Declutter & Sell Your Home in 2023 With MI-BOX Mobile Storage Units

New Year, new decluttering, and home organization goals! If you’re looking for a way to declutter your home this year, MI-BOX mobile storage units are a revolutionary solution that makes it easier to get rid of extra clutter without sacrificing the convenience of access to whatever items you need. Whether you’re looking to sell your home or need the extra storage temporarily to eliminate the “stuff” in your home, we will explore how MI-BOX works and how you can reach those goals this year.

Why MI-BOX? 

MI-BOX is an innovative mobile moving and storage company that has helped many families declutter, move, sell a house, or renovate their homes with much less stress.

At MI-BOX, we focus on you and your experience. Moving can be stressful! Waiting in call queues can be time-consuming and annoying! Our mobile storage solutions add flexibility to your move. Every MI-BOX location is also independently owned and operated – by local, hardworking families that emphasize quality customer support. That means friendly, quick service and no call center wait times.

Our goal is to be a convenient, affordable, flexible solution for our customers and provide people with an unforgettable moving and storage experience through high-quality delivery options, loyal and friendly service, and peace of mind regarding the security of valuables.

Utilizing MI-BOX Mobile Storage Units

Decluttering Your Home

Decluttering your home has numerous benefits. It can reduce stress, increase the value of your home, and make it easier to find what you need when you need it. Unfortunately, many homeowners avoid decluttering because they don’t want to part with their belongings but continue to lack the space necessary to store them. If you need a temporary solution to flexibly clear out clutter or you’re looking to sell your home, MI-BOX mobile storage units can be beneficial in the process.

Adding Value To Sell Your Home Quicker

About 93% of buyers’ agents recommend decluttering before selling a home. Utilizing MI-BOX mobile storage units is an easy way for homeowners who want to declutter quickly while still maintaining access to certain possessions on short notice. Our containers save time when moving and provide an effective way of increasing the value of a home if sold while creating more clean space within a living area.

Our Work with Real Estate Agents

MI-BOX has also worked directly with real estate agents to offer storage solutions. Real estate agents can sell a house faster and for more money when it is clean and clutter-free. Plus, depersonalizing a home makes it easier for potential buyers to imagine their own family living there.

Realtors can rent or have a homeowner rent a MI-BOX mobile storage container. MI-BOX will deliver it to the homeowner’s driveway for loading. Once loaded, MI-BOX will pick up the container and bring it to one of our secure storage centers. The homeowner can access their unit as needed and can rest assured their valuables are kept as secure as possible. Once the seller has a new home to move to, the already packed MI-BOX unit can be delivered to the new house to be unloaded.

Get Started with MI-BOX Mobile Storage Units

Take everything you hate about moving and storage – truck rentals, hidden fees, impractical access hours, long days, and transportation, and kiss them goodbye with MI-BOX. We offer mobile storage units in Small (8 x 8 Units), Medium (12 x 8 Units), Large (16 x 8 Units), and Extra Large (20 x 8 Units). Get a free online quote today at