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Goffstown, NH

Goffstown Portable Storage

Goffstown Portable Storage

MI-BOX Moving & Mobile storage offers professional services and equipment to make storage and moving easier for you.  The MI-BOX storage container is delivered directly to your home or business to save you time, travel and the work involved when using stationary storage facilities. 

With the MI-BOX portable storage container, the unit is just steps away for easy loading and unloading.  These units are gently set at ground level in an area that’s convenient for you.  No need to worry about high steps when you are trying to load or unload your things from the unit. If needed, we also have a team of professional movers to assist you with moving your things.

At MI-BOX, we know that you care about your things and we do everything we can to prevent damage and to help keep you free from worry. We use a special transportation system that insures the storage unit stays level at all times to prevent the contents inside from shifting.

You might need to store just a few things or multiple rooms of belongings. Our knowledgeable and trained staff members have three different sizes of storage containers that can be safely delivered to your location – we have 8 foot, 16 foot, or even a 20 foot storage containers that can be delivered to your location when you need them.

Goffstown Storage

Goffstown Storage Facility

The storage units we provide are sturdy and will protect the contents inside from the weather. You can keep the storage unit at your place, for as long as you need to load it. You can also have it transferred to our storage facility, which is an additional way to ensure the protection of the items you want stored.

MI-BOX storage facilities can also come in handy for business storage. They can be the solution for storing additional office supplies, files and overstock inventory. 

The storage facilities are safe and secure. -BOX storage locations offer 24 hour security every day of the year. We use highly sophisticated alarm systems to prevent theft and to keep your things safe from being vandalized. At MI-BOX we understand how important your things are to you, so you'll be given a special PIN access code for additional security.

At the MI-BOX storage facility we have trained staff to offer assistance when you need it. You can have access to your things, without charge, while they are stored at our location.

The MI-BOX team does all we can to prevent problems before they occur. The storage facilities are also climate controlled to keep items that can’t be exposed to extreme temperatures safe from damage.

Goffstown Moving Companies

Goffstown Moving Solution

MI-BOX offers more than just portable storage services – you can also utilize the professional team of MI-BOX movers for your next relocation. 

It's easy to use the services we offer. Our friendly and professional staff works hard to provide fast and reliable service. We can:

  • Help you get started so you won't have to take care of every detail yourself.
  • MI-BOX provides free moving quotes and help with planning before the move.
  • We can help you arrange long- or short-term storage in conjunction with your move
  • Provide you with packing and moving supplies, including moving boxes and bubble wrap. 

Just as you would expect from other self storage facilities, we rent out our storage equipment on a monthly basis. You'll be able to see how much easier things can be after you get started using our services.

Who should use MI-BOX?

MI-BOX portable storage units are incredibly versatile - they can be used in many situations and scenarios that there is likely one that fits your current needs!  

These portable storage units are especially helpful for:
  • Home owners
  • Apartment renters
  • Professional business owners (accountants, lawyers, etc.)
  • Restoration companies
  • Real Estate agencies
  • Painters/Remodelers
  • Retail stores
  • Moving companies
  • Fire & flood contractors
  • Insurance companies
  • Schools & colleges
  • Music festivals
  • Recycling industries
  • General contractors
  • Hardwood and Carpet installers
  • Long-term stay hotels
  • Auction houses
  • Interior decorators/Home stagers
  • Gym/Athletic facilities
  • Consignment stores
...and anyone else who needs storage for as short as a weekend or as long as several years!

What our customers are saying

“Nothing is easy when you are selling your home, buying a new one and have to move all at the same time.  MI-BOX made this part of the process easy, effortless and comforting.  I received my moving supplies quickly, the movers were efficient, the MI-BOX unit delivery and pickup was fast and the customer service was excellent!  I highly recommend all their services.” 

Lee B from Nashua, NH

"Thank you so much... your service and product have been TERRIFIC!  My in-laws used a competitor down in MA for their move, and they were horrible.  The [competitor’s unit] is made out of all wood (flimsy)... they were not accommodating at all.  The company gave them a 3 hour window that they would pick up the [competitor’s unit] (full) to bring to NH (8:45 to 11:45 a.m.).  They showed up at 7:50 a.m. and took the [competitor’s unit] before anything had been secured and without notifying my in-laws.  It arrived with everything having fallen over and broke many things.  They saw the experience we had with you... and they are very sorry that they used the competitor.  So, thanks again... I have already been recommending you to everyone I speak with!"

JM, New Hampshire

Your One Stop Shop: Moving Services

One phone call can do it all!

MI-BOX New England has partnered with College Bound Movers to provide you with moving and storage services with just one phone call.  Let College Bound Movers do the heavy lifting!  We'll load and unload your MI-BOX unit to ensure:
  • It is packed in the safest way for your belongings.
  • Your items are distributed evenly for ease of transport.
  • Your unit meets the weight criteria for transport.
Call us today for your FREE estimate!  603-882-6683

Your one stop shop: Packing Supplies

Safety begins with quality

For your belongings to stay safe throughout your MI-BOX storage experience, you have to start with quality packing supplies.  That's why MI-BOX New England has partnered with My Daddy's Boxes, the nationwide discount provider of packing supplies.  When you order with My Daddy's Boxes:
  • You receive high quality packing supplies designed specifically for moving and long-term storage.
  • We do all the work for you.  Just select the number of rooms you need to pack at My Daddy's Boxes, and we'll send you all of the supplies you need.
  • The supplies come to you!  Place your order from the comfort of your own home, and everything will be delivered right to you.  No need to drive to different stores to buy everything for your moving or storage project.
  • You work with a company that is focused on customer service.  We'll make sure your experience is a good one - and we're available to discuss any questions and concerns.
Place your order today!  www.mydaddysboxes.com  

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