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Moving doesn't have to be stressful. Relax. MI-BOX Moving in Indian Harbour Beach has convenient and cost effective moving solutions.

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Storage in Indian Harbour Beach for residential and commercial uses is delivered right to your door. MI-BOX Storage has you covered.


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Level loading and unloading protects your valuables. MI-BOX's patented delivery system takes moving and storage to a new level.

Moving in Indian Harbour Beach, Florida​

MI-BOX Moving & Mobile Storage is the most convenient way to move or store just about anything. We simplify the moving process and give you the time you need. Our portable moving containers are delivered by our patented Level Lift System and sit outside your home or place of business at ground level for easy 24/7 access. Load anything into the mobile moving container, or we can arrange a professional moving service to do it for you. Use MI-BOX to stage your home, clear clutter, and sell faster. Once the unit is full, just call us and we'll move it to your new home in Indian Harbour Beach or we'll store it for you in our secure storage facility for safe keeping. Access your moving container for free. Load and unload only once, saving you effort, energy and time. We are locally owned and operated, so you are guaranteed the best prices and service available in the Indian Harbour Beach region. Call now and get MI-BOX Moving.

Moving Services in Indian Harbour Beach

Our goal is to take the stress out of moving. Traditional methods of moving are simply becoming outdated. Why cram what should be a few weeks of work into a day? Call MI-BOX of Indian Harbour Beach, Florida for a better way. We specialize in residential commercial moving in Florida. MI-BOX will bring your choice of a 8', 16' or 20' mobile moving container right to you. In apartment or business locations, our containers fit in a standard parking space. Load or unload at your leisure. MI-BOX Moving has helped thousands of people move. See our moving tips for helpful suggestions.

Planning is the key to any successful move. It always takes longer than you think, so get started today! Call (321) 500-4344

Movers in Indian Harbour Beach

Local Muscle Movers now have mobile storage containers. So we can do it all. From full service moving to do it yourself moves, we've got you covered. Our portable moving container pricing is determined by the size of the container and the distance we need to travel. MI-BOX of Indian Harbour Beach will give you one guaranteed price on our moving services. Our goal is to make your next move simple and hassle-free.

MI-BOX Moving Indian Harbour Beach, Florida

Storage In Indian Harbour Beach, Florida​

Storage in Indian Harbour Beach is simple with MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving. MI-BOX Storage in Indian Harbour Beach rents our storage containers by the month, just like other storage units in Indian Harbour Beach. Only we'll deliver an 8', 12' or 16' mobile storage container to your home, where you can take your time loading. When you're done, either leave your container accessible on your site or we'll pick it up and store it in our secure warehouse. Our storage units are sturdy, weather resistant, and attractive. Keep one on your site for as long as you need it. At MI-BOX Storage in Indian Harbour Beach, we pride ourselves in providing a great customer experience and the most cost-effective storage prices in Indian Harbour Beach. You'll get one guaranteed price and on-time delivery. If you need self-storage in Indian Harbour Beach, then MI-BOX Storage has you covered.

Indian Harbour Beach Portable Storage

Other storage locations in Indian Harbour Beach require you to rent a moving truck, drive back and forth to the facility, unloading and reloading your items until your mini storage unit is full. Then, when you need access to your stored belongings, you have repeat the process all over again. Not with MI-BOX of Florida. We do all the driving. MI-BOX storage containers rent by the month so you can fill it at a pace that's best for you. Forget the pressure of working with unreasonable rental deadlines, fuel charges or daily rates. Loading and unloading only once will save you time and money.

Portable Storage for Businesses

MI-BOX works with commercial businesses every day to remedy their short-term or long-term storage needs. Seasonal or permanent, we have something for you. With the price of real estate in Indian Harbour Beach, this is a great way to add square footage. We understand business moves quickly and time is money, so MI-BOX goes the extra mile in Indian Harbour Beach. We are locally owned and operated, so we understand the importance of delivering fast, dependable service. You can count on MI-BOX for the most reliable storage solutions for business storage needs.

Portable Storage Near Me

MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving delivers our secure portable storage units to Indian Harbour Beach, Florida​, and all surrounding areas. MI-BOX has storage locations throughout the Space Coast and all suburbs. To find the most convenient storage location near you, please click find a storage location near me.

PODS Storage Indian Harbour Beach

MI-BOX Moving & Storage Containers 

MI-BOX Moving and Storage containers in Indian Harbour Beach, Florida are strong, sturdy and weather resistant. They're designed for convenience and protection. Our mobile storage containers are constructed using composite technology, a high density polyethylene plastic core bonded between two high strength steel skins. Composite wall panels provide strength and durability to ensure you are protected. All framing is structural grade steel that is hot dipped galvanized to prevent rust. Each container has a full-width, lockable door. Only you will have the key. A one-piece roof is designed to shelter everything inside and keep it safe from the elements. MI-BOX moving and storage containers are the longest-lasting mobile storage containers available. They're built to keep your valuables safe and secure. Use the most trusted brand in the industry to protect your worldly possessions. Use MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving Containers in Indian Harbour Beach.

Moving and Storage Sizes

MI-BOX portable storage containers come in four convenient sizes, so you only rent the space you actually need. We are proud to offer 8', 16', and 20' moving and storage containers.

Our 8' self-storage unit is great for small jobs, dorm rooms, seasonal items, inventory, or when you just need a little extra storage space. The 16' storage units are our most popular size and can fit the contents of 3-4 rooms, a basement, or bulky items such as patio furniture, sofas, or dining room sets. Our 16' storage containers are perfect for on-site jobs like remodeling or restoration projects, household moves, or first responders. And, our 20' moving and storage units are ideal for site-to-site moving.

Moving and Storage Units

MI-BOX brand moving and storage units are built to last a lifetime. Only quality products are used in the manufacturing process to ensure your items will be secure. Tested from coast to coast in the US and Canada, MI-BOX has been designing and building quality mobile storage containers since 2004. They protect against sun-fade, radiant heat, snow, and ice. Use the most trusted portable storage brand in the industry to ensure your belongings are kept safe. Rent MI-BOX Moving and Storage units in Indian Harbour Beach.

MI-BOX Portable Storage Containers Indian Harbour Beach

MI-BOX Moving Guide to  Indian Harbour Beach, Florida​

Moving to Indian Harbour Beach, Florida​

Even if it’s your first time moving, we will provide you with the best information on how you can get started with your move. We provide you with the types of storage you can buy; this includes mobile mini storage, portable storage containers, and even moving services in Indian Harbour Beach, Florida! This knowledge will give you the best head start when making a life-changing decision.

The History of Indian Harbour Beach​

The History of Indian Harbour Beach starts with the three men who founded this beautiful city on June 6, 1955. These founders are W. Lansing Gleason, John H. Neafie, and Louis S. Henry. Initially, the founders wanted to create a community for staff who worked at the Kennedy Space Center, located 31.9 miles away from the city. Now, Indian Harbour Beach has developed as a large residential community. In 2013, Indian Harbour Beach, among two other towns, was rated as one of the best cities to live in Florida.

Indian Harbour Beach​ Demographics

As of 2020, Indian Harbour Beach has 8,693 residents, with an annual growth rate of 0.74%. The cities demographic makeup, according to the latest census, includes: 94% of the population being Caucasian, 1.9% of the people being two or more races, Black or African Americans having a population of 129 with a percentage of 1.54%, and Asians having a population of 111 or 1.32%. Other Races make up .88% of the population, and Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander have a population of 26 or 0.31%.

The Indian Harbour Beach language comprises 94.1% English, 3.6% Spanish, 1.5% Other Indo-European languages, and 0.8% Asian and Pacific Island languages. The Indian Harbour Beach median age for males is 50.6 years old; for females, it is 53.1. The combined median age is 51.6 years old. When moving to Indian Harbour Beach, you will find that the population skews females. Around 54.83% are females, and 45.17% are males.

Indian Harbour Beach​  Cost of Living and Employment

Before deciding to move to Indian Harbour Beach, it would be a good idea to look at the cost of living and employment. In the United States, there is a cost of living index used to compare areas. The average cost of living index is set to 100; while Indian Harbour Beach might be a great place to move to, it will be more on the expensive side. Their cost of living index is 110, which is 10% higher than the average in the US.

As you can see, with the cost of living, Indian Harbour Beach is a rather costly place to live. When moving to Indian Harbour Beach, the average total cost for buying real estate property comes out to be $221,200, which is around 20% higher than the national average. Approximately 69% of the residents are homeowners, which indicates that this is a great place to move to. Additionally, the number of homeowners is 8% higher than the US average. If buying a property is not the right option, other beautiful places are available for rent. The average rent in Indian Harbour Beach is $1,152, about 21% higher than the US’s average.

Employment plays a significant factor when moving. Here in Indian Harbor Beach, the median household income is $54,508, but unfortunately, the unemployment here is 8.3%, which is much higher than the national unemployment, which is 4.7%. Fortunately, the poverty level in Indian Harbour Beach is 13%, which is very low compared to the federal poverty level.

Must-See Indian Harbour Beach​ Economy

A tax-friendly policy is what helps drive the Indian Harbour Beach economy. When roaming through the city, residents will have to pay a sales tax of 7.0% when they purchase an item from a business, which is only 0.3% lower than the United States average. However, the income tax in Florida is 0%, and on average, in the United States, the income tax is 4.6%. This would be the perfect place for business owners to open and run a successful company.

The most popular industries in Indian Harbour Beach include health care and social assistance, with around 16% of residents in this specific field. The next highest is retail trade, where roughly 13.5% work. These are great things to think about when moving to Indian Harbour Beach, Florida, and looking for work.

Indian Harbour Beach​ Climate

Whether you’re a summer or winter person, it would be ideal to know the type of climate Indian Harbour Beach offers. Florida, in general, can be a bit warm in the summer. Indian Harbour Beach in July and August has temperatures that can reach, on average, up to 90.6 degrees Fahrenheit. There are also 66 days annually where the temperature is above 90 degrees. As warm as that may sound, this is not as hot as other parts of Florida. During Indian Harbour Beach winters, the coldest month are January and February. Their colder months see temperatures as low as 48.7 degrees in January and 51.3 degrees in February. During January, there are only three days annually where it falls below freezing at night.

In Florida, the weather can be very unexpected. One day it could rain, other days it can be sunny. No one knows how the weather will turn out! The comfortability for the type of weather Indian Harbour provides is a 7 out of 10. August is considered to be one of the rainiest and wettest months of the year in the city. On average, the city gets about 53.2 inches of rain per year. Luckily for the community of Indian Harbour Beach, they receive 234 sunny days per year, which is equal to around eight months of sun. They are also fortunate enough that they don’t receive any snowfall during the year.

Indian Harbour Beach​ Neighborhoods

The neighborhoods in Indian Harbour Beach are something to look at when moving. This quiet area has so many benefits. Once you have moved there, you will get a sense of community right away. Residents feel like they belong in the city. This city is also family-friendly so bring every member of the family along to live here. There is also plenty of parks for you and your family to enjoy. With the neighborhoods being so safe, you will never want to leave.

Within the community, there is a total of 4,146 households, with each family household size, on average, having about three members per house. 36% of the families have kids under 18 years old, which is on the lower side since the national US average is 43%. The community also has a large population of married couples of about 55%, which is equal to the US average.

Indian Harbour Beach​ Entertainment and Attractions

When you are all finally settled in Indian Harbour Beach, Florida, you can start to have some fun. There are so many entertainment and attractions in the city. Residents and tourists can enjoy a manatee and dolphins tour while kayaking with a professional guide. During the tour, the experienced guides will tell you all the essential information on dolphins and manatees. Most participants usually get lucky and see a couple of them swimming around the ocean during the tour.

The Andretti Thrill Park is a place to put on your list when moving to Indian Harbour Beach. This thrill park has various activities for kids and adults. They offer go-karting, miniature golf, a playground, laser tag, a rock wall, paddle boats, and even batting cages. They also have a giant arcade in the area, so get ready to play games.

Dinoflagellate Bioluminescence Kayak Tour has been another recently popular activity. During the tour, you will experience something rare that most people don’t see in their lifetimes. Kayaking in the dark blue water, you will have the experience of seeing a mysterious blue glow. Additionally, you get to kayak right next to the fish, manatees, and dolphins that you may get to see too. You can catch a glimpse of them swimming at night. This is a surpassing chance to experience the glow of the dark blue water as it only occurs in a few places in the world.

If tennis is something you’re interested in, then visiting Kiwi Tennis Club is the right place for you. They have 13 courts where you can either play with a friend or with a group of people from your expertise level. They also have a gym, a locker room, a bar, and a store where you can buy equipment.

Indian Harbour Beach also offers a public swimming pool that kids and adults can appreciate. Their pool holds about 113,000 gallons of water and is 25 yards long, with six lanes for swimmers to swim laps.

The city also holds an art show in November where artists can sell their creations like homemade soaps, photography, jewelry, glasses, woodworking pieces, and even delicious food. This is an incredible opportunity to check out the local culture and creativity for yourself!

Indian Harbour Beach​ Schools

Schools are the most crucial thing to consider if you have kids. There are about four public schools and one private school in Indian Harbour Beach. Ocean Breeze Elementary is the only elementary school and offers pre-kindergarten up to sixth grade. They want to make sure each child develops a sense of confidence and motivation. When they graduate from elementary school, Delaura Middle School is the next step in your child’s education for grades seventh and eighth. With around 801 students currently attending, they have excellent success rates ranking an 8 out of 10 on a national ranking system, and the kids’ test scores are on average a 9 out of 10. In all categories, students have ranked above national averages. Once students have completed middle school, they go on to the Satellite High School.

Satellite High School was founded in 1962 and has been rated an “A” school in Florida. Satellite High School, home of the scorpions, has become one of the best schools to attend. There are about 1,336 students who attend Satellite High School. In 2018, they received a college success award based on their achievement in preparing the students for college and careers that students want to pursue. Only about 5% took AP math courses, only 2% took AP science courses, and only 18% had taken other AP courses. The 4-year graduation rate from Satellite High School is 91%, with an average ACT score of 22. If your kids are in high school, this would be an excellent place for them to learn and grow.

Students who want to start working right away when they finish high school will make an average of $25,068 per year. Those who wish to and have been accepted to the college of their choice can graduate with a bachelor’s degree and make, on average, $54,635. If students want to continue on to get their graduate degree, they will make, on average, $65,000 upon completion.

Make Your Move to Indian Harbour Beach​

Indian Harbor Beach is truly a wonderful community with so much to offer year-round. If you need any assistance in moving or helping get set up once you get here, MI-BOX can help with all of your moving and storage needs!

MI-BOX Self-Storage Indian Harbour Beach

Storage Indian Harbour Beach Florida
Security - MI-BOX self-storage units ensure your belongings' safety
Timeliness - On-time delivery, reliably bringing self-storage to you
Flexibility - Load your containers at your own pace, with no time limits
Convenience - Keep your items right outside your home or business
Accessibility - FREE access to your containers in our warehouse
Save Time - Eliminate multiple trips to-and-from self-storage lockers
Save Money - Guaranteed rates, forget gas or truck rental charges

Self Storage Indian Harbour Beach Fun Facts

The self storage industry is highly fragmented, with 18% being owed by the six largest companies, 9 % owned by the next top 100 and 73% owned by small operators.

There is about 1.7 billion sq. ft. of rent-able self storage space in the US. Enough for every man, woman and child in the US to stand under.

No Call Centers - Talk to a Local Expert

MI-BOX Moving & Mobile Storage locations are locally owned and operated. We don't use call centers - you'll always talk directly to a local professional in your area. Providing cost effective solutions, understanding our customers needs and delivering exceptional service is what sets us apart. Experience the MI-BOX difference by calling MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving in Indian Harbour Beach today.

Storage that is Safe and Secure

MI-BOX has been manufacturing our own self-storage containers since 2004. Weather resistant and tough, our mobile containers have been tested from coast to coast in the U.S. and Canada for years to ensure the safety of your valuables. With quality portable containers and the most trusted brand name in the storage industry, look to MI-BOX Indian Harbour Beach to meet your storage needs. 

Protect your Belongings from Damage

MI-BOX Moving & Mobile Storage in Indian Harbour Beach uses our patented Level Lift System that gently places each storage unit in more places with greater ease than any other container storage company. Your storage container and contents are kept level at all times, protecting them from damage. MI-BOX uses the longest lasting, most durable storage containers available, ensuring your valuables are protected.

Get the Service you Deserve

MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving dealers are owned and operated by hard working families in your area. All dealers use MI-BOX containers and our patented Level Lift System to ensure a quality experience every time. You're guaranteed to get the best possible prices and service from people who want to earn your business. Experience the difference - rent your next storage container from MI-BOX.

Store On-Site at Your location

Storage containers delivered to your door
Convenient mobile storage access 24/7
Secure storage - lockable roll up doors
Weather resistant portable storage
Great for remodeling projects
Organizing garages and seasonal items
Temporary storage at your business
Staging your home for sale
Indian Harbour Beach Storage & Moving by MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving

Compare MI-BOX To PODS® in Indian Harbour Beach

With MI-BOX, you’re guaranteed to get the best possible service and prices for all your moving and storage needs. But don’t take our word for it - go to the sites of PODS®, U-Haul®, and our other mobile storage competitors and compare them for yourself. Consider our secure containers, patented delivery system, guaranteed prices, and the flexibility MI-BOX delivers. Think about it. No loading ramps, no trucks to rent, no time restraints. We know you have options, so we're constantly striving to make MI-BOX in Indian Harbour Beach, Florida the best choice for all your moving and storage needs. If you have any questions, please call and talk to us directly. MI-BOX Moving & Storage in Indian Harbour Beach, Florida is locally owned and operated. You'll always talk directly to our highly trained operations manager who is here to help.  


Some customers use the term "pod" referring to any portable storage container because PODS® popularized the concept of portable storage. However, PODS® and "pod" are registered trademarks of PODS Enterprises, Inc, which MI-BOX is not affiliated with. The generic terms used in the storage industry are either "mobile storage containers" or "portable storage containers," but don't worry - we'll know what you mean.

PODS® is a registered trademark for PODS Enterprises, Inc and U-Haul® is a registered trademark of U-Haul International, Inc. MI-BOX® not sponsored by or affiliated with any of these competitors.


MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving in Indian Harbour Beach, Florida is locally owned and operated. We value each customer and treat you as a member of our family. After all, we live, work and play in the same communities we service. With MI-BOX, you'll get convenient moving and storage solutions, on-time deliveries and more choices at the best prices. MI-BOX offers 8', 16' and 20' moving and storage containers. PODS® does not have 20' units. MI-BOX also employs our industry exclusive, patented Level Lift System. We never use centralized call centers - you will always talk to an expert who cares about your experience. Compare MI-BOX® to PODS® today.

MI-BOX® Level Lift System

MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving in Indian Harbour Beach delivers portable storage containers using our patented Level Lift System. There is no tilting required, which protects your belongings and driveway. We maintain a level load while loading, unloading or transporting to ensure stored goods do not shift. The Level Lift System also enables us to have the smallest footprint possible and a very low clearance height. We can deliver on any surface - unpaved, inclined or declined. Snow or rain are no problem for the MI-BOX Level Lift System. It gently sets each portable storage container precisely where you'd like it and picks it up without ever leaving a trace. It's the most efficient container delivery system available.

Moving & Storage Delivered

Only MI-BOX dealers use our patented, industry exclusive Level Lift System. With it, we can do what the others can't. MI-BOX delivers containers more places than any other competitor. It's safe, easy and it's designed to protect your contents inside. Rest easy knowing your items are stored exactly how you packed them. 

The MI-BOX Level Lift System is in a class of its own. It allows for faster deliveries which keeps you on time. Our drivers operate the system with a watchful eye via a wireless remote control, resulting in reliable deliveries. It generally takes 5 minutes or less to drop off or pick up a mobile storage container.

See for yourself how the MI-BOX Level Lift System works.