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Farmington NM

MI-BOX Farmington, NM makes moving and storage easy.  Storage and moving container rentals.  Servicing Farmington and surrounding areas in Northwest New Mexico. 

We are your moving and storage experts! 

We deliver large weather proof portable storage container units right to your home or place of business. Get free moving and storage quotes on line. You never even have to leave the comfort of your home! Since the MI-BOX portable self storage containers are rented by the month, you can take your time to conveniently load your household items. Once completed, we can move it to your new home or take it to our secure self storage center for safe keeping. Access to your belongings is always convenient, safe, secure and free.

We deliver large weather proof mobile self storage containers right to your home or place of business. Get price quotes on line. You never even have to leave the comfort of your home! Since the MI-BOX portable self storage containers are rented by the month, you can take your time to conveniently load your household items. Once completed, we can move it to your new home or take it to our secure self storage center for safe keeping. Access to your belongings is always convenient, safe and secure.

Mobile Storage gives you the time you need to load, reduces stress by giving you more time to coordinate your move, gives you more storage and moving options, and saves you money.  We service all of San Juan County, Aztec, Bloomfield,  Farmington and surrounding areas. 

MI-BOX of New Mexico is owned and operated by Jumbo Self Storage. We also offer secure self storage, RV storage and boat storage. For all of your moving and storage needs contact us today!

Rent mobile self storage and moving today!

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Farmington Moving

If you’re planning on moving from one side of town to the other or even one side of the country to the other Jumbo Mini Storage offers MI-BOX Portable Storage Solutions in the Farmington New Mexico Area. For a price quote you can give us a call or go online. You can expect a fast friendly service with competitive pricing and moving services that are guaranteed. If you’re looking for convenience, affordability, security, flexibility, speed and safety then you’re looking for the MI-BOX system. It takes the hassle out of moving.

Your desired amount of mobile storage containers can be delivered to your home or office for you to load up at your convenience. This takes the hassle out of having to stick to a tight schedule or the extra expense involved in discovering your move is going to take longer than anticipated. The MI-BOX is watertight and can withstand severe weather keeping your property safe and secure. When you’re ready call our office and we can deliver to your new place or to our secure storage facility. You will be amazed at how much easier and less stressful this makes the whole moving process.

When you rent your MI-BOX from us you are in total control of the moving process. Rentals are on a monthly basis giving you plenty of time for your move. You decide the time and day and we will work at your convenience. You can even arrange for professional movers to load the containers for you. As soon as everything is packed and you’re ready to have it moved just call Jumbo Mini Storage and we will take care of the rest.

Farmington Portable Storage

We offer MI-BOX units as the perfect and portable solution to your storage needs. If you let us know the kind of materials and amount you need to store we will work out the exact amount of storage boxes and sizes that you will need for your storage project. If your business or home is growing we can help out by supplying the perfect portable storage solution to meet your needs. Important documents or electrical business equipment can be stored on your premises in safe and secure lockable MI-Box Storage Unit that will keep everything safe from negative external environmental conditions.

You can store just about anything in a MI-BOX they are useful for storage at home or at the office. Just let us know where you want it located on your property. No matter what the weather throws at it your possessions will be safe and the strong construction and sturdy lock will keep it safe from anyone who might decide to steal from you. Despite this it’s easy for you to gain access to your items whenever you might need them. Think of the units as extra closet space or even attic space to keep your furniture or other items safe until such a time as you need them.

When you run out of space at your home or office all you need to do is pack up your items in a MI-BOX and we can come and collect the box and store it safely and securely at our storage facility in Farmington New Mexico. Our friendly staff are here to meet all your self storage needs and it’s our pleasure to assist you in meeting your moving or storage needs.

Farmington Storage

If you have seasonal items cluttering up your home such as snowmobiles, jet skis, pool equipment, outdoor furniture or you just have too much clutter in your garage you can load up a MI-BOX Storage Unit and free up precious space. You will still be able to access your property whenever you need it

If you’re short on space at home we can pick up the MI-BOX and store it locally at our storage facilities in Farmington New Mexico. The box will be delivered to your home or office and once you have everything loaded we can pick it up where it will be stored in our climate controlled storage facility. If you find you need something it’s just a matter of coming to the site and picking it up. You can also be rest assured that our on-site security will give your property that extra level of protection.

Our storage area is temperature controlled and this will protect your valued possessions from all that the New Mexico weather can throw at it. You will have your own lock and key to access your items and our professional and friendly staff will be able to assist you with any problems or answer whatever questions you may have.

It’s a fact that any home or business has a limited amount of space for storage and our onsite storage is the perfect solution to meet your storage needs. Documents, business machines, electrical goods or anything else that requires protection will be guaranteed dry and safe from the harmful elements. MI-BOX comes in numerous sizes to fit your needs and at prices that you will find reasonable no matter your budget.


Mobile Storage & Moving Services

  • Household Goods
  • Furniture
  • In between Homes
  • Temporary Storage
  • Long Term Storage
  • Apartment Storage
  • Condominium Storage
  • Insurance Work
  • Flood Damage
  • Fire Restoration
  • Garage Items
  • Seasonal Decorations
  • Overstocked Inventory
  • Job Materials
  • De-cluttering homes
  • Professional Home Staging Services
  • Restoration Businesses
  • High School Events/Sports
  • Lawn and Patio Furniture
  • Pool Accessories
  • Remodeling Projects
  • Too Much Stuff and More
  • RV Storage
  • Boat Storage


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    MI-BOX of New Mexico proudly offers moving and storage to all surrounding areas of Farmington, NM. We service the following areas and more.







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    All of San Juan County and Four Corners Area

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    Farmington MI-BOX Moving and Mobile Storage. 

    We are you go to Self-storage company to help you with all your storage Needs! We not only can provide you with extra storage at your house, we can also move your stuff to our Secure storage lot, and we can move you from house to house. No one else does this in the area. So Give us a call so we can provide you with excellent service.  We also have Jumbo Mini Storage here in Famington. you can go to to see what we offer.

    We Deliver - You Pack - We Move & Store

    Compare us to the steel ISO container's and see how our customer service stacks up!

    MI-BOX can put your container in more places with our hydraulic Level-Lift system.

    Talk to the people who run the dealership, not a call-center.

    Our durable 16ft mobile storage containers are the ultimate in convenience. Store them at your property or at our secure storage center. Our state of the art container transport system gently places our ground level storage containers where its most convenient for you.

    Take your time to load and we'll move it to your new home or to our secure storage center for safe-keeping.

    Access to your container is always FREE with MI-BOX, and you can access your storage in our safe and secure location with our employees present, not in the back of a large mini-warehouse lot.

    Simple on-line quotes for secure residential and business storage and moving.

    Move, Store & More with MI-BOX!

    MI-BOX of Farmington, New Mexico is owned and operated by the Cimino/Waldroup Family. We've been in business in the four corners area since 1959. We've been in the self-storage (Jumbo Mini Storage) business since 1939 and have now expanded into portable storage units so we can offer you a different choice on how storage will best serve you. You can now store on site at your residence or business. You can also store it at our secure storage facility. 

    Call us now for your portable storage unit!

    Mobile storage is probably the best method today for moving and storing your stuff. Are you a Pack Rat who is unable to get rid of a houseful of junk, then rent a mobile storage container today so that tomorrow you can experience a new freedom. Mobile storage units are available in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of consumers as well as business. Some construction sites use storage containers for tool storage. Real estate professionals recommend the use of mobile storage containers to their clients to stage a home for sale. But the best part of using mobile storage is that the driving is done by the moving company.

    Call us today to talk about how we can serve you! We can help you in moving,flood damage,restoration,fire damage,remodeling, or for just providing more space in your home. We also can help commercial business with storage for onsite construction projects, files, more space, or any other need you might have. 

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