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Business Uses

MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving containers aren't just for home use! Businesses of many kinds and in many industries have benefited from using MI-BOX for their storage needs because MI-BOX is:

Secure. The unit is secured with your lock and you determine who has a key. The construction of the unit also doesn't allow for anyone to enter the unit through anything other than the door.

Convenient. You can keep your unit at your office location, or keep it at one of our secure storage centers. If you opt to keep it at a secure storage center, all it takes is one phone call to arrange to have your unit delivered to you. Unsure about having enough space? All of our unit sizes fit in a standard parking lot parking space.

Versatile. Anything that can be legally stored in a storage facility can be stored in a MI-BOX, including boxes of files, overstock inventory, office equipment, and so much more!

Weather-tight. Your valuable business files, inventory items, and anything else you would store in a unit will withstand blizzards, extreme heat, hurricanes, extreme cold, and just about any other kind of weather than can happen throughout the United States and Canada.

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