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Belledune Mobile Storage

Over time most people accumulate more stuff than they might imagine. It is usually things they want or need, but that they don't use every day. The problem is many people just don't have the room to store it all. Particularly when they have important items or documents. The MI-Box staff will bring the mobile storage units to your home or office, allow you to pack your precious overflow of valuable items into it, then move the mobile storage units to one of their secure storage facilities. Once your valuables items are in the storage facility you access to them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Once your mobile storage unit arrives at the MI-BOX storage facility, you place your own lock on the unit. That means no one has access to your mobile storage unit unless you give them the key or the combination to your lock. The storage facility is climate controlled. That means no matter what the weather is like outside, your documents, electrical appliances, business machines or any other items will be protected. The indoor MI-BOX storage facility is designed to allow customers to drive in, access their unit and drive out without exposing their valuables to the elements.

The MI-BOX storage facility is manned by an experienced staff that can provide storage supplies, help, advice or anything else you need. The entire facility has video surveillance, alarms and a variety of other security measures to ensure your valuables are protected. You can leave your mobile storage unit at the storage facility for as long as you need and access it as often as you want. This can provide a measure of convenience few beside MI-BOX can offer.

Belledune Moving Companies

Moving can be a hassle. Gathering boxes and other packing material, packing and protecting your valuables, renting a truck, loading it properly, driving it across town or across the country and then unloading it is more than just a notion. Many people get tired and frustrated just thinking about it. MI-BOX can help make moving easier. 

  • Need help Loading & Unloading?

In fact Johnson Moving and Storage can handle the entire process for you. When you contact MI-BOX and tell them when and where you want to move from and to, the MI-BOX staff can make arrangements for professionals to pack, transport and unload your things at your new address.

The staff at MI-BOX are experts when it comes to moving. They have the manpower, the vehicles and the systems to make sure you things are packed properly, loaded securely, transported safely and unloaded exactly where you want it. By contacting MI-BOX for your moving needs you can save yourself the backbreaking, nerve-racking work of packing, loading and moving the things in your home or office to your new location. MI-BOX can send professionals to pack your belonging and move it anywhere you want.

The MI-BOX moving services are affordable and easy. They can provide MI-BOX moving containers for any type of move. You can call and get a free quote for MI-BOX convenient, flexible, safe moving solutions. MI-Box will deliver a portable, weather-proof moving container to your home or business. You take your time and fill it and when you are ready MI-BOX will pick it up and deliver it to your destination. You can take care of your move in one day, or take as long as you want. MI-BOX will be there to lend you support.

Belledune Self Storage

One of the most popular services offered by MI-BOX is self-storage. If you need storage space at your home or office, MI-BOX can deliver a mobile storage unit in any size you need directly to your door. You can load your valuables into it at your own pace, access it any time you want and keep it as long as you need. Self-storage is a great option. It allows people to clear space in their home or office while keeping the things they want to store close at hand. You can store the MI-BOX unit anywhere on your property that you would like.

The MI-BOX self-storage unit come in 16 ft. mobile container. You can rent one or combine two or more to give you the storage space you need. The MI-BOX storage container offer the convenience of getting the clutter out of your home or office, but keeping the things you may need close at hand. It's like having an extra closet whenever you need it. MI-BOX makes self-storage simple. They deliver the self-storage unit to you. You pack it and decide how long you want to keep it. When you are finished, MI-BOX will retrieve the unit.

The DuraPlate wall panels, sealed, form fitted roof and frames made with hot tipped galvanized steel keep moisture out and make the MI-BOX unit able to withstand any type of weather while keeping your valuables safe and dry. Using their innovative container delivery system with LevelLift MI-BOX can easily and gently put the container anywhere you want it and make sure it's level. This helps to protect the contents of the mobile storage unit from being damaged. Save time and money. Contact MI-BOX and ask about their self-storage containers.
  • Delivered to you
  • Load on your schedule
  • Call us to pick it up when your ready
  • NO rental trucks
  • NO more loading and unloading multiple times
  • Load it - Move it - Store it

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