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Moving in Minnetonka

MI-BOX Moving Minnetonka, Minnesota

Moving doesn't have to be stressful. Relax. MI-BOX Moving in Minnetonka has convenient and cost effective moving solutions.

Storage in Minnetonka

MI-BOX Storage Minnetonka, Minnesota

Storage in Minnetonka for residential and commercial uses is delivered right to your door. MI-BOX Storage has you covered.


MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving Minnetonka, Minnesota

Level loading and unloading protects your valuables. MI-BOX's patented delivery system takes moving and storage to a new level.

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MI-BOX of Minnetonka is owned and operated by a Veteran of the United States Army. We offer discounts to all branches of the military and first responders.

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MI-BOX Moving Minnetonka, Minnesota

Moving in Minnetonka, Minnesota​

MI-BOX Moving & Mobile Storage in Minnetonka is not like any other moving company. MI-BOX makes moving simple by giving you more time. Our portable moving containers are delivered by our patented Level Lift System and sit outside your home or place of business at ground level for easy 24/7 access. Load anything you want to move into our mobile moving containers. Use MI-BOX to stage your home, clear clutter, and sell faster and for more money. Once the unit is full, just call us and we'll move it to your new home in Minnetonka or anywhere in the Minneapolis area or we'll store it for you in our climate-controlled warehouse. Loading and unloading once, saves you time, energy and money. MI-BOX Moving is locally owned and operated, so you're guaranteed the best prices and service available in the Minnetonka. Call now and get Moving with MI-BOX.

Moving Services in Minnetonka

Our goal is simple. We want to take the stress out of moving. Traditional moving methods are simply becoming outdated. Why cram what should be a few weeks of work into a day? Call MI-BOX Moving in Minnetonka for a better way to move. We specialize in residential and commercial moving. MI-BOX will bring your choice of a 8', 16' or 20' mobile moving container right to you. Our containers fit in a standard parking space, so they're great for apartments, condos, single family homes or commercial job sites. Load or unload them at your leisure. You rent by the month, so forget the pressure of working under unreasonable moving deadlines. MI-BOX Moving has helped thousands of people move in Minnetonka and surrounding areas. See our moving tips for helpful suggestions.

Planning is the key to any successful move. It always takes longer than you think, so get started today!

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Movers in Minnetonka

Before choosing a local mover in Minnetonka, you'll want to ask a few questions. One of the most important questions will always be, “How much will my move cost?”

Traditional moving companies in Minnetonka can only provide you with a moving estimate until everything is on their truck, because they are required to charge by weight. Not with MI-BOX Moving. Instead, our pricing is determined by the size of the container and the distance we need to travel. MI-BOX Moving will give you one guaranteed price on our moving services. Simply tell us when you would like a moving container delivered and we'll deliver it and place it where it's most convenient for you. Our goal is to make your next move simple and hassle-free. So get moving today. Call now.

MI-BOX Moving Minnetonka, Minnesota

Storage In Minnetonka, Minnesota​

Storage in Minnetonka is simple with MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving. MI-BOX Storage in Minnetonka rents our storage containers by the month, just like other storage units in Minnetonka. Only we'll deliver an 8', 12' or 16' mobile storage container to your home, where you can take your time loading. When you're done, either leave your container accessible on your site or we'll pick it up and store it in our secure warehouse. Our storage units are sturdy, weather resistant, and attractive. Keep one on your site for as long as you need it. At MI-BOX Storage in Minnetonka, we pride ourselves in providing a great customer experience and the most cost-effective storage prices in Minnetonka. You'll get one guaranteed price and on-time delivery. If you need self-storage in Minnetonka, then MI-BOX Storage has you covered.

Minnetonka Portable Storage

Other portable storage companies in Minnetonka require you to rent a moving truck, drive back and forth to the facility, unloading and reloading your items until your mini storage unit is full. Then, when you need access to your stored belongings, you have repeat the process all over again. Not with MI-BOX Storage. We do all the driving. MI-BOX storage containers in Minnetonka rent by the month so you can fill them at a pace that's best for you. Loading and unloading only once will save you time and money.

Portable Storage for Businesses

MI-BOX works with commercial businesses every day to remedy their short-term or long-term storage needs. Seasonal or permanent, we have something for you. With the price of real estate in Minnetonka, this is a great way to add square footage. We understand business moves quickly and time is money, so MI-BOX goes the extra mile in Minnetonka. We are locally owned and operated, so we understand the importance of delivering fast, dependable service. You can count on MI-BOX for the most reliable storage solutions for business storage needs. 

Portable Storage Near Me

MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving delivers our secure portable storage units to Minnetonka, Minnesota and all surrounding areas. MI-BOX has storage locations throughout the Minneapolis region. To find the most convenient storage location near you, please click find a storage location near me.

MI-BOX Portable Storage Minnetonka, Minnesota

MI-BOX Moving & Storage Containers 

MI-BOX Moving and Storage containers in Minnetonka, Minnesota are strong, sturdy and weather resistant. They're designed for convenience and protection. Our mobile storage containers are constructed using composite technology, a high density polyethylene plastic core bonded between two high strength steel skins. Composite wall panels provide strength and durability to ensure you are protected. All framing is structural grade steel that is hot dipped galvanized to prevent rust. Each container has a full-width, lockable door. Only you will have the key. A one-piece roof is designed to shelter everything inside and keep it safe from the elements. MI-BOX moving and storage containers are the longest-lasting mobile storage containers available. They're built to keep your valuables safe and secure. Use the most trusted brand in the industry to protect your worldly possessions. Use MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving Containers in Minnetonka.

Moving and Storage Sizes

MI-BOX portable storage containers come in four convenient sizes so you only rent the space you actually need. We are proud to offer 8', 16', and 20' moving and storage containers.

Our 8' self-storage unit is great for small jobs, dorm rooms, seasonal items, inventory, or when you just need a little extra storage space. The 16' storage units are our most popular size and can fit the contents of 3-4 rooms, a basement, or bulky items such as patio furniture, sofas, or dining room sets. Our 16' storage containers are perfect for on-site jobs like remodeling or restoration projects, household moves or first responders. And, our 20' moving and storage units are perfect for site to site moving.

Moving and Storage Units

MI-BOX brand moving and storage units are built to last a lifetime. Only quality products are used in the manufacturing process to ensure your items will be secure. Tested from coast to coast in the US and Canada, MI-BOX has been designing and building quality mobile storage containers since 2004. They protect against sun-fade, radiant heat, snow, and ice. Use the most trusted portable storage brand in the industry to ensure your belongings are kept safe. Rent MI-BOX Moving and Storage units in Minnetonka.

MI-BOX Portable Storage Containers Minnetonka

MI-BOX Moving Guide to Minnetonka, Minnesota​

Moving to Minnetonka, Minnesota​

There are many reasons why moving to Minnetonka, Minnesota is worth it. The city has a stable economy with its job market on the rise, excellent schools, low crime rates, safe neighborhoods, and entertainment for the whole family. Minnetonka also fosters a welcoming and culturally diverse environment suitable for raising children. Its proximity to the city of Minneapolis makes it convenient to enjoy the big city life. The town lies just 15 miles outside of Minneapolis in Hennepin County. Minnetonka offers multiple transportation services that readily bring residents to and from Minneapolis, making it easy to spend the day downtown. Whatever your motive is for moving to Minnetonka, consider utilizing moving services or portable storage containers to help make the transition hassle-free.

Minnetonka History​

Long before the first settlers came to the land presently known as Minnetonka, Native American tribes occupied the area. Lake Minnetonka provided exceptional fishing, and the dense woods and prairies offered good hunting. In 1851, an agreement among the Native Americans and European settlers was signed that allowed for the settlement west of Fort Snelling. One year later, in 1852, the first settlement was established where the present-day Minnetonka Mills stands. Early settlers came primarily from New England, the British Isles, the Czech Republic, and northern Europe.

As the population continued to increase, the township of Minnetonka decided it was time to be incorporated as a village in 1956. Another contributing factor to this decision was the annexation of four newly developed residential areas within Minnetonka. This development reduced the area of Minnetonka from 36 to 28 square miles. Since Minnetonka was only a township at the time, it could not stop the land from being annexed. However, had it been a village, Minnetonka could’ve prevented the annexation. To preserve their property in the future, the township decided to transition to a village.

In the 1960s, the village started to see significant civic changes. Highways and transportation services began to improve, which allowed easier access for new residents, thus further increasing the population. Fire and police stations were established as well as significant commercial developments. By 1968, the village of Minnetonka officially became a city. More changes were seen throughout the 1970s with septic tanks being replaced with a town sewer system and water lines. Today, the city is home to many major corporate headquarters as well as small local businesses.

Minnetonka​ Demographics

As of 2020, Minnetonka’s population reached 54,861, which makes it the 18th largest city in Minnesota. The community has been growing at a rate of 0.83% annually and has increased by 10.3% in the last ten years. The city spans 28 miles, which gives Minnetonka a population density of 2,039 people per square mile. The population is 87.6% Caucasian, 5.2% black or African American, 4.3% Asian, 2.3% is two or more races, and 0.5% falls under the category of other. 60.3% of Minnetonka’s population was born in the state of Minnesota. 89.8% of their community are native-born Americans, whereas 10.2% are foreign-born. Of the 10.2%, 4.14% are non-United States citizens. The median age in Minnetonka is 45 years old, and for every 100 females, there are 92.4 males. The average family size in this Minneapolis suburb is 2.86, whereas the average household size is 2.26.

The city is also linguistically diverse, with over 11% of the population speaking a language other than English. The most popular non-English language spoken in Minnetonka is in the category of Indo-European. However, 88.6% of Minnetonka’s residents are only fluent in English.

Minnetonka​ Climate

Minnetonka’s climate is similar to most Minnesotan cities in the sense that they experience frigid and snowy winters along with hot summers. January is the city’s coldest month with an average nighttime low temperature of just six degrees. Annually, there are 152 days where the nighttime low temperature drops below freezing and 25 days when it drops below zero degrees. Even with these statistics, Minnetonka is still considered to have one of Minnesota’s warmer winter climates. Minnetonka is notorious for receiving an abundance of snow. When moving to Minnetonka, you can expect nearly 53 inches of snowfall per year. December has historically been the snowiest month with an average snowfall of 12.8 inches. This city is one of Minnesota’s snowiest, with seven months out of the year receiving a significant amount of snowfall. In Minnetonka, it could start snowing as early as October and last throughout April, so be sure to keep your snow gear handy.

Minnetonka gets less rain than the national average but more rain than the Minnesota state average. Annually, you can expect around 32 inches of rainfall per year, making Minnetonka one of the wettest cities throughout the state of Minnesota. June tends to be the wettest month with an average rainfall of 4.4 inches, and February tends to be the driest month with an average rainfall of 0.8 inches. In Minnetonka, the wettest season is Autumn, which receives 39% of the city’s yearly precipitation. Only 9% of Minnetonka’s annual precipitation occurs in the Spring, making it the city’s driest season.

Aside from the cold temperatures, snow, and rain, Minnetonka is quite comfortable in the summer. July is the city’s hottest month with an average high temperature of 83 degrees. This is higher than the typical Minnesota city, giving Minnetonka one of Minnesota’s warmer summer climates. On average, there are nearly eight days where the high temperature exceeds 90 degrees. When comparing this with other Minnesotan cities, it is about average. Historically, the most pleasant months are June, July, and August, which average high temperatures ranging from 70 to 85 degrees.

With such variable weather patterns, residents could benefit from storing their seasonal items in climate-controlled storage containers.

Minnetonka​ Cost of Living

Minnetonka’s cost of living index falls at 115 whereas the United States has a baseline cost of living index falling at 100. This means that it is generally more expensive to live in Minnetonka when compared to the average United States city. The poverty rate in this city falls at 4.74%. The median price of a home in this area is $340,000. Housing in this city plays one of the most significant roles in determining its cost of living index. The average annual household income is $129,614 in Minnetonka. In general, the cost of housing, groceries, transportation, and utilities is more expensive in this city when compared with the average Minnesota city as well as the average United States city. However, the cost of healthcare is less costly in Minnetonka than it is in the typical Minnesota and United States cities.

Minnetonka has a sales tax rate of 7.5%, which is only 0.2% greater than the United States average of 7.3%. The income tax rate is 7.1%, which significantly exceeds that of the average United States city whose income tax rate is only 4.6%.

Minnetonka​ Economy

Minnetonka has experienced a job market increase of 1.8% in the past year. The city has a predicted future job growth of 38.4%, which exceeds the national average prediction of 33.5% by 4.9%. With these statistics, Minnetonka is an ideal city to find employment. Their unemployment rate is only 2.3%, which is less than the average United States city, whose unemployment rate falls around 3.9%. Some of the city’s largest industries include professional, scientific, and technical services, retail trade, and healthcare and social assistance. Among the city’s highest paying industries are mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction, agriculture, forestry, and fishing and hunting. Minnetonka has a labor force participation rate of 68.68% and an employment rate of 66.4%.

Minnetonka Neighborhoods​

Being just miles away from Minneapolis, the neighborhoods of Minnetonka provide residents with a suburban lifestyle while integrating an urban vibe. Minnetonka fosters a safe and inviting community that is great for raising children. Throughout the city, you will find five community parks and 44 neighborhood parks. The city’s first park, Gro Tonka, was established in 1959 and remains as part of the community today. Each of Minnetonka’s parks is well maintained as they receive routine inspections, repairs, and landscaping. Aside from the various parks, Minnetonka also has 90 miles of hiking/biking trails and sidewalk. Of those 90 miles, 81 are kept well maintained all year round. Dogs are also welcome to enjoy the trails as long as they are kept on a leash.

Minnetonka Safety

Minnetonka fosters a very safe and inviting community that is suitable for raising a family. The city’s crime rates are 39% lower than the national average, with the violent crime rate being 86% lower than the average United States city. Minnetonka is considered to be 57% safer than other cities throughout the state of Minnesota and 70% safer than cities across the United States. However, in recent years, crime has increased by 2%. Despite this, the chances of a city resident being involved in violent crime are only 1 in 1,914. To put this into perspective, you have less than a 0.06% chance of being a victim of violent crime in Minnetonka.

Minnetonka Schools​

The Minnetonka Public School District 276 is made up of nine public schools. There is a total of six elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school. The public schools spend about $15,978 per student, which exceeds the United States average by almost $3,600. These schools have an average student to teacher ratio of 16:1. The Minnetonka School District is highly rated among the community. 99% of parents rate the education provided by these schools as good or excellent. 94% of parents agree that the Minnetonka community receives excellent value in their investment in the local public school district.

Minnetonka High School is said to be the top public high school in the state of Minnesota. This school has a 97% graduation rate, which significantly surpasses the state average of 83%. Nearly 46% of the student body is enrolled in advanced placement courses, which offers higher education learning opportunities. It also puts students one step ahead of their peers to better prepare them for the future ahead. At Minnetonka High School, 78% of students are proficient in reading, and 70% are proficient in math. The school’s average ACT exam score is 27.7, which exceeds Minnesota’s state average of 21.3 and the United States average of 20.8. Not only is Minnetonka High School a great education facility, but its athletic program is among the best in the state. In fact, this school has been rated the number one public school for athletes out of 663 schools in Minnesota.

The Minnetonka Middle Schools East and West offer education from sixth to eighth grade. These schools, along with the public elementary schools, serve children in Minnetonka and the surrounding communities. These include Eden Prairie, Chanhassen, Deephaven, Excelsior, Greenwood, Shorewood, Tonka Bay, Victoria, and Woodland. The schools in this district are known to hold a good reputation and provide students with the knowledge necessary to succeed in the future ahead.

Minnetonka Entertainment

When moving to Minnetonka, one attraction you can’t pass up is Lake Minnetonka. This 23 square mile body of water serves as Minnesota’s ninth-largest lake. It draws in tourists from all over the nation and is a popular spot among boaters, fishers, and sailors alike. Surrounding the lake, you will find a variety of restaurants, parks, shopping, and four active yacht clubs. Throughout the year, the city hosts a number of different fairs and festivals around the lake, which are great opportunities for family-fun. Lake Minnetonka is well-known for its magnificent real estate. The mansions that line the shores of the lake are some of the best in Minneapolis and are popular spectacles for sightseeing.

Not far from the city of Minnetonka, you will find Bunker Indoor Golf Center. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or just starting, this place gives everyone the opportunity to practice on their 12 state-of-the-art widescreen simulators.  Since much of the year in Minnetonka is cold and snowy, Bunker Indoor Golf allows players to stay on top of their golf game all year round. Visitors have the chance to pick what course they want to play, including some of the world’s best and most challenging. Among these include Pebble Beach, St. Andrew’s, Torrey Pines, and more. If you are not looking to play a round, you can use the simulators to practice. Each screen is programmed with a driving range, chipping and putting green. The technology used by Bunker Indoor Golf Center is even trusted by golf professionals such as Tiger Woods and Jordan Speith.

Minnetonka Cuisine​

Whether you have a taste for authentic Mediterranean cuisine, American homestyle cooking, or Italian, the restaurants of Minnetonka have you covered. With so many great places to choose from, this city has dining options to suit any and every appetite.

Bacio is the place to go when you can’t decide on what style of food you have a taste for. Their menu features authentic Italian, Asian, and Mediterranean cuisine that is made from scratch and always served fresh. Their menu also caters to vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free diets. Bacio also supports local businesses by sourcing their ingredients from farms in the area.

For traditional Greek cuisine in Minnetonka, Christo’s is the place to go. Their menu includes all the Mediterranean favorites, including gyros, pastitsio, dolmades, and more. However, if you do not have a taste for Greek cooking, their menu also has select American options such as cheeseburgers, seafood, and chicken. Having won dozens of awards and received recognition on multiple accounts, Christo’s holds a highly reputable name. It has been named by City Pages, the best Greek restaurant in the twin cities area year after year, and Christo’s was Lake Minnetonka Magazine’s 2010 best place to try something new.

A local favorite is Ike’s Minnetonka Restaurant. This American style steakhouse offers guests a dining experience unlike any other in the city. Their menu features American favorites that will keep you coming back for more. They also cater to gluten-free and vegetarian diets. Be sure to stop in to try one of their mouthwatering burgers or enjoy their expansive wine menu during a happy hour. They even serve brunch on Sundays.

Making the Move to Minnetonka

The city of Minnetonka has so much to offer for its residents. From the beautiful scenery to the great dining and entertainment options, Minnetonka has something to offer for everybody. Moving to Minnetonka, Minnesota is made easy with the help of local moving companies and portable storage containers for rent in the Minneapolis suburbs.

MI-BOX Self-Storage Minnetonka

Self-Storage Minnetonka, Minnesota
Security - MI-BOX self-storage units ensure your belongings' safety
Timeliness - On-time delivery, reliably bringing self-storage to you
Flexibility - Load your containers at your own pace, with no time limits
Convenience - Keep your items right outside your home or business
Accessibility - FREE access to your containers in our warehouse
Save Time - Eliminate multiple trips to-and-from self-storage lockers
Save Money - Guaranteed rates, forget gas or truck rental charges

Self Storage Minnetonka Fun Facts

The self storage industry is highly fragmented, with 18% being owed by the six largest companies, 9 % owned by the next top 100 and 73% owned by small operators.

There is about 1.7 billion sq. ft. of rent-able self storage space in the US. Enough for every man, woman and child in the US to stand under.

No Call Centers - Talk to a Local Expert

MI-BOX Mobile Storage locations are locally owned and operated. We don't use call centers, ever.  You will always talk directly to a real, live, local professional  in your area. Providing cost effective solutions, understanding our customers needs and delivering exceptional service is what sets us apart. Experience the MI-BOX difference by calling MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving in Minnetonka today. 

Storage that is Safe and Secure

MI-BOX has been manufacturing our own self-storage containers since 2004. Weather resistant and tough, our mobile containers have been tested from coast to coast in the U.S. and Canada for years to ensure the safety of your valuables. With quality portable containers and the most trusted brand name in the storage industry, look to MI-BOX Minnetonka to meet your storage needs. 

​Protect your Belongings from Damage

MI-BOX Moving & Mobile Storage in Minnetonka uses our patented Level Lift System that gently places each storage unit in more places with greater ease than any other container storage company. Your storage container and contents are kept level at all times, protecting them from damage. MI-BOX uses the longest lasting, most durable storage containers available, ensuring your valuables are protected.

Get the Service you Deserve

MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving dealers are owned and operated by hard working families in your area. All dealers use MI-BOX containers and our patented Level Lift System to ensure a quality experience every time. You're guaranteed to get the best possible prices and service from people who want to earn your business. Experience the difference - rent your next storage container from MI-BOX.

Store On-Site at Your location

Storage containers delivered to your door
Convenient mobile storage access 24/7
Secure storage - lockable roll up doors
Weather resistant portable storage
Great for remodeling projects
Organizing garages and seasonal items
Temporary storage at your business
Staging your home for sale
Minnetonka Storage & Moving by MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving

Minnetonka Moving, Storage, and So Much More 

MI-BOX Moving & Mobile Storage containers are great for so many things! It's more than just moving - rely on MI-BOX for all of your mobile storage needs. Short-term or long-term, personal or professional, MI-BOX of Minnetonka is here for you. Perhaps you're working on the restoration or remodeling of your home, a business in need of extra space for inventory, or facing a daunting organization project. We can help! Look to MI-BOX in Minnetonka for the flexible, portable storage you need.

Disaster Restoration in Minnetonka

Disaster can strike your home at any moment, with little or no warning, leaving it unprotected. Whether it be fire, storm or flood, MI-BOX is here to help. We can provide secure, on-site storage for your belongings, while the professionals focus on restoring your home

Garage Makeovers in Minnetonka

Let us deliver a secure, weather resistant 8', 16' or 20' mobile storage container right to your home. Load it at a short distance and lock it up when you're away. Your tools, bicycles, and lawn equipment won't hinder you throughout the project, and will remain nearby, safe and easily accessible to you.

Remodeling Projects in Minnetonka

Use a MI-BOX portable storage unit to store your belongings during remodeling projects. Focus on flooring and painting, without squeezing past furniture or moving your items from room-to-room. Don't allow dust to seep into your upholstery. Look to MI-BOX for your remodeling solutions.

MI-BOX Portable Storage Containers Minnetonka

Compare MI-BOX to PODS® in Minnetonka

With MI-BOX, you’re guaranteed to get the best possible service and prices for all your moving and storage needs. But don’t take our word for it - go to the sites of PODS®, U-Haul®, and our other mobile storage competitors and compare them for yourself. Consider our secure containers, patented delivery system, guaranteed prices, and the flexibility MI-BOX delivers. Think about it. No loading ramps, no trucks to rent, no time restraints. We know you have options, so we're constantly striving to make MI-BOX in Minnetonka, Minnesota​ the best choice for all your moving and storage needs. If you have any questions, please call and talk to us directly. MI-BOX Moving & Storage in Minnetonka, Minnesota is locally owned and operated. You'll always talk directly to our highly trained operations manager who is here to help.


Some customers use the term "pod" referring to any portable storage container because PODS® popularized the concept of portable storage.  However, PODS® and "pod" are registered trademarks of PODS Enterprises, Inc, which MI-BOX is not affiliated with.  The generic terms used in the storage industry are either "mobile storage containers" or "portable storage containers," but don't worry - we'll know what you mean.

PODS® is a registered trademark for PODS Enterprises, Inc and U-Haul® is a registered trademark of U-Haul International, Inc. MI-BOX® not sponsored by, or affiliated with, any of these competitors.


MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving in Minnetonka, Minnesota is locally owned and operated. From your first call or online quote, you'll experience the difference personalized service makes. With one point of contact, you'll always be on top of things. You'll get convenient moving and storage solutions, on-time delivery and more choices in Minnetonka at the best prices.

MI-BOX® offers 8', 16' and 20' moving and storage containers.  PODS®  does not have 20' units. Compare MI-BOX® to PODS® today.

MI-BOX vs PODS® Minnetonka, Minnesota

MI-BOX® Level Lift System

MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving in Minnetonka delivers portable storage containers using our patented Level Lift System. There is no tilting required, which protects your belongings and driveway. We maintain a level load while loading, unloading or transporting to ensure stored goods do not shift. The Level Lift System also enables us to have the smallest footprint possible and a very low clearance height. We can deliver on any surface - unpaved, inclined or declined. Snow or rain are no problem for the MI-BOX Level Lift System. It gently sets each portable storage container precisely where you'd like it and picks it up without ever leaving a trace. It's the most efficient container delivery system available.

Moving and Storage Delivered

Only MI-BOX dealers use our patented, industry exclusive Level Lift System. With it, we can do what the others can't. MI-BOX delivers containers to more places than any other mobile storage competitor. It's safe, easy and it's designed to protect your contents inside. Rest easy knowing your items are stored exactly how you packed them. 

The MI-BOX Level Lift System is in a class of its own. It allows for faster deliveries which keeps you and your move on time. It only takes about 5 minutes to drop off or pick up a mobile storage container. Our drivers operate the system with a watchful eye via remote control, resulting in more reliable deliveries.

See for yourself how the MI-BOX Level Lift System works.