Moving Companies and Mobile Storage

​Moving Companies use MI-BOX.

MI-BOX moving companies are independently owned and operated. You'll always receive fast and friendly service. Your service is guaranteed to be easy and affordable. MI-BOX mobile storage containers are used by other moving companies outside of our MI-BOX dealership network. 

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MI-BOX Moving Companies

MI-BOX Mobile Storage and moving companies are perfect partners! MI-BOX storage containers can:

  • ​Give customers secure self storage if your company doesn’t offer a long-term storage solution.
  • ​Keep your customer’s contents safe and level during transport and delivery.
  • ​Expand your customer base to include not only moving customers, but also those interested in self storage… without having to build or buy storage facilities.
  • ​Be used for moving customers who need overnight or short-term storage between when they move out of their home and the move into their new one. This limits the number of times the customer’s belongings are touched, thus decreasing the likelihood of damage.
  • ​Open up a new revenue stream for you while offering more services to your customers.

Some MI-BOX dealers also operate moving companies because the relationship makes so much sense. Find the MI-BOX dealer nearest you to learn how a partnership with MI-BOX can help your business!

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