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The most stressful part of moving is easily the back-and-forth routine of taking valuables, furniture and other items from a residence to a storage facility. It would be much easier if there was a way to gather personal belongings and consolidate them in a convenient spot located near a home or business. How much easier would it be if there was a way to load everything up into a completely secure self storage unit at a personal pace instead of making wasteful trips to a permanent storage facility?

The residents and business professionals in Creve Coeur, MO have the incredible opportunity to utilize the MiBox system of mobile storage containers. These convenient and mobile containers provide the freedom people need for all their moving needs. This system is just like the completely mobile and automated machines seen in futuristic movies. The difference is, they are operated by real people and can make your move from Creve Coeur to anywhere in Missouri or cross country much simpler than imagined.

Permanent self storage facilities require unpredictable trips back and forth. As you prepare for a move is is ideal that a storage unit be accessible, safe and easy to use. Traditional storage facilities are often far away and offer nothing in the way of coordination with specific moving plans. It is now possible for a storage unit in a customized size to be delivered onto your property, loaded and picked-up to coincide with any tight moving schedule. Portable mobile storage containers are yours to pack the way you see fit, and will make your move much less complicated than normal.

Creve Coeur Storage

Portable storage containers can be rented for as long of a period as it takes to make your move secure and convenient. Each container is made with solid, quality construction to keep out harsh weather elements and pests. Portable MiBox storage units provide secure and heavy transitional spaces to store your furniture, household items and other belongs for as long as you wish. The fact these portable containers are just beyond your front door make them a great tool in planning your move.

Once a portable mobile storage container is loaded and ready to be transported, there are options for how it is stored. If the family moving prefers, the container can be transported to old and new locations. It can be in the presence of the owner at all times. Or, if it is more convenient, the portable storage container can be stacked at a state-of-the-art, climate-controlled warehouse. The containers are versatile and can be stacked easily against other containers. In the lighted and clean warehouse, owners of property held by a container will always have easy access to their property. Portable storage containers sitting in a modern warehouse is just like valuable items sitting in a bank's safety deposit box. The owner has access at all times, with a guarantee of security and a time frame which works with any individual moving schedule.

Using a portable storage container for moving within or out of Creve Coeur, MO is an eye-opening experience. Most people dread the thought of moving because of the labor intensive work and planning needed to coordinate with a traditional moving service. 

Portable containers are delivered to your home. You load the custom container as you see fit. When you are ready, a transport vehicle carefully loads the container with industrial strength robotic arms. The container is stored in a secure location until you need it, or delivered first-hand to your new home or business. This portable moving service redefines the ease and worry-free nature of making your next move!

Creve Coeur Storage Facility

One stop shopping for all your moving and storage needs at MI-BOX. Our climate controlled self storage warehouse conveniently serves Creve Coeur and St. Louis communities. We're located just off HWY170 and Page Ave. To make self storage even easier, we will deliver the self storage unit right to your home or place of business. That's right - you don't even have to leave home.

  • Large secure self storage containers are delivered right to your house
  • Take your time to load anything you want to put into self storage
  • We'll pick up the self storage unit and store it for you
  • Our self storage facility is climate controlled
  • Conveniently located off HWY 170 and Page Ave for easy access
Experience the difference of self storage delivered. Experience MI-BOX. Call today for best prices.

We also can provide full service moving and junk removal of any unwanted items. There's no reason to call anyone else.

Creve Coeur Moving Companies

The MiBox delivery and pick-up system delivers a secure and convenient shipping and moving container directly to your front door. When hiring traditional moving services, the owner of a residence or business must have all packages and items ready for transport on the mover's schedule. A portable container in a dimension ranging from a compact 8 foot unit, to a semi-length 20 foot unit is placed at your doorstep. The container is loaded as you see fit and according to your desired schedule. 

The lifestyle of many residents in Creve Coeur, MO revolves around the evolution of the areas technology-based industry. This is a fairly young part of St. Louis with a vibrant and upwardly-mobile population. It is not uncommon for Creve Coeur residents to require expert moving services several times each year. Chances are, people moving will have a much better grasp on the details of their need than a professional moving service. They can always make a more convenient and problem-free move by packing and storing personal belongings themselves. The only outside help in moving these people need is a heavy duty truck to transport their belongings across the city, or to a completely new location. In any case, packing a portable container which can be loaded onto a a Truck using our Levelift System, is the best way to prepare for an important move.

When a traditional moving service is hired, many rules and reglations must be agreed upon before a move takes place. Personal items must be packaged according to company regulations, and the people moving must perform much of the “dirty work” before the items are loaded. Employing a moving service puts belongings in a situation where they can be damaged and treated like common freight. 

When a portable container is set up on your Creve Coeur property, you have complete control over how your belongings are packed and transported. Nothing with the MiBox system of shipping container transport is left to chance. The containers are loaded and arranged by property owners, expertly transported to a final destination, and unloaded with the same degree of care. Portable container service is the only way people moving from one Creve Coeur location to another will have complete control over how their possessions are transported.

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