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Moving is a very stressful time but it doesn't always have to be. Jumbo Mini Storage offers MI-BOX Moving & Portable Storage Solutions in the Aztec, New Mexico Area. We can make any move easier and faster than you doing it on your own. With the help from a trusted and reputable company, your next move can be your best move! Working with us for your next move, ensures that your valuables will be safe, arrive on time and in great condition. Here you can find solutions for moving, storage and portable storage. Just visit the local Jumbo Mini Storage for an affordable quote of our reasonable prices. 

To make the most out moving, whether it is down the street or across the country, using our MI-BOX mobile self storage containers to move your belongings for a smooth transition. The move can also be done on your time, giving you more control over the move. So take as long as you want and if you just need a place to store your belongings until the moving date, we also have services that will accommodate that as well. Whenever you move, however you move we can make it easier! 

Don’t delay the move any longer, as we also have supplies to help move you along more efficiently and smoothly. Rent one of our mobile moving containers and conduct your move solely on your own or have a professional help with the use of our MI-BOX Mobile Storage Units

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Aztec Portable Storage

Jumbo Storage also offer portable storage and mobile storage. We can help you choose the right size once we know th

e contents you plan to store in them. Our MI-BOX units are great for a growing business or an expanding family. You can store anything that you need to in our MI-BOX Portable Storage Units. They can be stored away for as long as you need them. These units can be brought to any location, whether it is your place of residence or business. You can safely store away valuables where you want them. 

When using our portable storage at home, we can bring it to your property and secure it there for you. Next, you can put just about anything you want inside it. It will protect the items from any weather conditions and be added security. 

You can store seasonal items that are taking up valuable space in your home. This way you can go get them when the time comes and put them back when done. Using our portable storage can help keep you organized and clutter-free. It’s a great way to store items that are important but don’t need to be used often if at all. Putting your things away in mobile storage units doesn't mean they are hard to access. They are actually easy to go in and out of whenever you need something. They can be used as an extra closet for storing items or for larger things like furniture. 

You can store anything you want, for any reason because Jumbo Mini Storage offers Mi-Box Portable Storage Solutions in the Aztec, New Mexico Area. We are here to help solve your storage issues! 

Aztec Portable Storage & Moving Solutions

Aztec Storage

For those in need of storage, we have solutions that will surely keep you happy. With our self-storage units, you can now store anything you desire. These storage options stay within our secure and safe location. The choice is yours to decide what size you will need and for how long the items needs to be stored. When choosing to keep the storage on our Secure facility, you can be assured that your belongings are safe and monitored. Our facility is well maintained, paved, has ample lighting and also security fencing surrounding it. 

We offer multiple size self storage units and mobile storage units. All are weather proof and is equipped with high security locks with keys that cannot be replicated. Rest assured your things will be safe in our facility. There are easy ways to manage these units too. With our online paying options, you can easily make payments to keep the belongings stored away longer. The best thing about using our storage units is the freedom you have to add or take items from the storage units. With gate access 365 days out of the year from 7AM-8PM, the time is there to do what you need to with your belongings. 

We know that space can be limited and store bought storage items just don’t seem to last or hold up during extreme weather conditions. That is why it is best to work with us. No matter if it is important documents, equipment or valuables, they will be safe and dry at our facility. Our professional staff is always standing by to answer any question you may have about your storage needs. 

We have Mobile Storage Units and Self Storage Units.

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