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We now offer portable storage containers for all your moving and storage needs. We can load them for you - Move you across town - or Provide a safe place to store them at our storage facility.

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MI-BOX of St. Louis is your local full service moving and labor company thru our local affilation with College Hunks Moving and College Hunks Hauling Junk of metro St. Louis.

Ladue Mobile Storage

As the name suggests, portable storage units are durable, industrial strength bins that are not much different in design than a traditional storage bin located at a self storage rental facility. The obvious difference is the mobile storage units are not connected to any permanent structure. They can be moved from one location to another with ease. 

The storage Units can be easily loaded onto an appropriate truck and then transported, full or empty, to their new location. Actually, they can be moved several times based on the needs of the person renting the units. 

The units can also be delivered right to the front door of the person who simply wishes to have access to a bin on his/her property. This ease of delivery makes the rental of these perfect for those who might be new to the process of self storage.

Ultimately, loading and unloading these mobile storage units is incredibly easy and this offers the perfect solution for those with unique storage requirements. All manner of different size storage units can be rented. No matter how major or seemingly minor your storage needs may be, there are bins that can meet them.

Ladue Moving Companies

Moving to a new location brings with it a lot of work. All of your belongings have to be completely emptied out o fone location and then moved to a totally new residence or office in Ladue, MO. Often, this process can end up being a very rushed one and rushing surely contributes to a lot of stress. It also undermines being able to organize the move properly. One way to cut down on rushing while increasing the ability to more effectively organize things would be to rent a mobile storage unit.

The greatest benefit of renting a portable storage unit is you do not have to pack and unpack a moving truck. You move all your items into the self storage container and then transport the container via a truck. Once you arrive at the new location, you unload the entire container. You then gain the ability to unload your belongings at your convenience. There is no immediate requirement to remove everything out of the storage bin and move them into the new location on the same day. Everything remains safe and secure until the time comes to unpack. For those who wish to keep certain things in storage for extended periods of time, this remains a possibility as well.

Anything that is properly packed in the units is not going to suffer from any damage or harm. While in transport, things will remain safely in place and arrive in pristine condition at their new location. 

Ladue Self Storage Units

There are quite a number of reasons why someone would wish to place things into self storage units. A home might become cluttered and crowded and closet or attic space is limited. An office might be required to store very critical pieces of equipment and files in very close proximity to the physical location of the business. Repairs and renovations might have to be performed and many of the items inside an interior will have to be temporarily moved. A portable self storage unit can offer solutions to these and many other issues of concern.

MI-BOX self storage units can be used for on site storage at a home, business, or even a government facility. Those in need of much more space can acquire it by moving things into the storage units. Anything placed under lock and key will remain safe. No one is going to be able to easily breach entry into one of these units. The Mobile Self Storage units are also designed to handle the impact of all manner of weather conditions ensuring the contents of the bin remain safe from harm or damage.

We deliver self storage units right to your home or business. 
Don't waste your time renting trucks only to make several trips back and forth to a self storage facility.
Load the unit when it's convenient for you.

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