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Hanover NH Storage

Hanover Portable Storage

Hanover Portable Storage

We’ve all done it: We wait till the last minute to plan our move because we just didn’t know which task to tackle first.  OR, we’ve thought we can just do it ourselves by renting a truck and making a bunch of trips back and forth to a storage facility.  Now, that can all change with MI-BOX Portable storage units.


These mobile storage units are delivered right to your home or business – you can take the time you need to safely and efficiently pack your belongings into your MI-BOX unit, whether it’s in 30 minute increments over several days, or done all at once. 


To add to the convenience of using MI-BOX, once it is full, just call us and allow us to take it back to our climate controlled storage facility or have it delivered to your new place of residence. At the storage facility you can access your possessions as freely as you like.  At your new home, you can unload everything the same way it was loaded – by dividing it up into manageable time frames.


Our portable MI-BOX units com  in different sizes – 8 feet, 16 feet and 20 feet – to suit your needs.  You can also rent more than one at a time.

Hanover Storage

Hanover Storage Facility

If it’s not moving help that you need, but rather storage, MI-BOX Storage is a great choice. Whether it is a large or small task, Mi-Box has the right size storage container for you.

MI-BOX Storage can deliver the right size Storage Container right to your door step – or can bring you more than one if needed.  Use it just like you would a separate storage shed, but, instead of it remaining on your property you send it back when you are done. The same thing can happen over time as you acquire more and more things that you want to keep but don't use that often – such as seasonal and holiday items. Allow us to drop a storage container off for you to fill up.

Once you are ready, just give MI-BOX a call and we'll store it at our dry and clean facility. Any time you want, just stop by the facility and remove any items you need, or once you are ready to use it all again we will return the container to your home.

Hanover Moving Companies

Hanover Moving Solution

MI-BOX offers moving services that are more tailored to your needs than traditional moving companies.  Instead of having a set time to show up, load the truck and be done in a certain amount of time, you make a call we drop off your portable storage unit to be filled when you want – keep it for three days or three weeks: It’s really up to you!

When you’re done packing your MI-BOX storage unit, we will come back to pick it up and deliver it to your new address.  We can even store it at our facility while delivering more storage units as needed. 

Should you need help loading and unloading your MI-BOX unit, our professional team of movers can offer assistance. 

When it comes to using movers, they just can't care as much about your possessions as you do. Because "time is money" they are often on a schedule that does not allow them to take the time to be as careful with your possessions as you desire. Insure that everything that is precious to you gets there in one piece, just as you planned.

Call MI-BOX Moving today and allow us to fit into your schedule. It is the modern way to move.

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