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Greensboro NC

Serving: Greensboro & Triad North Carolina

Greensboro NC Greensboro NC
MI-BOX Moving & Mobile Storage Units
142 Montlieu Ave
Greensboro, North Carolina 27409

Telephone: 336-392-2875

Greensboro, NC Moving & Storage 

MI-BOX Moving & Storage in Greensboro, North Carolina has the most convenient and affordable solutions for all your moving and storage needs. Moving and storage doesn't have to be stressful or tedious. Our portable storage containers give you the extra time and extra space you need to complete any job. Save time and eliminate much of the stress that comes from dealing with moving companies. Reduce your stress and rent portable storage containers that gives you affordable moving and storage options. MI-BOX is locally owned and operated so you're guaranteed to get the best prices and service anywhere in Greensboro, NC.

We Make Moving & Storage Easy

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Get Moving & Storage Solutions. MI-BOX Moving & Storage in Greensboro, NC delivers portable storage containers right to your home or business. Think of it as a self storage unit that sits right on your driveway. Load it when you have time. No moving truck rentals. Portable storage units are great for home renovation projects, staging your home for sale, moving and storage, or just if you need extra space to store things. Best of all, it's simple. We deliver, you load, we move or store it for you.

Get The Space You Need. MI-BOX Moving & Mobile Storage has 8', 16', and 20' portable storage units for rent. No moving or storage job is too big or too small. Only, rent the moving and storage space you need. We'll deliver any size storage container on time and gently place it where it's most convenient for you anywhere in Greensboro or the Triad area. Only MI-BOX delivers each portable storage container using our patented Level Lift System. It keeps your unit level throughout the delivery process which protects your contents from damage caused by shifting loads and it will gently place our storage units on any surface without you knowing it was there.

Get Quality. MI-BOX brand portable storage containers have been built in the USA since 2004. They've been tested in climates from coast to cost in the US and Canada. Our high quality storage units are durable and attractive. They can be kept outside or stored inside our secure storage facility. Each portable storage unit features ground level loading, rust proof coatings, and composite wall panels to ensure a trouble free move - every time.

Get Service. MI-BOX Moving & Storage is locally owned and operated. We'll guarantee you the best prices and service anywhere in Greensboro or the Triad area. Experience the difference of working with a moving company who values each and every customer. Our friendly, trained moving and storage family will offer you the most convenient and affordable moving and storage options.

Get MI-BOX Moving & Storage

Greensboro Mobile Storage Containers

Mobile Storage Containers Greensboro, NC

MI-BOX mobile storage containers provide the highest quality product on the self-storage market anywhere in Greensboro or the Triad area. Whether you need self storage for commercial use, your business, moving or renovating, MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving has a variety of storage solutions that meet your needs.

Our mobile storage units are constructed using DURA-PLATE technology, a high density polyethylene plastic core bonded between two high strength steel skins. That means MI-BOX mobile storage containers are able to withstand extreme weather conditions and keep your valuables safe and secure always. MI-BOX mobile storage units are far superior to sea containers or plastic wood hybrid containers.

There are several mobile storage companies that service Greensboro, NC. It pays to comparison shop for all your moving and storage needs. Compare MI-BOX® to PODS®, Units®, Pack Rat® or any other mobile storage company before making your selection. We're confident you will immediately see the difference in our high quality, durable mobile storage containers. We're confident you'll have a trouble free delivery with our Level Lift System. We're positive you'll have a more friendly experience with the best service in Greensboro.

MI-BOX offers a variety of sizes including 8', 16', and 20'.  If you’re not sure what size you need call us at any time, we're here to help! And rest assured, when you call you'll be speaking with the owners in Greensboro. 

Serving GSO and Surrounding Communities

Moving and Storage Units in and around Greensboro, NC

MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving delivers portable storage units to Greensboro and throughout Guilford and Rockingham Counties. Moving and storage is simple when the storage unit comes to you. We deliver and pick up anywhere, saving you time and money. See some of our service areas in North Carolina.

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  • Madison

  • Mcleansville

  • Oak Ridge

  • Reidsville

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  • Wentworth

  • Walnut Cove 

    We Make Storage & Moving Easy

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    Why MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving?

    MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving Greensboro, NC 

    Locally-Owned & Operated

    • Triad residents Michael and Dede Roberts own and operate MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving in Greensboro, NC. They are committed to providing superior customer care, along with safe and secure storage at an affordable price.

    Easy & Convenient

    • Let MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving will do all the driving - mobile storage containers are delivered right to your door.  And you load them on your own time, at your own pace.  We can even provide packing materials.

    Secure, Sturdy Containers

    • MI-BOX containers are constructed of durable composite wall panels on a steel subframe with a sealed roof ensuring your belongings are safe and well-protected.

    Price Match the Competition

    • Call us to price match the competition. We'll help you get the best box for your buck! MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving always has competitive prices but if you find a special from one of our competitors in Greensboro, like PODS®, UNITS® or Pack Rat®, we will always beat it. No games, just great prices and service.

    No Delivery Charge

    • Bring your stuff to our warehouse and skip the delivery charge.  Load/unload free in our parking lot and we'll store the container. MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving in Greensboro is self storage. Just because we can deliver a self storage unit to you doesn't mean we have to. Drive into our self storage facility and pay no delivery charges.

    Greensboro Self Storage

    Self Storage Units Greensboro, NC

    MI-BOX Self Storage in Greensboro, NC delivers self storage units for use at your site or stored at our secure self storage facility. Construction, Oilfield, Residential and Commercial applications are all perfect for MI-BOX self storage units. On-site storage hasn’t always been an option due to size constraints. At MI-BOX we have a unique delivery system that enables us to have the lowest clearance height, and the smallest footprint needed for loading and unloading on site storage containers. On site self storage simply means you keep the storage unit at your place. These rust proof storage units will keep your residence or job site clean, safe and looking its best. 

    MI-BOX Self Storage containers come in 8', 16' and 20' lengths so no job is to big or too small. We do it all. We'll deliver a storage unit right to your home or business anywhere in Greensboro or the Triad. Keep it on your site or have us pick it up and move it or store it for you.

    MI-BOX Self Storage on site storage containers are weatherproof, secure and the most durable on the market. 

    They are perfect for:

    • Residential & Commercial Moving 
    • Remodeling Companies
    • Disaster Recovery Contractors
    • Schools
    • Special Events Coordinators
    • Builders
    • Painters and Floor Installers
    • Farms

    Most self storage places in Greensboro, NC make you drive to their storage facility, make several trips back and forth with a moving truck and load everything into a storage locker only to do it all over again once you need your stuff back. This requires a lot of time and typically a lot of people to do it all in one day. 

    MI-BOX self storage has a much easier solution. We'll deliver a mobile self storage unit right to your home. You can take as much time as you need to load it. MI-BOX mobile self storage rents by the month, just like traditional self storage units. With the added convenience of the storage unit sitting outside your house, you don't have to do it all in one day. Simply load it when your time permits. Don't worry about renting a U-Haul or moving truck as we do all the driving for you. Greensboro Self Storage has a new look and its called MI-BOX Mobile Self Storage.

    Call now to reserve your MI-BOX storage unit 336-392-2875 or reserve on-line today.


    Moving & Storage Specials in Greensboro, NC.

    • 100% FREE no-obligation quote
    • We price match the competition
    Call Dede at 336-392-2875

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    See What MI-BOX Customers Are Saying

    Inez V  5 star MI-BOX is by far one of the BEST container/storage companies out there!! DeDe & Michael went above & beyond from beginning to end, I can't say enough about what this company did for us during a very stressful time. They made our out-of-town move a whole lot easier!! Thank You DeDe & Michael-I truly appreciate all you guys did for us!   I would highly recommend MI-BOX .

    Mike C  5 star  December 6, 2016  We had an excellent experience with MI-Box. They were helpful, courteous, prompt, and less expensive than the other guys. First class service from DeDe and the whole crew. I would recommend without hesitation.
    Bryan H   5 star  November 8, 2016  Excellent service and very professional. The folks are very down to earth and I was very pleased. I recommend MI-BOX to anyone to assist them with any needs from storage to moving!!!!! Remember to go local!!!!!

    Alisa M  5 star  My Dad used MI-BOX and was very pleased with the service. He ordered the box, they brought it, he filled it up, they picked it up and moved it. Very simple and easy to work with!! Highly recommended!!!
    R Manning October 10, 2016  100% All the way around. 5 Star customer Service. Quick pickup. Great Box!
    W Wagner 5 star MI-Box Triad was a fantastic experience. They were personable and helped my family and I meet our needs as we transitioned through selling, buying, and moving into our new home. I highly recommend using them! Thanks again!

    Chris O   5 star August 2, 2016  Thank you so much to Mi-Box Triad! Your service was fantastic and responsive to our requests, and the unit we used was sturdy and clean. You helped us de-clutter before our move, and it made a difficult process far easier. I will recommend you to anyone. Thank toy, Michael and Dede.

    GSO Residential & Commercial Moving

    Greensboro Moving Companies

    Residential Moving

    MI-BOX Greensboro wants to take the stress out of moving. No need to cram a few weeks of work into one or two days, or beg your friends, co- workers and neighbors to help you move. Call MI-BOX for a better way.

    We will drop an 8', 16', or 20' container at your residence. If you need more space, we'll deliver a second container at half the monthly rental rate! And the best part is you can load it or unload it at your own pace. Since you rent by the month the price will remains the same whether you have the container for 1 day or for 30 days - eliminating the stress of working under unreasonable rental deadlines. When you have your belongings all packed up, we can pick up the unit and either deliver it to another location, or take it back to our secure storage facility.  If you need your belongings, just call and we'll have your container ready for you to access.


    Commercial Moving & Storage

    MI-BOX is well equipped to handle all of your commercial moving and storage needs, including short- or long-term storage.  Think of MI-BOX as a portable storage room or warehouse. We also offer sales and rental purchase contracts. 

    MI-BOX can accommodate your commercial moving and storage needs and will tailor a program for your specific application. 

    Call us now 336-392-2875 and speak to a local, Greensboro-based customer service representatives today.

    Greensboro Social Media Sites

    Social media sites are a great way to stay up to date with the latest moving and storage specials in Greensboro and the Triad area. Check out our MI-BOX self storage & moving social sites. Stay social Greensboro, we want to hear your comments.


    WE BRING IT. YOU LOAD IT. WE STORE IT OR LEAVE IT OR MOVE IT. Caller question: Can you store the box when I'm done loading it? MI-BOX: Absolutely. We will take it to our secure facility and store it until you're ready to have it back or moved to another location. It's easy and convenient. Self-storage delivered directly to your door.
    MI-BOXes come in three convenient sizes to accommodate any size job. Each box is 7' 2" wide, 8' 4" tall, and come in 8', 16'. and 20' lengths. They all have large roll up doors and sit at ground level for easy loading. 20' boxes generally fit the contents of an apartment or 4-5 rooms of household goods. 16' boxes generally fit the contents of a medium apartment or 3-4 rooms of furniture. 8' boxes generally fit the contents of 1-2 rooms of furniture or of dorm rooms, seasonal items or to clear your garage. MI-BOX boxes are safe and secure. It's storage delivered to your home or business. It's simply smart storage.
    Thankful for a satisfied customer . . Fabulous service! I moved recently and Mi-Box made the process much easier. They delivered a box and placed it just where I asked for easy access. I filled it over the course of a month. On the day of closing, they picked up the box and had it waiting for me at my new house when I arrived. I emptied it that afternoon and before my furniture arrived the next day, they came and took it away. They accommodated my schedule and provided excellent and friendly service. Thanks Mi-Box! L Brown
    MI-BOX Triad - About - Google+
    MI-BOX Triad - Mobile Storage & Moving Services.  MI-BOX Triad delivers portable storage containers right to you for an easy and convenient solution to your storage needs.
    What fun! Music, food, local craftsman. Congratulations Greensboro for a wildly successful National Folk Festival! And no festival is complete without a secure, weather-tight MI-BOX!
    Sometimes one MI-BOX just isn't enough! MI-BOX looks forward to the August grand opening of Tessa Farm to Fork…,

    MI-BOX Greensboro NC

    100% Guaranteed Service