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Bloomfield Moving & Self Storage Containers

Moving and Storage is Simple and Easy with MI-BOX storage containers.

  • MI-BOX delivers storage containers so you don't need to rent a truck.
  • Large secure self storage units are big enough for any job.
  • Keep the storage unit on your driveway or we can store it for you at our secure self storage center.
  • No time restraints so you can take your time and relax.
  • Rent storage units by the month - just like self storage.
  • Save Time and Money on all your moving and storage needs.

Bloomfield Storage

Bloomfield Self Storage and Mobile Self Storage is here to serve you. Whether you are looking for the perfect place to put your valuable items before your move or you want to have a place for your most prized possessions that you simply can not keep inside your house, then it is your lucky day because MI-BOX has the best storage systems to accommodate your needs. A portable storage unit will be the most practical storage system that you can avail or if you do not have the space on your property for a Portable Storage Unit then MI-BOX can always pick up your Mobile Storage Unit and Securely store it at our Storage Facility.  To make it even more convenient, we will deliver your mobile storage to you.

MI-BOX makes it easy so you can easily place your things inside and we will pick it up and put it at our storage facility near you. You can guarantee that all of our storage units are all secured and safe. If you need something from your storage, all you have to do is go to our self storage facility and get it. This is very easy, convenient and at the same time, a practical choice. When it comes to the weather, MI-BOX self storage units and our self storage facilities can definitely withstand all types of weather to ensure the safety of your items. You'll always have convenient access at our secure storage facility that services Bloomfield and the surrounding areas.

With MI-BOX rest assured that will you and your items are safe from the inclement weather. You will be the one to lock your own unit and access it with your own key for your security and protection. The MI-BOX storage unit will be the perfect option for your space needs or if you are moving from one place to another. MI-BOX mobile self storage is locally owned and operated so you're guarantee to get great prices and services on all your Bloomfield storage needs.

Bloomfield Portable Storage

You can also check out MI-BOX Portable Storage. 

MI-BOX can also conveniently bring each storage unit to you. That's right - We Deliver the portable storage unit right to you. These storage boxes are very strong and secure and you can use it for many months. That does not mean that you cannot use it for the home, because you can. All you have to do is find a place at your home and you can secure it with a lock. You can put anything in your MI-BOX portable storage unit. It is going to be the best way to store your items. With our portable storage, you will be very happy and at the same time, it will save and give you more space. It helps with moving as well. help you find the right size as well as the number of Portable Storage Units  you'll need. It's most ideal for people who have businesses or households that are growing. Whatever type of items that you may need to store, you can guarantee that they have the right portable storage unit to protect your 

belongings and make them safe and secured from the weather and theft. Our 16 ft. portable storage units are large enough to store just about anything.All you have to do is inform us of the type and the amount of items that you need to store and we'll 

So, for a more convenient moving experience or for storage purposes, go for MI-BOX. It is going to be worth it and you will be accommodated the best way possible, so as your belongings. They know and value your stuff, which shows that your most valuable possessions will be in good hands. Wherever you live in New Mexico, we'll definitely come to you and help you with your moving and storage needs!

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Bloomfield Moving

Moving can be such a stressful time that all of us have to go through at some point in our lives. There are a lot of things to pack, a lot of things to pack and unpack, and there are definitely a lot of adjustments to be done. The good news is that there is available help for a smooth and easy moving process and that is through the help of moving companies today. There are plenty of moving companies today and also different ways to ensure that you have the most convenient moving experience through the form of Portable Storage.

MI-BOX is one of the nations best and most reputable moving company. We offer moving services as well as mobile storage, portable storage and self storage.  MI-BOX Moving can help with all your moving needs,whether you are moving just across town or across the country. You can guarantee that they will provide you with the best services and their staff is very professional and reliable. When you choose to rent a portable moving & storage from MI-BOX, you do not have to worry because they will deliver it to you directly to ensure your convenience.

You will also love the fact that aside from their wonderful moving services, their various kinds of storage available are all high quality that will guarantee the safety and protection of your personal belongings. It is guaranteed that you will be at peace when you move your personal and valuable items with MI-BOX Portable Storage because you know that nothing can ruin them or even break into them due to the high security placed on their storage units. 

MI-BOX of Bloomfield is locally owned and operated by Jumbo Storage. We've been servicing local customers for years, so you guaranteed to get the best possible service for all your moving needs.

Just a call away, you can get your free quote now, and MI-BOX make your move effortless. 

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