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Farmington Moving

Moving is a very stressful time but it doesn't always have to be. Jumbo Mini Storage offers MI-BOX Moving & Portable Storage Solutions in the Farmington, New Mexico Area. We can make any move easier and faster than you doing it on your own. With the help from a trusted and reputable company, your next move can be your best move! Working with us for your next move, ensures that your valuables will be safe, arrive on time and in great condition. Here you can find solutions for moving, storage and portable storage. Just visit the local Jumbo Mini Storage for an affordable quote of our reasonable prices. 

To make the most out moving, whether it is down the street or across the country, using our MI-BOX mobile self storage containers to move your belongings for a smooth transition. The move can also be done on your time, giving you more control over the move. So take as long as you want and if you just need a place to store your belongings until the moving date, we also have services that will accommodate that as well. Whenever you move, however you move we can make it easier! 

Don’t delay the move any longer, as we also have supplies to help move you along more efficiently and smoothly. Rent one of our mobile moving containers and conduct your move solely on your own or have a professional help with the use of our MI-BOX Mobile Storage Units

Farmington Portable Storage

With most people trying to downsize these days, portable storage is an excellent solution. If you have limited space, the Four Corners, NM MI-BOX dealer can help. Self-storage is an excellent option when more space is needed. The boxes come in a wide variety of sizes that can accommodate a little or a lot. Finding the size that fits your needs is simple. The MI-BOX is an affordable way to keep clutter at bay. Jumbo Mini Storage in Farmington, NM offers portable storage solutions. Tell us what you need to store and we will help you find the proper storage box. 

MI-BOX units are the perfect solution for those who have outgrown their home or the business that needs the extra space. We can provide a safe and effective storage solution for documents, business equipment, machines and furniture. There is no need to worry about items being stored. All boxes are weather proof. They can be delivered to your door for easy loading. These secure boxes are strong and are the perfect storage solution. Want to keep a storage unit at your home or business? You have a couple options when it comes to storage with MI-BOX. Just about anything can be put into these boxes and they are protected. The units are lockable so valuables are protected. Many people think that when they put items in these boxes they can no longer access them. 

You can access your stuff at any point and time. You can easily access your stuff whether stored at home or at our Farmington, NM location. Think of these boxes as an extra closet, a way to keep personal storage neat and tidy. Are you ready to get rid of the clutter? Simply call and we will deliver a MI-BOX Mobile Storage Unit to your door. Select where you want to store your belongings, and we will move it to accommodate your needs. Thinking about home renovations, these boxes can be the perfect solutions for short term or long term needs. No matter where in the Farmington area you live, we will come to you. We provide safe and effective storage needs that are all weather friendly.

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Farmington Storage

Running out of room to store things your family needs? If you have pools supplies, bikes, outdoor furniture, and other household items piling up, give us a call. A MI-BOX is the solution to all your clutter issues. When the garage is filled to capacity, we can help. A MI-BOX is a portable storage unit that allows you to have the clutter cleared in a matter of minutes. When you need the precious space in your garage, portable storage is the solution

There are many options for MI-BOX storage. You can store the box on your property, or it can be moved to a storage facility at Jumbo Mini Storage in Farmington, NM. We can keep your precious items safe for you, year round. The process is simple. We bring the MI-BOX to you. You load your items into the box and call for a pick-up. We will take the box to our storage facility, if you desire. The facilities have excellent security so the items are protected. If you need to get something out of your box, simply drive to the facility and easily grab your items. Want to loan more into your MI-BOX, it’s no problem either. 

All units are locked and kept secure until the owner of the contents opens them. Your own lock will ensure that no one else can get in to your belongings. The storage center in Farmington provides easy access in and out for loading and unloading. There is staff on-site that is professional and ready to assist you with anything you might need. 

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