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MI-BOX of New Brunswick

New Brunswick Mobile Storage

Mobile storage is the latest technology making all your belongings safe and secure; when the unit is delivered, it is done with care making sure the MI-BOX bin is level at all times. Our moving and mobile storage services are now the very best available for you and all the important people in your life.

Whether your move or storage needs are Residential or Commercial we can do it all and do it well. The mobile storage units that we bring are new and regarded as the best in the industry. So when you contract our mobile moving containers, we can do the entire job without you having to worry and stress over how well the task is done.

MI-BOX services are a unique and different way to move your belongings without the risk of loss, and of course that's what you seek. The unit has a coding number that can be warehoused in climate control facilities, making sure of protection and security.

When you look for a mobile moving unit that is quality assured ours is. We have air-ride suspension on our trucks that avoids any possible bumping and bruising of your objects that you treasure and cherish.

New Brunswick Moving Companies

MI-BOX mobile storage units are brought to you by Johnson Moving and Storage who has been servicing the moving & storage industry in New Brunswick for over 50 years and is a third generation, locally owned family business. Our company has been build around guaranteeing quality and service to it's customers through our trained and professional staff that are the highest quality in the industry. We are the largest moving & storage company in Northern New Brunswick with variety of Trucks and warehousing facilities to need whatever your needs may be.      

Johnson Moving has provided moving and storage services to it's customers in the past and being an experts in our industry we are happy to be providing this new and innovative way to move and storage your goods. Whether it be residential household items or a commercial business needing extra storage space, our mobile storage units provide you with all the options you require to make your move or storage needs easy.

Our company is beyond compare with the others. We take the utmost care when preparing your things for shipment. All upholstery is wrapped with specialized pads, and inventoried before loaded on our trucks. When you make your appointment for a Free Estimate, we will be sure that the preliminary estimate will include an interview that will help us find exactly what you need and where to place things.

We can provide you with a variety of moving options to meets your specific needs. Our professional trained crews can come and pack all your boxes, disassemble and wrap all your furniture, loading into our truck, transport ,and deliver to your new location. Or we can now offer the do-it-yourself move. Let us drop off a mobile moving containers and you load it at your own pace. Simply call us up and we'll haul it you your new location and you can take your time to unload. When your done call us back and we'll pick-up the mobile moving container. It takes all the stress out of moving yourself!!!

If you decide to store your belongings for short of long-term, the benefit of our portable units is how easily that can be done. Your unit will be collocated and mapped in order to know just exactly where your unit resides in our storage warehouse.

The unique features of our program is that we can help you plan exactly the kind of move you need. If you are selling your home or property, we can help you decide exactly what you wish to showcase in order to make your property 'shine'. Home "staging"  can be a vital tool to make sure your home is presentable and sells fast on the market. With our portable storage containers home staging has never been so easy and quick. Keep the container on your property or store it at our facility. 

Generally less is better, but an empty home or property often doesn't sell as well as one that has at least some furnishings so that the prospective client can imagine what their living arrangements would look like. So, there are lots of reasons to deal with the company that uses our method, because not only is it more useful and efficient, but we can help you better plan the details of your move and how to accomplish it.

It clear Johnson Moving & Storage has ever option for your Move or Storage requirements!!!

New Brunswick Self Storage

Other moving companies aren't nearly as flexible and efficient as MI-BOX. We also have self storage facilities so that you can load your container and ask us to store it in our facility where you can come and access it at anytime.

Whatever your pleasure, we strive to please our clients whatever their needs may be. However much consultation and help you need, we can offer our services in order to help make the difficulty of moving a pleasure instead of the tiring and difficult work you anticipate it to be.

This is a novel concept in moving that will make you wish you had tried MI-BOX sooner. Our mobile self storage units come in 16 ft lengths and are large enough to handle any size job.

We have some climate controlled spaces as well. So, if you need help in an emergency due to water or fire damage, we are on call over the internet. Send a container request instantly through our online quote system.

Your storage problems should be easy and smoothly handled, so that your daily concerns can take the time they need. Our company will handle it all, and with quality and value.

So, come visit our site online; the difference will be obvious to you immediately. Our company has been in business for many years, and the experience learned has been used to refine our customer needs. We are available at your service, so call or contact us as soon as possible.

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