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Okotoks AB

Okotoks, AB Self Storage

Look to MI-BOX Self Storage in Okotoks, AB for the best self storage units. Personalized service and great prices are what you can expect from MI-BOX Self Storage. We're locally owned and operated and our business depends on keeping you a satisfied customer.

MI-BOX Self Storage is the most convenient way to store just about anything. We rent 8 ft., 16 ft., and 20 ft. portable storage units and have inside climate controlled self storage space for the great folks in Okotoks and the Calgary Region. Best of all, our portable storage units get delivered right to your home or business. You don't even have to leave home.

Self storage is convenient and affordable. Since MI-BOX delivers each self storage unit to you, there is no need to rent a U-Haul or moving truck. There are no time constraints because each storage unit rents by the month, just like any other public storage space. You only need to rent the space you need. Combine any size storage container to get the space you need. With the added convenience of the unit sitting outside on your driveway, you can take your time and load it when your busy schedule allows.

Each self storage unit is delivered with care. MI-BOX Self Storage uses our patented Level Lift System which keeps your storage unit and contents level at all times. Protecting your household goods during each step is essential to a good experience. Only MI-BOX can deliver that kind of service. 

Get the self storage space you need. Get the prices you deserve. Get the service you desire. 

GET MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving in Okotoks.

We Make Moving & Storage Easy

MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving Okotoks, AB

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Okotoks, AB Moving Companies

MI-BOX Moving & Mobile Storage services Okotoks and the Calgary Region of Alberta. We're a locally owned and operated moving company so you're guaranteed to get the best prices and serivce. Our business depends on satisfied customers. Referrals are the biggest source of our business. We will treat you and your family like a member of ours.

Moving doesn't have to be stressful. MI-BOX moving containers can take much of the stress away. They give you time to sort through your household belongings. You can load anything you want into our moving contaners while they sit outside in your driveway. There are no time constraints so you can load when it's convenient for you. 

Sell your home faster and for more money. All realtors and home staging companies agree that a clutter-free home is easier to sell and for top dollar. Use MI-BOX moving containers to pre-pack and get rid of extra items in your garage or basement so your home shows the best. 

Save time and money on moving. MI-BOX will deliver the moving units right to your home in Okotoks, High River, Airdrie, Chestermere, Cochrane or anywhere in the Calgary Region. You can load them yourself or we can arrange for professional movers to do it for you. You can move in one day, a week, a month or when ever it's convenient for you. By loading some or all of your household belongings yourself, you can save big money on your next move.

Guaranteed prices and service. MI-BOX Moving Company will give you one guaranteed price on any of our moving services. Most movers in Okotoks will only give you an estimate until your entire house is loaded on their truck. Only then can they give you an actual price because most moving companies in Canada are required to charge you by the total weight. Not MI-BOX. We give you one price that is guaranteed. So make your next move with the most reputable name in the moving business. Make it with MI-BOX Moving & Mobile Storage.

We Deliver - You Load - We Move & Store

MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving Okotoks, Alberta

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Okotoks Farm and Ranch Storage Containers

Maybe you would like to create some extra revenue to help boost income during those winter months? You have land, why not create a little self storage business of your own? We can send you as many mobile storage containers as you would like. Set them up on your land and rent them out to neighbours or people from the surrounding community for a profit. They cost nothing to maintain and are visually appealing. Especially compared to the rusty decommissioned sea containers or old truck boxes you see on many properties. Keep your property looking great while putting more money in your pocket.

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Stay up to date with the latest moving and storage specials and news in Okotoks, AB by visiting our social media sites. MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving Alberta, Canada is listed on Google+, Facebook, Twitter and check out our videos on Youtube. We encourage our users to give us their feedback, comments and post photos of your moving and storage experiences. WSee what others in Okotoks and the Calgary Region are saying about the most convenient way to move and store. 
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We Make Moving & Storage Easy

MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving Okotoks, AB

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See how MI-BOX Works

See how MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving can help with your moving and storage needs in Okotoks and the greater Calgary region.

Okotoks Mobile Storage

Okotoks, AB Mobile Storage Containers

MI-BOX Mobile Storage containers are changing the way you think about self storage and moving in Okotoks, Alberta and the rest of Canada. Why handle your storage items numerous times, shuttling back and forth from a self storage locker you have rented far away from your home or business? Renting or borrowing a truck and pestering friends and family loading and unloading a storage locker, knowing that in just a few months time you will have to repeat the process over again. 

MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving will deliver your choice of an 8', 16', or a 20' mobile storage unit right to the door of your home or business. You have the option of keeping the mobile storage unit on-site, or sending it back to our climate controlled storage facility for safe keeping. You only have to handle your items for one load and one unload. We will also grant you FREE access to your belongings so you can anything you need out of the Calgary weather. Just call us and we'll have your mobile storage unit ready for access inside our warehouse. You can drive right up to it and get anything you need free of charge.

MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving only supplies top quality portable storage units. Constructed with DURA-PLATE technology, you can be rest assured our mobile storage units can withstand any of the extreme weather conditions our province can throw at them. All while keeping your valuables safe and secure. They can be kept outside indefinitely or kept inside our warehouse.

 The patented MI-BOX Level Lift System will also ensure your items remain exactly how you packed them. Because our system always keeps your items level you do not have to worry about load shifting. There is no tilting required. The Level Lift System also allows MI-BOX to get into those hard to reach areas by requiring a very small footprint for loading and unloading the mobile storage unit. We also keep your property safe. Our system lifts straight up and down, and gently places the mobile storage unit, no dragging or skidding required.

So why not use the most trusted brand name in moving and storage to ensure hassle free moving and self storage?  MI-BOX West is locally owned and operated and you're always guaranteed to get the best prices and service in Okotoks, AB. 

We Make Mobile Storage & Moving Easy

MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving Okotoks, AB

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Okotoks Portable Storage Containers

Okotoks, AB Portable Storage Containers

MI-BOX Portable Storage Containers Okotoks, AB 

Farming and Ranching is the heartbeat of Okotoks. It is so valuable to work as a community and keep our local industries strong. That’s why MI-BOX is the perfect solution to economically store equipment, small tractors, parts, farming implements, ATV’s, snow mobiles, engines and more. Think of it as being able to add valuable shop space at a very minimal cost. Purchase or rent, it's your choice.  

How it Works

You have the option to store your belongings on site, or back in the MI-BOX secure storage facility with 8', 16', or 20’ portable storage containers. Units are rented monthly so there is no added stress by having to meet unreasonable rental deadlines or pay premiums for certain dates. 

Renting or buying a portable storage container is simple. If you prefer to deal with someone directly, we have local customer service representatives ready to help.  You can also use the easy online booking to reserve a unit for delivery. Moving has become so much easier now that the storage unit can come to you! 

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The Technology

MI-BOX portable storage containers are a perfect design for the farming and ranching application. They are constructed with the very best in DURA-PLATE technology, a secure, lightweight, rust-free material that can withstand the harsh weather and ground conditions you find out on your property.  With the most durable mobile storage containers in the industry, you can rest assured that your valuables are safe and sound.  Hail, wind, extreme rain, or blowing snow is no match for our top quality units.

The patented MI-BOX Level Lift System also means that we will be able to place your portable storage container in even the tightest spaces. This system allows us to keep your load level at all times with no tilting required. The Level Lift System also allows for minimal impact on the property it is placed on, there is no sliding or scraping along your property.

Customers First 

The MI-BOX team is focused on offering only value based solutions, options and flexibility. Our delivery trucks are always punctual. If a situation arises where our truck driver falls behind in his delivery time frames, you will be able to speak directly with the driver himself. You can keep well informed of his progress, and will not be forced to waste time waiting for a truck to show up that never does. We understand that your time is valuable too!

100% Guaranteed Service