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Looking for Climate-Controlled Storage in Arlington, Virginia? Look to MI-BOX®!

Rent the Right Storage Unit, Right Now

In Arlington VA, It’s Hard To Find Extra Space. Storage Units Delivered by MI-BOX® Give You That Space

Arlington is a wonderful place to live. Sure, it’s congested, but it’s also cosmopolitan. It can be expensive but Arlington is also among the most desirable and rewarding areas in the entire Northern Virginia region. People from across NoVA and around the world join families who’ve been here for generations to make Arlington County, Virginia, a unique kind of town.

But anyone who lives in Arlington will tell you that space is at a premium. The old joke about real estate is they’re not making much more of it, and that’s especially true in densely urbanized Arlington, Virginia. Storage can be a problem – but MI-BOX‘s array of state-of-the-art, climate-controlled units help residents and businesses around Arlington expand their storage space capacity and manage their stuff – without a lot of expense.

Storage Arlington Virginia

The Premier Self-Storage Solution in Arlington VA

We Bring Convenient, Top-of-the-Line Climate-Controlled Storage Units to Your Home or Office

See that photograph of a MI-BOX® moving truck loaded with one of our MI-BOX® moving boxes hoisted up on that patented MI-BOX® Level-Lift System? That’s our service in microcosm: Easy, fast, convenient delivery of world-class climate-controlled self-storage units, boxes and containers that we can safely place wherever our truck will fit – even in Arlington VA.

Keep your MI-BOX® storage unit for as long as you need. We’ll come pick it up whenever you’re done, whether that’s weeks or years after we delivered it. Or we’ll come pick it up after you’ve loaded it up, and transport it to your new destination in Arlington or anywhere in Northern VA.

MI-BOX® offers the most full-service features of any local company in the self-storage business.

Put a Self-Storage Facility in Your Arlington VA Home

Turn Driveways and Parking Spaces into Self-Storage Facilities with MI-BOX®

The modern storage unit is much more than a box with a lock. In fact, the self-storage cubes, mobile containers, and portable moving boxes for rent in Arlington by MI-BOX® are actually steel-reinforced climate-controlled storage fortresses, true bastions of protection for your precious belongings.

Just some of the incredible amenities that make MI-BOX® self-storage boxes the undeniable choice for your mobile storage requirements:

  • Steel-plated with a reinforced roof
  • Eight feet tall and more than seven feet wide
  • Full-width roll-up lockable door
  • Only one key to the storage unit, and you keep it
  • Choice your storage unit size: 20-foot, 16-foot and 8-foot lengths
  • MI-BOX® boxes can be placed anywhere they’ll fit, on any type of surface

Renting a MI-BOX® storage unit is like taking all the best features of self-storage facilities and bringing them home. Take the best possible care of your stuff when you rent a self-storage unit from MI-BOX® of Arlington VA.

When Size Matters, MI-BOX® Has the Right Units

Offering Three Choices of Storage Unit Sizes: 20-foot, 16-foot and 8-foot Containers

To get the job done right, you need more than the right tool for the job – you need the right size tool. MI-BOX® delivers just that.

We offer three options of storage unit sizes to satisfy your storage needs:

Our Eight-Foot-Long Storage Cube

Perfect when you need to store the contents of a one-car garage (during spring cleanout), a standard-sized kitchen (during renovations), a dorm room (when they kick your student out for the summer), or seasonal/holiday business inventory.

Often, people in the process of moving into their new Arlington home will rent the MI-BOX eight-footer to use as a sort of walk-in closet while they acclimate to their living space.

Our Sixteen-Foot-Long Storage Box

Ideal when you need a storage unit to store the contents of a two-bedroom apartment, or about four rooms of furniture. Realtors frequently rent these boxes to store signage or clients’ miscellaneous items. Sports teams often rent them to store sports gear for the off-season. Construction companies find MI-BOX® storage boxes to be exceedingly useful when they need to store equipment, keeping it safe and out of the way until it’s needed.

Our Twenty-Foot-Long Storage Container

It’s more like a vault – and all the access hours are yours. Imagine a huge climate-controlled cave that only you can store things in. That’s the MI-BOX® 20-foot storage unit – size enough to store the furniture of a large apartment, a small house or townhouse, a large number of major appliances, even small vehicle storage.

Take Advantage of Our Local MI-BOX® Storage Center Facility

Enjoy Safe, Convenient Drive-Up Access to Your Own Stuff, from Your Own Vehicle

Maybe you don’t have the space on your Arlington VA property for us to put a MI-BOX® self-storage unit on-site. That makes sense. This is Arlington, after all.

Well, how’d you like to temporarily store your items in a nearby location where it’ll be protected behind access codes and by video cameras? That’s what MI-BOX® offers in our special climate-controlled storage in Arlington VA.

Throughout Northern Virginia including Arlington, MI-BOX® operates secure storage locations with generous drive-up access hours – and access to your belongings inside our self-storage facilities is always FREE.

Ask about renting space for your storage unit inside a MI-BOX® Storage Center in the Arlington VA area. It’s just another way we provide the best solutions to your self-storage needs.

The Mobile Storage Unit with More in Store

Additional Features and Amenities that Make MI-BOX® the Right Choice for Arlington Storage

When our specially equipped MI-BOX® vehicle rolls up to your home or office, ready to deliver our leading-edge climate-controlled MI-BOX® self-storage container to any location where they’ll fit, we’re delivering a lot more than climate control.

We’re in the business of delivering absolute quality in self-storage.

We rent units for self-storage, but what we’re selling is peace-of-mind. You demand confidence that the items you store in your MI-BOX® storage unit will be protected and taken care of. That’s one of the promises MI-BOX® of Northern Virginia offers our customers in Arlington.

When you rent a mobile moving container or portable storage unit from MI-BOX®, you’re entitled to our expansive suite of services:

  • We offer packing supplies and other accoutrements for added convenience.
  • We put the storage unit wherever you want, providing you with a ground-level vehicle-side loading area.
  • We take pride in being responsive, helpful, and on-time.
  • We’re easy to work with, offering flexible scheduling.
  • We’re extremely competitive with fantastic rates (major credit card required).
  • We conform with all insurance requirements and other restrictions.

MI-BOX® has plenty in store to make sure you get the access you need to the items you’re storing, no matter what your location is.

MI-BOX® is the Mobile Self-Storage Company at Arlington’s Service

Renting Units Throughout Arlington VA from Falls Church to Fort Myer

Since 2018, MI-BOX® Moving and Mobile Storage of Northern Virginia has served loyal returning customers and new customers alike with excellent customer service, unbeatable great prices, and flexible-term rentals of truly world-class self-storage units in Arlington VA.

And we mean all of Arlington. You might not think our massive MI-BOX® trucks, toting these enormous steel-plated storage units that measure more than seven (7) feet in width and sometimes as many as 20 feet in length, could ply the narrow streets of Arlington, but our skillful drivers can and do.

We deliver MI-BOX® boxes to customers across and around Arlington and nearby cities, including McLean, Falls Church, Bailey’s Crossroads, Seven Corners, Arlandria, Shirlington, Pentagon City, Fort Myer, Rosslyn and Ballston.

You’ll spy a MI-BOX® vehicle traveling up and down Glebe Rd., Columbia Pike, Carlin Springs, Fillmore St., even super-busy Wilson Blvd.

When you see us, we’ll be delivering a top-of-the-line MI-BOX® storage unit to help an Arlington neighbor store major appliances, small furniture, or other miscellaneous items easily and conveniently, right there on their own location . . . or we’ll be transporting a fully loaded MI-BOX® moving container to a nearby facility, an intermediate depot or a new home in Arlington.

When you need a large-size storage unit delivered to your home or office anywhere Arlington VA, get MI-BOX®.

When There’s Not Enough Space, Get MI-BOX®

Storing Items in Arlington VA? At MI-BOX®, We Understand What You’re Going Through

We understand moving and storage in Arlington VA. That’s not merely some blithe epithet we pronounce for ourselves – we at MI-BOX® really do understand the unique needs, circumstances, and other restrictions dealt with by our customers in Arlington County, Virginia.

We understand things like traffic, like congestion, like how to fit our boxes into sometimes ridiculously tight spaces.

We understand the stress of having to pay a substantial monthly rental fee for a one-bedroom apartment in Arlington and still needing a short-term storage unit – and that storage unit must be affordable.

We understand how important your belongings are to you, that you demand climate-controlled units that can protect your valuable stuff just as well as a huge off-site self-storage facility can . . . but while also giving you easy access to everything you store, anytime you want.

That’s what makes MI-BOX® Moving and Mobile Storage of Northern Virginia the top choice by both repeat and new customers who need extra space. Storage needs in Arlington VA are met by MI-BOX®.

Contact Us. See How Easy It Is To Work with MI-BOX® of NoVA

Call MI-BOX® To Arrange for Custom Delivery of Storage Units in Arlington VA

As an independent MI-BOX® dealership serving the Northern Virginia market including Arlington VA, we’ve been in business in NoVA for a long time now – since 2018. There’s no secret to our success: We simply do what we say we’re going to do, which is to deliver premium self-storage units in Arlington and work with our customers to ensure they get the maximum benefit from their unit . . . always at great prices.

So we’re confident we’ll provide you with the best self-storage service in Arlington. We look forward to the opportunity to demonstrate the cutting-edge storage technology, flexible scheduling, and affordable pricing that are the hallmarks of MI-BOX®.

Contact us for a FREE instant quote today. Call MI-BOX® Moving and Mobile Storage of Arlington at 571-946-6032, email, or start the process of expanding your space by entering your Arlington zip code in the box atop this webpage.

See the MI-BOX® difference. Get more self-storage, for longer, for less, when you call MI-BOX® for Arlington VA storage units.

MI-BOX®: Not To Be Confused with PODS®

MI-BOX® is Where Arlington VA Calls for the Best Portable Storage Containers

Some customers generically use the term “pod” to refer to any portable storage container because PODS® popularized the concept of portable storage in Northern Virginia. However, PODS® and “pod” are registered trademarks of PODS Enterprises, Inc, which MI-BOX is not affiliated with. The general terms used in the industry are either “mobile storage containers” or “portable storage containers,” but don’t worry – we’ll know what you mean.

PODS® is a registered trademark for PODS Enterprises, Inc and U-Haul® is a registered trademark of U-Haul International, Inc. MI-BOX® not sponsored by, or affiliated with any of these competitors.