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Kelowna, BC
Okanagan MI-BOX is a moving and mobile storage company serving the Okanagan Valley and surrounding areas.

The concept is simple: we deliver high-quality mobile storage containers to your commercial or residential location to fill at your convenience. From there, you can keep your portable storage container at your location or have us pick it up to store at our facilities!
The storage container:
  • 16’ long  x  8' high  x  7’2" wide - fits in one parking space!
  • Strong steel frame (a big steel box...) but with Duraplate finish / wall.
  • The Duraplate gives it a clean and professional look, ensuring a good impression on neighbours.
  • The size and smooth rust-proof Duraplate finish make it very residential friendly.
Convenient loading and unloading—on YOUR schedule where YOU need it—sets us apart from traditional moving and self storage services.
  • Users of our service can load or unload their belongings as their time permits.
  • The container stays at your location until you are packed (or unpacked) - no rush! Take days, or weeks...

Our residential friendly containers and patented 'Level Lift System' set us apart from other mobile storage companies.

  • A level lift ensures your contents are not tipped over while loading or unloading the container (any tilt or roll off system will tilt by 30 degrees or more).
  • Watch our video of the level lift system in action!
  • We can charge less for pickup and delivery because our level lift system is fast, and does not need an expensive trained crane operator (crane is the other way to move storage bins on and off the truck).
  • Our level lift technology allows us to offer a better process, and better prices, which makes us a smart choice.
Once your mobile container is locked, the storage bin may be:
  • Left until you no longer need it (self stored)
  • Moved to a new destination 
  • Stored in our heated, indoor building

Once packed and locked with your lock, the MI-BOX storage container may be:

  • Left in place until ready to unpack (i.e., stored at a client's site)
  • Moved to a new destination in the Okanagan area
  • Stored in our secured facilities

Whether you're looking for Kelowna portable storage for yourself, your clients, or your business, we are here to help.
We are locally owned and operated, as well as live, work, and play in this community.

Use the 'Get Instant Quote' tool on this page, or call us at 250-317-5207 today!

Kelowna Mobile Storage - Service Area

We provide moving and mobile self storage in:
  • Kelowna
  • University of British Columbia Okanagan Campus
  • West Kelowna
  • Lake Country

Okanagan MI-BOX Moving and Mobile Storage in Kelowna, BC, delivers portable storage containers right to you—or wherever you need them!

Keep your portable storage unit at your home or have us store them in our secure storage lot.

Kelowna Portable Self Storage

Okanagan MI-BOX Moving and Mobile Self Storage is the most efficient way to store or move your belongings.

MI-BOX mobile storage containers are delivered to your home or business, which means there is no need to rent a truck, or make several trips going back and forth.

The mobile storage Portable On Demand (POD) container remains at your location until you are ready to move.

We will arrange a convenient time to deliver and pick up your storage containers -  that meets your schedule.  We do not limit ourselves -or you- to 'business hours' for delivery or pickup.

Okanagan portable storage containers:
  • Are 16 ft long, 7 feet 2 inches wide, and 8 feet tall and hold 8,000 pounds (4,000 KG).
  • They will hold the contents of a medium apartment or three to four rooms of furniture. And fits in just one parking space!
  • If you need more space, adding more containers is very easy.

You’ll feel confident about storing your possessions in our portable storage because the containers
  • Are made of steel frames that are hot dipped galvanized which will never rust .
  • Are always Lifted and Lowered Levelly to prevent your contents from shifting and damage.
  • Use DuraPlate wall panels on each big steel container. Plus Duraplate just looks better. (Duraplate is a lightweight steel composite, strong like steel but thin, so lighter). Find out why MI-BOX is better than the regular big steel box for your Portable storage in Kelowna.
  • Have large roll up doors that opens one entire side that locks securely - security and convenience!
Okanagan MI-Box Moving and Mobile Storage wants to provide you with the best moving and storage experience of your life.

Using MI-BOX Makes Moving and Storage Easy.

Kelowna Moving Companies

Moving a household can be daunting. Knowing which Kelowna Moving Company to call—even which type of moving company—can be challenging.

Start with the type of move:

Are you going to move long distance? If so, you may find traditional moving companies are best suited. You can also look at renting a 'one way' truck, packing and driving yourself.  Right now, we do not offer long distance moves.


If you are moving within the same town or general area—even moving within BC—you have many more moving options.

You can of course use a traditional moving company. They pack your boxes on the truck—they can also pack your things into boxes—then they drive the truck to the new location, and unpack your boxes for you. This is a very expensive option, running into the 1000s of dollars.

In this scenario, you rent a truck or trailer.  You pack and load and drive. Then unpack and return the truck. The truck is usually rented by the day, and gets expensive if you need the truck for any period of of time. Weekends and month ends are even more expensive. What this means is you try to cram your move into as few days as possible. Maybe bring in a gang of friends and helpers, hoping enough show up. You know the scene...

Find a friend with a pickup, 2 more friends to help load and unload, and load and drive like crazy for as many trips as it takes! Depending on how far you drive, and how much beer the loaders drink, this can be economical, although leaves you owing a few favors. It is also rushed and most likely disorganized.

This is a relatively new concept, and most people do not know it exists.  It makes most sense if you do not mind boxing your own things, and prefer to take your time.

You can rent a mobile moving container by the month. So get your moving container a couple weeks before you move - and - as your time allows - box your things and move the boxes into the container. Work nights, days, weekends - whatever is best for you.

When it is moving day, we will move the entire container (without tipping it!) to the new location. At the new location, repeat the process with unpacking. Take a week or two - move your things into your new place on your own schedule. Simply call us when you are done, and we take the mobile moving container away.

This is the solution with no rush; no need to call in favours; no need for multiple trips; no big truck to drive yourself and—maybe the best part—likely the least expensive way to move!

Using MI-BOX for moving is the SMART way to move!

Calling us and having the mobile moving container delivered is easy!

Okanagan MI-BOX makes it easy to move smart!


Call 250-317-5207 or use our 'Instant Quote' to get moving today!

Kelowna Storage

Okanagan MI-Box Moving and Mobile Storage is proud to be providing Kelowna storage services, as well as servicing surrounding areas.

While we do provide on-site self storage, we also bring the storage to you! We can deliver your portable storage containers anywhere you need it, including residential and commercial locations. After filling up your Kelowna storage container, you can keep it on your site, or we can move the container to our secure, indoor, heated storage site.

Secure storage access is free and easy, just provide us with 24hr notice.

Our secure storage site gives you the comfort of knowing that your belongings are safe.
Your possessions are secure and access to your storage unit is easy.
A PIN code is necessary to gain entrance into our storage site and only you have the key for unlocking your container.

MI-BOX delivered portable storage containers is the next evolution for Kelowna storage.

Please contact our office for visit our website for more information:

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