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Event planning has a lot of moving pieces and parts – especially as you get closer to an event.  With MI-BOX portable self storage, you can save yourself a number of steps and eliminate a great deal of double checking.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a tradeshow, fundraising event, launch party, or other event – MI-BOX is here to make your event successful.

Here’s how it works:

  • We drop a portable unit off at your location – which you can get as far in advance as you need it.
  • You pack the unit with items you need for your event as you get them. Table cloths – check! Water – check! Garbage bags – check! Sponsor signs – check!
  • You call us to move the storage pod off at your event location at a time that best fits your schedule
  • You unload the unit and use the contents throughout your event
  • You hold a great and successful event
  • You reload the unit with the items that need to be brought back to your location
  • You call us to move the storage pod once again
  • You unload the unit – OR you can keep it as your “Event” unit and have it handy for your next event.
  • MI-BOX will either come pick it up when you no longer need it, or you can keep it at your location



The stress of collecting items, finding a place to keep them until the event and constantly rechecking to make sure you have everything is gone.  Everything lives right in your event MI-BOX storage pod until it is ready to be used.

Make event planning easier by finding a MI-BOX location near you.

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