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Lehigh Valley PA

Lehigh Valley Mobile Storage Units

Lehigh Valley mobile storage units will make moving and storage simple. MI-BOX services all of the Lehigh Valley and Eastern PA. MI-BOX is owned by Adam Meyer Moving and Storage - the most trusted name in the industry for nearly 100 years! 

MI-BOX Mobile Storage Units are delivered right to your home, for the ultimate convenience. There's no need to rent a truck or drive back and forth to a self storage unit. Our mobile storage units are rented by the month. So you only pay for the time you need them. Keep them on your driveway or have us store it for you in our climate controlled warehouse. We can move you across town or across the county.

MI-BOX mobile storage units are 16 ft long so you have enough space to store just about anything. We can always deliver more units to accommodate larger jobs. They come with a roll up door that securely locks to keep your belonging safe. Our storage units are secure enough to be kept outside and they are always delivered levelly to prevent items from shifting during loading and unloading.

See our Levelift System Videos for the best delivery system on the planet. It's easy to operate and fits into tight spaces. It can deliver storage units on any surface, paved or unpaved. It won't damage driveways and it can deliver two units side by side in a driveway. Oh yeah, and it always keeps the storage unit level - protecting your valuables. Don't trust your household to just any storage unit. MI-BOX and Adam Meyer Moving have been servicing customers in the Lehigh Valley for nearly 100 years.

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Lehigh Valley Moving Company

If you're looking for the best price and service for Moving Companies in the Lehigh Valley, then look no farther than MI-BOX and Adam Meyer Moving & Storage. MI-BOX is a locally owned and operated moving company that has been in business for nearly 100 years. Adam Meyer Moving and Storage has been servicing customers in and around the Lehigh Valley since 1916. We are a family owned, 3rd generation storage and moving company. We know moving & storage. See the Advantages of Moving with MI-BOX.

Few moving companies have the experience needed to give you the best moving experience. We are a full service moving and mobile storage company with nearly 100 years of experience. You'll always get great service at great prices with MI-BOX and Adam Meyer Moving. From full service moving to our mobile storage containers  to do it yourself options. Use the most trusted name - Use Adam Meyer Moving Company. 

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Lehigh Valley Self Storage Units

Looking for self storage units in the Lehigh Valley area? Then look no farther than MI-BOX. We deliver self storage units right to your home. Rent them by the month. Keep them on your driveway or have us store them in our climate controlled warehouse.

Most self storage units rely on you to rent a truck, drive back and forth until the unit is full. Then you have to load the truck only to unload it again into the self storage unit. Sometimes you have to go up an elevator around corners and then unload your cart into the self storage unit. Stop wasting all this time and energy.

One call to 610-866-1106 can solve your storage problems. MI-BOX self storage units are 16 ft long. They're large enough to store just about anything. They're delivered right to your home or business. Take your time to load anything you want to move or put in storage. These self storage units can be left on your site or we can pick them up and storage it for you in our climate controlled self storage facility.

Take the stress out of moving and storage and get a MI-BOX self storage unit delivered today.

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