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Nigadoo Mobile Storage

In the case, where you are in need of business Storage, building Storage, or home storage, mobile storage in Nigadoo may end up being the transportable storage option you've been searching for. Notwithstanding your particular needs, for short-term or permanent or on-site storage MI-BOX works with you from the beginning of your project to the end of your mobile storage needs. This really is mobile storage, therefore we come to where you are. Homeowners, companies, merchants and authorities understand that MI-BOX may be the greatest option for storage solutions.

Mobile storage is a more modern way of moving. You load the unit at your own personal pace then we will return and transfer it to your new residence or any location you like, once you are prepared. Maintaining your company’s vitality means protecting your merchandise, supplies and valuable equipment from vandalism, robbery, extreme weather and much more. No need to lease a moving truck and endure multiple trips back and forth to a self-storage facility in Nigadoo, New Brunswick. Nothing is simpler than utilizing our mobile storage units to manage your storage needs and move.

Companies in a variety of industries experience events that demand the need for extra storage space Restoration projects or office de-cluttering along with storing seasonal inventory on a short term basis, may be dealt with via using MI-BOX Mobile storage containers. Numerous sizes are on hand to suit small places or big spaces. Specially designed secure doors may protect your content from climate, unauthorized entrance.

MI-BOX storage units are 16 ft. long. The units can be combined to provide any amount of storage space required. MI-BOX mobile storage units are durable and will protect the contents from the elements. They are constructed of Dura Plate walls with a sealed roof. The hot dipped, galvanized structural steel frames are rust resistant and won’t stain driveways or other platforms. They are equipped with lockable, roll down doors for easy access and secure storage of belongings. Our Levelift System ensures that the storage units remain level throughout transport and delivery. This reduces the probability of damaging the contents.MI-BOX guarantees on time delivery of mobile storage units. They can be rented from month to month and kept as long as needed. 

Great For
  • Extra Storage at your Home or Business
  • Home Renovations
  • Home Staging
  • Water or Fire Restoration 
  • On-site material storage for Contractors 
  • Seasonal Storage

Nigadoo Moving Companies

Johnson Moving and Storage has been providing quality service since 1954. With over 50 years of experience they have the knowledge and skills to provide you with an easy stress free move. 

An experienced staff of packers, loaders and van foremen ensure the move is managed efficiently to make it a positive experience. Each item is handled with care, wrapped and loaded carefully into our specialized, fully equipped moving trucks. We offer a variety of truck sizes to accommodate your local or long distance moves. 

  • Packing
  • Local & Long Distance Moving
  • Commercial Office Move
  • Furniture Storage
  • Warehousing & Delivery Service
  • Mobile Storage Loading Service

Nigadoo Self Storage

When leaving college during the summertime or selling your house, locating a short-term spot to keep your possessions is challenging task. Evaluating costs and calling around may become a huge hassle, particularly in cases where you want to locate a place fast. With MI-BOX, it is possible to sort through self storage units by size, location and cost. Simply reserve the unit you want in Nigadoo and choose your move in date and we will have your unit ready when you need it. It's just that simple!

If you need a simple cost effective solution to store your belongings and keep them safe from the elements, the MI-BOX Mobile Storage unit is perfect for you.  When you order a MI-BOX Self Storage unit we will deliver it to your doorstep at the time you arrange.  At your own pace you can now pack your belongings and once completed you can schedule for a pickup.  MI-BOX can either store your container at our secure facility or deliver it to your new location, Or just keep it at your property.

MI-BOX self-storage centers can provide storage for residents of condominiums or apartments who have limited space. The self-storage centers are also great for real estate agents or investors who stage properties and need a place to store furnishings between showings. They can also provide short term storage between moves. Special event coordinators will also find them handy for storing items following the occasion. MI-BOX self-storage is great for businesses that need storage for inventory or supplies. MI-BOX has many convenient locations with easy access

MI-BOX self-storage facilities are safe and secure. A trained and professional staff is available to provide assistance. The facilities are clean, well lit and spacious. The storage area is also climate controlled to keep belongings dry. MI-BOX self-storage centers provide safe storage. Only the customer has a key to access their container. The storage facility provides drive in and out access to make reaching containers easy. A staging area is also provided where vehicles can be pulled in out of the rain, snow or heat while loading or unloading. A container inventory and management system is available to help organize and track the contents. MI-BOX self-storage facilities provide a safe, clean environment for storing belongings with easy access. Your container is locked and protected inside a secure facility. 

  • Delivered to you
  • Loaded by you 
  • On your schedule
  • NO Rental Truck required
  • NO need to load and unload multiple times
  • Simply, Safe, and Easy

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