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Customer and employee files pose a unique problem for offices – you need to keep them, but they take up a lot of space.  Since a lot of the contents are confidential, security is of utmost importance.  Office space is expensive and you can’t dedicate more and more office space to the growing number of files.  And this doesn’t even take into account the excess office equipment…

MI-BOX portable self storage is the answer to the “office storage problem”.  MI-BOX storage pods can be packed full of your file boxes.  You can load up the file boxes for easy access (old in the back, new in the front!) into the size unit that best fits your particular needs 

Container Sizes: 8’ x 8’, 12’ x 8’, 16’ x 8’, or 20’ x 8’. 

Best of all, the unit can stay on your site as a mini storage warehouse.  All of our units fit nicely in a parking lot parking space.  If you don’t feel you can give up a parking space for the long term, your unit can be stored at a secure storage center – all it takes is one phone call, and the unit can be delivered to your location. 

These MI-BOX mobile storage units are secure and weather-tight.  You own the lock and you decide who in your office should have a key.  The coated galvanized steel unit cannot be broken into and will not be affected by extreme weather conditions, such as blizzards, hurricanes or tornadoes. 

Business Storage with MiBox Mobile Storage


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