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Restoration Companies

Many of our MI-BOX dealers have had the privilege of partnering with restoration companies around the United States and Canada.  When a disaster hits – whether it be flood, fire, mold, or biohazard – swift action needs to be taken to return a home to normal, or recover as much as can be recovered.

MI-BOX portable storage units fit these scenarios perfectly:

  • Our dealers are on call and able to deliver and move units quickly and efficiently when disaster strikes.
  • Items that need to be removed from the home can be stored in a MI-BOX unit - right at the job site. Time transporting items back and forth to a storage facility or finding another safe space for storage is eliminated.
  • Work site tools can also be stored in the units, giving workers more time to focus on the task at hand, versus packing and unpacking tools on a daily basis.
  • The units are clean, dry and secure and can be placed on driveways, in yards, or anywhere else the delivery truck can access safely.
  • MI-BOX self storage pods can stay on site for as long or as short as the situation dictates.

MiBox can help Restoration Companies Securely Store items 

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