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MI-BOX Mobile Storage Containers are great for:
  • Moving
  • Storage
  • Home Renovations
  • Long Term Self Storage
  • Short Term Storage
  • Temporary Storage
MI-BOX will deliver a secure self storage unit right to your home in Kirtland or anywhere in the Four Corners area of New Mexico. Take your time and load anything you want to move or store. We'll pick up the storage container and deliver it to your new home or keep it at our secure self storage facility for safe keeping.

Kirtland NM Moving

Moving from one place to another isn't the toughest task on the earth - but sometimes it sure will feel that way. If you are planning to move in and around Kirtland NM and are stressed about your move, you need to consider letting the professionals do the heavy lifting.   If you are straining yourself with the different tasks involved in the move, you may swear you will never move again. 

Here is the good news! Jumbo Mini Storage offers a comprehensive moving solution through MI-BOX in Kirtland. Whether your destination is a few blocks away from the current one or thousand miles away, MIBox solutions is the way to go. You don't have to worry about the time and dollars wasted like the ones that happened with other moving companies, and you don't have to lose your bank balance, your health and peace of mind to unscrupulous elements. With MI-BOX moving solutions from Jumbo Mini Storage, you are going to get the affordable, fast, easy and safe move you deserve. 

Jumbo Mini Storage is equipped with portable moving containers from MI-BOX that are delivered to its customers upon request. These containers are water-proof, safe and retain their quality and shape even at extreme weather conditions. You don't have to fret about losing your belongings when they are packed in these containers, because these containers are strong and sturdy inside and out. When the packing is done, just call the office and the movers are ready at your door to dispatch the items to your new location. What's more, these containers are enforced with testimonials from people who have used the service, who overcame their moving problems through MIBox and are proud that they did so. 

You can make smart decision with this storage and moving company. For example, your moving process is in your control when you rent the containers from MI-BOX center. You are in control of the date and time the move should take place, and you can dictate whether to move overnight or in batches. If you need help with moving things, Jumbo Mini Storage will arrange professional movers for the job. All you need to do is get a quote online to give it a jump-start. 

Kirtland NM Portable Storage

The best bet for your moving project is portable storage units from Jumbo Mini Storage, courtesy of MI-BOX. So whether your move is here, or just on its way, it is important to take the right action. As a customer, you place the order for the unit by telling the us the type and quantity of materials that you need to store. The professionals working here will select the right size for your assets and send the Portable Storage Unit to your door. The boxes are strong and sturdy enough to be used in extreme conditions for years. 

Portable storage units from MI-BOX are good for any purpose - residential or commercial. Customers can simply select the type of containers or select the property they need to be stored. The containers can have any type of materials and equipment.  And the best part, these units can be accessed by the owner without even requiring extra paper works or permission from the company. 

When it is harder to find a reliable storage facility, MI-BOX offers the perfect solution.  Jumbo Mini Storage will help you take appropriate actions to ensure your items are safe and secure. Whether you are moving, renovating your place or planning to store seasonal things for a while, before approaching any other movers or storage companies, identify your requirements, define your budget and give Jumbo Mini Storage a call. You will be glad you did. 

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Kirtland NM Storage

Other storage companies can help you store your household items and other belongings, but you can easily end up paying too much for the storage and waste too much time accessing it. Right now, Jumbo Mini Storage in Kirtland, NM offers portable moving solution through MI-BOX. Your items, such as furniture, carpets, exercise equipments, utensils and vehicles are stored in a safe storage unit that is easy to access any time. A portable storage unit is often better than conventional storage places for shorter as well as longer-term storage. They differ from stationary storage units in that they are typically easy to load and unload, delivered at your door step, and better yet, can be moved to any location of your choice. So for example, if you are out of space in your property for the things you want to store, you can always take these portable units to a storage facility provided by Jumbo Mini Storage in or near Kirtland. Or you can have the company store the units inside their main office premise. Either way, you are guaranteed a safe and secure place for your assets. Moreover, these units are affordable and extremely convenient. 

A portable storage unit is usually the right choice when you pretty much know that the things you need to store are impacted by extreme weather and temperature conditions. You carry the lock to your unit and access it anytime and any day. Your items are taken good care and your questions are answered promptly by the professionals working here. 

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