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Calgary, AB Self Storage

Self storage in Calgary is more convenient and simple with MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving. We'll deliver portable self storage units right to your driveway or place of business for the ultimate convenience in self storage. You don't have to rent moving trucks or call on friends and family. There's no need to make several trips back and forth to your self storage facility. And, you get as much time as you need to load each storage unit.  MI-BOX Self Storage & Moving in Calgary solves these problems and gives you extra time to complete any storage job when it's most convenient for you. 

Get Convenient Self Storage in Calgary. MI-BOX self storage bins are rented by the month, just other storage units in Calgary. Only we deliver it to your home. Take as much time as you need to load anything you would like to put into storage. Do it in a day, a week, or whenever you'd  like. When your done loading the storage unit, MI-BOX West will pick it up and move it to your new home anywhere in the Calgary Region or we'll store it for you inside our climate controlled storage warehouse. It's that simple. 

Get the Space You Need. Rent an 8 ft. 16 ft. or 20 ft. self storage container from MI-BOX in Calgary. Our storage units are sturdy, weather resistant, and attractive. So you can keep it on your site for as long as you need it. Rent any size storage unit or combine sizes to get the space you need. No job is too big or too small. Self Storage in Calgary has a new look and it's called MI-BOX Mobile Self Storage. It's the easiest way to store just about anything.

Get Local Service at the Best Prices. MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving is locally owned and operated. We pride ourselves in providing the best customer experience at the best prices anywhere in Calgary. You'll get one guaranteed price and on time delivery of your mobile self storage unit. We'll show up on time and gently place the storage container where you want it. MI-BOX uses our patented Level Lift System to deliver each container. It can gently place containers in more places with greater ease than any other competitor. We'll make sure your belongings arrive safe and secure and we won't leave any traces of us being there. 

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We Make Moving & Storage Easy

MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving Calgary, Alberta

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Calgary, AB Moving Companies

Most moving companies in Calgary are required to charge you by weight. Therefore, only as estimate can be given until everything is loaded onto their moving truck and weighed. You really don't have a choice but to pay whatever they want. It doesn't have to be that way. MI-BOX Moving Company in Calgary will give you a guaranteed price on any moving service we offer. That's right! Guaranteed Prices - all the time - every time.

Get Convenient Moving Solutions. MI-BOX Moving Company understands that moving is not everyone's favorite thing to do. We know it can be stressful. But we can make your moving experience much easier. 

Sell your home faster. Professional realtors and home staging companies will tell you that a house that is free of clutter will sell faster and for more money. Since you need to get a start on packing anyway, why not have a MI-BOX moving container placed in your driveway. You can take your time and sort through your household belongings. Put the stuff you want to move with you to your new house in the MI-BOX and get rid of the extra stuff. We'll pick up the bin and store it for you and your home will be ready for a quick sale.

Storage in between moves. New home not ready yet? Need to store for a while? Not a problem with MI-BOX. We'll save you so much time and effort you will be thanking us. You only need to load once. We'll take the full moving containers back to our climate controlled warehouse. We'll keep it for a day, a week, or even months until your new home is ready. When it is, just give us a call and we'll deliver it right to your new home anywhere in Calgary. You load it once and unload it once saving you so much time, energy and effort.

Get more time. MI-BOX Moving & Storage gives you the time you need to reduce the stress associated with moving. Our moving containers can sit outside your house for easy access. Begin the loading process room by room, sort through garage and basements and load anything you want to move into the MI-BOX. Once it's full, just call us and we'll move it to your new home in Calgary or we'll store it for you. Get the time you need to properly plan for any move.

Get MI-BOX Moving Company in Calgary. We're  unlike any other moving company. We are locally owned and operated so your guaranteed to get the best prices and service available anywhere in the Calgary Region. Our business depends on providing the highest level of service at the most reasonable prices. We have 8 ft. 16 ft. and 20 ft. portable moving containers that can handle any size job. Our patented Level Lift System will gently place our moving bins on your driveway for you to easily load anything at ground level. No loading ramps, No trucks to rent, and No time restraints. Take all the time you need to load. Or call us and we can recommend a professional mover in Calgary to do it for you. Once its loaded, MI-BOX Moving & Storage will move it to your new home anywhere in the Calgary Region or we can store it for you inside our climate controlled warehouse for safe keeping 

Get the time you need. Get guaranteed prices.
Get MI-BOX Moving & Storage!

Calgary, AB Mobile Storage Containers

Mobile storage containers are a perfect solution for moving or self storage. They are the most affordable and convenient solution for anyone who is moving or in need of extra storage space anywhere in Calgary. Only MI-BOX rents 8 ft. 16 ft and 20 ft. mobile storage bins. Only MI-BOX delivers each mobile storage container using our patented Level Lift System. It ensures your belongings will be kept safe and secure at all times. And only MI-BOX mobile storage containers offer you the most convenience and affordable way to move or store just about anything.

So if you're looking for the most convenient and affordable way to move or store just about anything in Calgary, then let MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving give you the best solutions.

It's Simple. It's Easy. It's Convenient. It's Affordable.

It's MI-BOX 

Compare MI-BOX Storage to PODS® Storage in Calgary

Can I Rent a "Storage Pod" from MI-BOX?

Some customers use the term "pod" generically for any portable storage container because PODS® popularized the concept of portable storage.  However, PODS® and pod are a registered trademark of PODS Enterprises, LLC, and MI-BOX is not affiliated with PODS Enterprises, LLC.  The generic terms used in the industry are either "mobile storage containers" or "portable storage containers," but don't worry; we'll know what you mean.

Why Choose MI-BOX for Portable Storage in Calgary?

  • MI-BOX dealerships are locally owned and operated, so you will speak to the people who run the business and care about customer service. 
  • MI-BOX does not use call centers. We value your business and give you the personal touch and service you deserve.
  • Secure storage in Calgary with MI-BOX mobile storage containers that protect contents from sun-fade, rain, snow, sleet and mother nature's wrath.
  • Attractive white sided containers with yellow roll up doors and our MI-BOX logo on all of our portable storage units in Calgary.
  • Sizes that fit any moving or storage job in Alberta. 8',16' and 20'
  • Our patent-pending, level-lift delivery system keeps your loaded mobile storage container level during pickup and delivery, and allows us to precisely place your container without damaging your driveway.

Serving the Greater Calgary Area

Serving the greater Calgary area

  • Airdrie
  • Black Diamond
  • Bragg Creek
  • Calgary
  • Chestermere
  • Cochrane
  • High River
  • Okotoks
  • Strathmore
  • Turner Valley

The New Face of Calgary Self Storage

Calgary, AB Self Storage Units

MI-BOX is changing Calgary Self Storage Landscape. With the current demand for land in Calgary, Self Storage Centers are becoming few and far between. As the price of land goes up, so does the cost to use it. MI-BOX would like to help Calgary residents find a better solution. 

Let’s start with the process. The inconvenience of the mini storage centre process included packing all of your storage items into a truck that you had also rented or borrowed, then proceeding to drop the items off in the storage locker. When it was time to retrieve your storage items, you would have to repeat the process costing you time and money. MI-BOX Mobile Storage will make sure you never again have to deal with that repetitive agony. We bring the storage locker right to your door. Pack the container and we store it at our secure Calgary storage facility. When you’re done with the unit, just call us up and we drop the container off at your convenience.

Accessing your storage items is never a problem. There is free access to your items in any of our secure Calgary storage facilities. You also have the option of storing your unit at any specified location within Calgary or the surrounding area. Imagine how effortless your storage experience with Mi-BOX will be!

Calgary Mobile Storage Containers

Calgary, AB Mobile Storage Containers

MI-BOX mobile storage containers are a game changer. Whether you need storage for commercial use, your business, moving or renovating, MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving has a variety of solutions that meet your needs. Our value based approach to business is what will take your storage experience from acceptable to remarkable. We are locally owned and operated; investing in making Calgary life a little more simple.

Before you start, determine how much space you’ll need for your mobile storage container. MI-BOX offers a variety of sizes including 8', 16', and 20'.  If you’re not sure what size you need for your application, you can contact us at any time! It’s easy to reach us to by either speaking to a local customer service representative or using hassle-free online booking. Click Get a FREE Instant Quote at the top of this page.

The most convenient storage solution on the market is now available for both monthly rental AND direct purchase. For your convenience, there is no extra cost for placing your container at any specified location in Calgary or the surrounding area. You also have the option of storing your container in a secure MI-BOX facility. It’s not only about being cost effective, it’s about having access to storage that suits your individual needs. 

Mobile Storage Containers Guaranteed

Nobody wants a lemon. That’s why providing a high quality product is of the utmost importance. Our mobile storage containers are constructed using composite technology, a high density polyethylene plastic core bonded between two high strength steel skins. This means that MI-BOX mobile storage containers are able to withstand extreme weather conditions and keep your valuables safe and secure at all times. Don’t be fooled by decommissioned sea containers or plastic wood hybrid containers. They are not built with the Calgary climate or your valued possessions in mind. 

Small Spaces Welcome

Worried about a small storage space? Our secret weapon is the patented Level Lift System equipped on all MI-BOX delivery trucks. This systems allows us to maintain a level load when loading, transporting, or unloading your valuables ensuring your stored goods do not shift. There is absolutely no tilting of the load required. It also enables us to have the smallest footprint possible for loading and unloading as well as a very low clearance height. That means we can fit your storage unit into a pretty tight area. Other mobile storage companies in Calgary like Big Steel Box use sea containers that are tilted off onto your driveway. They simply cannot do what we do. Compare MI-BOX to PODS containers. You'll quickly see the difference. Loading Dock? No problem, The Level Lift System is perfect for that application as well. PODS can do loading docks because of how their lift system works. If portable storage was not an option for you in the past, it just might be now. How’s that for convenient?!

MI-BOX Technology

MI-BOX portable storage and moving solutions are revolutionizing the storage industry in Calgary and throughout Canada. The ultimate mobile storage container is constructed using DURA-PLATE technology, a high density polyethylene plastic core bonded between two high strength steel skins. These storage units will keep your items safe and secure even in the harshest Calgary weather conditions. 

MI-BOX also has the industry exclusive, the patented Level Lift System design. You can sleep easy at night knowing that your items are stored exactly how you packed them. This means that when the mobile storage container is being loaded, unloaded, or in transit, it always stays level. The Level Lift System also allows us to place our light weight units gently on your property, leaving no traces of damage behind. They sit level on the ground when you load them so no risky ramps are required. No tilting, no shifting, no problem.

Support Local

MI-BOX West is a locally owned and operated Calgary self storage and moving facility. All of our customer service representatives are also Calgary residents. You can expect the best customer service along with the best equipment to get the job done. 

Get a quote online or call one of our Calgary based customer service representatives. Because MI-BOX Calgary is a local, you can always expect to be dealing with people who understand the fast paced lifestyle of Calgarians.  

Residential Moving

Our goal is to take the stress out of moving. The traditional ways of moving are simply becoming outdated.Why try and cram what should be a few weeks of work into one or two days?  It isn't fair to you or your family. Gone are the days of begging friends, co- workers and neighbours to burn up one of their Saturdays to help you move. Call MI-BOX for a better way.

MI-BOX will drop your choice of an 8', 16', or 20' mobile storage container at your residence. If you need more space, we'll deliver a second unit at half the monthly rental rate! The best part? You can load it or unload it at your leisure. You rent by the month, so the price will remain the same whether you have the container for 1 day or for 30 days. There is no longer any pressure of having to work under unreasonable rental deadlines. Once your belongings are all packed up, we pick the unit up and can either deliver it to another location, or take it back to our secure storage facility. If you want to extend your desired storage duration, you may do so at any time without any added fees.


Commercial Moving & Storage

MI-BOX is well equipped to handle all of your commercial moving and storage needs. We cater to Calgary commercial companies in need of short term or long term storage as well as moving products from location to location. Seasonal or permanent, we have something for you. Think of MI-BOX as a mobile storage room or warehouse. With the price of real estate in Calgary, this is a great way to add serious square footage at next to no cost. We rent by the month with no limitations on the time period you can rent it for. We also offer sales and rental purchase contracts. 

MI-BOX is extremely adaptable to the unique commercial moving and storage needs of your company, this means we can tailor make any commercial moving and storage program to directly accommodate your specific application. 

Speak to one of our customer service representatives today.

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We Make Moving & Storage Easy

MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving Calgary, Alberta

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Moving Supplies in Calgary

Calgary Moving Supplies

MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving offers any storage supplies that you may need. From plastic moving boxes, to moving blankets, to locks for your storage unit. We are a one-stop-shop for all your moving needs. The best part is, we deliver it all right to your door.

MI-BOX Calgary is pleased to announce we are now carrying plastic moving boxes for rent! These "Stackers" measure 1' x 1.5' x 2' and will take care of all of your valuables. Made from construction grade plastic these boxes will not bend, break or be affected by the elements. Using them is even easier! Simply order the plastic moving boxes on our website with a MI-BOX storage unit and we will bring them inside your MI-BOX storage unit for easy delivery. Finished with the storage unit? Just load the plastic moving boxes back into the MI-BOX storage unit and we will come and pick it up. No more worrying about cleaning up a cardboard mess or paying for dump fees. Contact Us for more information. 


Calgary Mobile Billboard Storage Units

MI-BOX is also innovating the way billboard advertising is done. We have hundreds of mobile storage units distributed throughout the Calgary area at any given time. Take advantage of a MI-BOX partnership by using non-branded mobile billboard storage units. They are perfect for your company logo or real estate signage to be applied. It looks great and you can change the location with a simple phone call. 

Our goal at MI-BOX is to make our customers as successful as possible by giving them the ability to make educated choices that are profitable to their business. See our Facebook page today for our latest news and specials. 

Calgary On Site Storage

On site storage is available for all of our customers. Construction, Oilfield, Residential and Commercial applications are all perfect for MI-BOX storage units. On site storage hasn’t always been an option due to size constraints. At MI-BOX we have a unique delivery system that enables us to have the lowest clearance height, and the smallest footprint needed for loading and unloading on site storage containers. These rust proof units will keep your residence or job site clean, safe and looking its best. 

MI-BOX on site storage containers are weatherproof, secure and the most durable on the market. 

They are perfect for:

  •  Residential & Commercial Moving
  •  Oilfield Equipment 
  •  Remodelling Companies
  •  Schools 
  •  Special Events Contractors
  •  Builders 
  •  Trades
  •  Farms
  •  & pretty much anything else you can think of!

Reserve your on site storage unit now.

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We Make Moving & Storage Easy

MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving Calgary, Alberta

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