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Lebanon Portable Storage

Lebanon Portable Storage

MI-BOX storage brings you the convenience of portable storage units delivered right to you.  These mobile storage units can be placed in your parking lot, driveway or even your yard for easy access – making the packing process faster and easier. 

You will have the time to organize your items and pack them safely and securely in your MI-BOX storage unit.  If you have more than one unit, you can organize each by room and type of items.  You will want to place the items you will not need right away towards the back and have the necessary items towards the front or entry path of the unit.  You can label your items and take the time you need to secure them properly.

Once you have filled the unit, MI-BOX will take the unit to their facility for storage. This is a great advantage over making several trips to a storage unit with a car, van or truck.

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Trying to put your stuff in storage can be time consuming and expensive if you have to make several trips. Having a unit delivered directly to you and placed in the best spot for packing can be a definite benefit. You will have extra security and convenience for planning and storing your items.

SECURITY When using MI-BOX Storage Units, the unit is on your property and monitored by you and your family. Your items are still within your sight and reach. The units can be locked when you are away and will keep you from storing boxes in your garage or on your porch where they can become damaged by weather or pets and seen by nosy neighbors. You have the ability to transport your stuff quickly from your home and secure your items in the unit.

CONVENIENCE Many of us work and have crazy schedules.  Trying to move our stuff to storage can only increase the stress. If we have the option to us a MI-BOX Storage Unit to pack and store our items at our home, then that gives us the convenience to pack anytime we want. Also with storing items it can be bothersome to travel to a Storage Facility each time we need to access our stuff or pack more stuff away. It costs money in gas and time and you are at the mercy of the schedule of the facility you are using.

PLANNING With a MI-BOX Storage Unit, you can take your items and plan how you will pack them easily. You have all of your stuff available and can see what will fit best, where.  When transporting items to a storage facility you are constantly packing and repacking the unit. Having a unit available right outside your door gives you the freedom to plan in real time.

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MI-BOX Moving can also help you to calculate how many units you will need to make your move or store your items. With the moving and storage calculator on their website you can easily figure out how many units and what size storage units you will need for all of your stuff. It is averaged that you will be able to fit an entire house in 4 units. The site will help break down your room and items and assist in planning the size of unit. They will also help with moving and storage supplies that you need to pack your items. This means no more hunting all over town for boxes!

ORGANIZATION When many of us decided that we need to move and we rent a truck or van we can find ourselves in a rush to load the truck and get on the road to save money and time. This can lead to unsafe loads and packing nightmares. Using a MI-BOX Storage Container will give you the option to pack and organize your items easily.

TIME SAVING It is obvious that having a unit within a few feet of your house will save you a lot of time. You can easily pack and achieve the storage you need and save tons of time versus using other options. You not only save time, but also money when using MI-BOX Movers and Storage Units.

A MI-BOX portable storage container is great for several reasons and the MI-BOX Movers can also help you with all your questions. You may wonder about the best way to pack fine china, how to store old antiques and other items and the helpful staff of MI-BOX is available to answer all your questions by either e-mail, online chat or phone. Who knew that moving or storing your items could be so convenient?

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