Retail Storage and Moving

​Retail floor space is for selling your products… so what do you do when you have a lot of inventory or overstock items?​

Do you rent a storage unit at a facility some distance from your store and then have to figure out how to transport the items back and forth?

​MI-BOX portable self storage can help you with all of that! Our mobile storage pods are delivered directly to you at your location. You know which days you get inventory delivered, so you could coordinate with your MI-BOX dealer to have your MI-BOX available on the same day. As inventory is delivered, it can be loaded into your stockroom, and the excess can reside safely in your MI-BOX unit until you need it.

​You always have the option of storing your MI-BOX storage container at your location (they fit nicely in a parking lot), but your shopping center may not allow parking spaces to be filled with storage units. We can ensure that your unit is picked up and dropped off within your center’s parameters.

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