Painting and Remodeling Storage Services

MI-BOX portable storage containers make any remodeling, painting, or construction job easier – for both the team doing the work and the person who owns the home.

By using MI-BOX portable storage containers, room by room, everything in the affected area can be completely removed from the home. If multiple rooms are being painted or worked on, furniture and belongings won’t need to be shuttled from room to room to stay out of the way.

MI-BOX Moving & Mobile Storage Contractor Uses

The homeowner benefits 

  • Having immediate access to their belongings throughout the project if they keep the unit at their home
  • ​Not having to squeeze everything they own into a few rooms, making those rooms virtually unusable
  • The flexibility to decide what gets stored and where best to keep it

As the painter or remodeling contractor, you will be given a completely blank canvas to work with, since all of the items will be cleared out and kept in a secure MI-BOX storage unit just outside. Your customers get peace of mind that their belongings are safe, secure and at hand. You get a clean and clutter free work space and the amount of time it will take to skillfully complete any project..

  • ​Free moving estimates
  • ​Pre-move planning
  • ​On your site loading
  • ​Storage at your site
  • ​Packing supplies
  • ​Home staging
  • ​​Convenient
  • ​​Flexible
  • ​​Secure
  • ​​Safe
  • ​​Affordable
  • ​Local moving
  • ​Storage at our centers
  • ​Container moving
  • ​Business moving services
  • ​Fire and flood restoration
  • ​Professional loading

Contact MI-BOX today for all of your painting and remodeling needs. Preferred prices and contractor rates are given by our local dealers to make bidding your jobs easier. From small jobs to big projects - MI-BOX has you covered.

Find a MI-BOX location in your area to arrange a MI-BOX moving and storage unit for your next customer.

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