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High River, AB Self Storage

MI-BOX Self Storage is simple and easy to use. We deliver the self storage unit right to your home in High River, AB. You take as much time as you need to load it. Then, MI-BOX will pick it up and store it safely inside our climate controlled self storage facility. Or you can leave it on your driveway or place of business. Now that's self storage made easy.

Most public storage places in High River require you to rent a truck or make several trips back and forth until your storage unit is full. If you're in need of climate controlled storage, then you will most likely have to unload everything onto a dolly, go up and down elevators and around corners serveral times until your storage locker is full. Who has time for that?

With MI-BOX Mobile Storage, a secure self storage unit is delivered right to your home and gently placed on your driveway with our patented Level Lift System. MI-BOX storage bins are strong enough to put just about anything you need to put into storage. They're much lighter than the repurposed sea containers and they're much more attractive. Each self storage container comes with a full width door that only you have the lock and key to. They can be kept outside on your driveway or stored inside our self storage warehouse.

MI-BOX Self Storage Units come in three convenient sizes so you'll only need to rent the storage space you actually need. They are 8 ft., 16 ft., and 20 ft. long. Combine any size unit so you only pay for what you use. MI-BOX Self Storage is locally owned and operated so you're guaranteed to get the best prices and service anywhere in High River, AB. 

We Make Moving & Storage Easy

MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving High River, AB

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High River, AB Moving

Moving to or from High River, Alberta is simple with MI-BOX Moving & Storage. We'll give you one guaranteed low price on all of our moving and storage services. We do all the driving for you and you can take as much time as you need. Now that's the easy way to move or store. Big or small - MI-BOX does it all.

Sell your home faster and for more money. Professional home stagers and realtors all agree that a home that shows well and that is free of clutter will sell faster and for more money. Since all the stuff has to be moved anyway, why not get a head start. MI-BOX Moving Company will deliver a weatherproof moving container right to your home. While it's there, you can put anything you want to move into it and get rid of the extra stuff. It's a great way to clean out basements, garages or just all the extra stuff. 

Get the time you need to move. Since the MI-BOX moving bins sit outside your house on your driveway, you can load it anytime. Do it after work, on weekends, have the kids help or do it all in one day. Let's face it, moving is not fun, but it doesn't have to be overwhelming either. Time and lack of planning usually causes many people undo stress. Stop procrastinating and have a MI-BOX delivered today and take as much time as you need to load it.

Moving is affordable with MI-BOX Moving Company. Most moving companies in High River can only give you an estimate until their truck is completely packed. That's because most moving companies must charge you by weight. Not MI-BOX. We'll give you one fixed price that is guaranteed. You only need to pay for what you need. Nothing more. We have 8 ft., 16 ft. and 20 ft moving units that can also be combined to meet any size job. You only need to pay for the space you need and we'll do all the driving for you. We can move you anywhere in the Calgary Region or we can store your stuff inside our climate controlled warehouse. So for all of your moving and storage needs - 

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High River, AB Mobile Storage Containers

Mobile storage containers are some times referred to as portable storage, bins, cubes or units. MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving only uses high quality materials and tested designs in our mobile storage containers. Since 2004, we've been manufacturing our own storage containers. Only MI-BOX uses our patented Level Lift System to deliver each mobile storage unit which keeps your container level during the loading and unloading process. Check out some of our videos here: MI-BOX Level Lift System Videos

MI-BOX mobile storage containers are tough and attractive. They can be kept outside on your driveway for years or stored inside our climate controlled warehouse. All units come with hot dipped galvanized steel skeletons to prevent rust and have white panels with our MI-BOX logo of assurance on the side.  We can deliver an 8 ft., 16 ft., or 20 ft. mobile storage container anywhere in High River or the Calgary Region.

See details of our mobile storage containers here and see why you shouldn't just trust anyone with your valuables. Compare us to any competitor like PODS, Cube it, or Big Steel Box. You spent you life gathering your household belongings, so you shouldn't just trust putting them in any old container. We'd encourage you to stop by our huge location and see for yourself why MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving is Calgary's # 1 Choice.

High River AB Storage Options

Pick the best storage option for you.

Storage At Your Location: We'll bring a clean secure mobile storage container right to your home or place of business. Keep it there for as long as you need it and call us when your done. We'll pick up the MI-BOX when your done.

Storage At MI-BOX Secure Storage Center Outside: We'll pick up your MI-BOX from your home and keep it outside at our MI-BOX storage center. Our outside lot is fenced in with secure gate access and monitored 24/7. You can access your storage unit any time using your gate access code.

Storage At MI-BOX Secure Storage Center Inside - Climate Controlled: For the ultimate protection and safe storage anywhere in Calgary, choose our inside climate controlled storage. Your MI-BOX will be kept inside our climate controlled warehouse. Access it any time during normal business hours.  

High River Mobile Storage & Moving

High River, AB Moving & Storage

MI-BOX High River Moving

MI-BOX Moving Company is proud to offer mobile storage container rentals and sales to the town of High River, Alberta! We are Canada's preferred moving & storage business. MI-BOX Moving is locally owned and operated.

Get great deals on our social media sites and stay up to date with our latest self storage and moving specials. Check us out on Google+, Facebook, Twitter and don't forget to see our videos on Youtube. - Stay Social High River!

MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving High River, Alberta     MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving High River, Alberta     MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving High River, Alberta       MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving High River, Alberta

We Make Moving & Storage Easy

MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving High River, AB

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The MI-BOX Advantage

We are changing the way you think about self storage and moving. Why handle your storage items numerous times, shuttling back and forth from a self storage locker rented far away from your home or business? How much trouble is it to rent or borrow a truck? Then you have to pester friends and family into loading and unloading a storage locker, knowing that in just a few months time you will have to repeat the process over again. Not anymore.

MI-BOX Moving & Storage will deliver your choice of an 8', 16', or a 20' moving storage unit right to the door of your home or business anywhere in High River or the Calgary Region. You have the option of keeping the mobile storage unit on-site, or sending it back to our secure storage facility. You only have to handle your items for one load and one unload. We will also grant you the same access to your belongings you can get from any self storage location in High River, AB.

The Technology

MI-BOX mobile storage containers are the highest quality mobile storage containers on the market today. They are constructed with a combination of the latest in DURA-PLATE technology mounted in a galvanized steel frame. This type of construction allows the mobile storage units to adapt to the rapid weather changes in High River without having the same rapid temperature changes inside the container as well. You know your goods will stay safe, dry, and secure. These containers are also light in weight and extremely tough - perfect for both residential and commercial applications.

Peace of Mind 

With the patented MI-BOX Level Lift System you may also feel assured that we will be able to place your mobile storage container in even the tightest spaces. This system allows us to keep your load level at all times. Your items will remain just as you packed them, no tilting required. The Level Lift System also allows for minimal impact on the property it is placed on, there is no sliding or scraping along your property. The mobile storage container is simply placed directly onto the desired area.

See how MI-BOX Works

For the best mobile storage and moving deals anywhere in Alberta, check out MI-BOX Mobile Storage &  Moving.

See for yourself how MI-BOX is the only moving and storage company you'll need.

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