5. Keep on site, move to another location, or store in a MI-BOX secure self storage facility. 

Using the best technology in the industry, the moving storage cubes are weatherproof, durable and secure. It's the easiest way to move and store - it's the MI-BOX way. 

Support Local 

MI-BOX West is a locally owned and operated moving & storage facility. All of our customer service representatives and employees are Calgary based. You can expect only the best customer service along with the best equipment to get the job done. 

MI-BOX Mobile Storage

Cochrane, AB Mobile Storage Containers

Because the MI-BOX mobile storage containers are portable, you have the option to store them at your residence, place of business, or in our secure self storage facility. You may be worried that storage bins could threaten the curb appeal of your home - don't. MI-BOX mobile storage containers are not your typical decommissioned sea containers. Unlike competitors like Big Steel Box or Container King, or Cube it, MI-BOX containers are a unique product constructed of rust proof galvanized steel and DURA-PLATE technology. What this means to you is not only are these storage units immune to the harsh Alberta weather conditions, but they look good as well. 

MI-BOX Mobile storage containers come in 8 ft., 16 ft, and 20 ft. lengths. They will fit in just about any driveway and take up the space of a typical car. They are sturdy, safe and look much better than a shipping container. Each portable storage container has a full width door so items can be easily placed inside for storage. These moving and storage bins can be kept on your driveway or MI-BOX will store them for you inside our climate controlled warehouse or we can keep them outside in our secure storage yard. 

With the patented Level-Lift System, you can rest assured that there will be no tilting or shifting of your possessions during transportation. MI-BOX has a patented Level Lift System which allows us to place our light weight units gently on your property, leaving no traces of damage behind. 

MI-BOX West is locally owned and operated so you're guaranteed to get the best prices and service on portable storage, mobile storage, moving, and storage. Just look for our MI-BOX name on the side of our storage bins to ensure you're with a reputable mobile storage dealer. So if you're looking for the best moving storage options in Cochrane, AB or anywhere in the Calgary Region, then look to MI-BOX Mobile Storage containers.

MI-BOX Applications

Cochrane, AB Storage & Moving Uses

There are a ton of ways to use MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving Containers! It's Simple. It's Affordable. It's Convenient. 

BIG or small - MI-BOX Does It All!

  • Store Seasonal items (Ski-Doo, Dirtbikes, Quads, etc.)
  • Between Home Storage
  • Easy Moving
  • Temporary Storage
  • Long Term Storage
  • Flood Damage
  • Fire Restoration
  • Seasonal Decorations
  • Overstocked Inventory
  • Job Materials or Equipment
  • De-cluttering homes
  • Professional Home Staging Services
  • Restoration Businesses
  • High School Events/Sports
  • Lawn and Patio Furniture
  • Renovating


100% Guaranteed Service