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Petit-Rocher Mobile Self Storage

Whether it's you, or your belongings that need to move, there is an affordable system in the Petit-Rocher, NB area. MI-BOX offers an easy solution to your storage needs with their safe, secure, and portable storage units. There's no need to rent storage space away from your home, office, or facility. You'll never have to drive across town to retrieve anything from your storage unit, and you'll never need to hire another moving truck. You can rent a single unit, or rent multiple units, and pay a monthly fee as you would with a traditional storage facility. 

With portable storage units that are 16'ft in lenght, MI-BOX allows you to store all of your items right there on your own property. You simply pay the monthly rent as you would with a traditional storage facility, with all the convenience of having your own storage facility on-site. A simple phone call brings the Petit-Rocher Moving & Storage truck to your location with your personal storage unit. You'll never have to hire another moving van, or be miles away from your storage items.

By having your items stored in your own mobile storage unit on your property, you'll have less fear of criminal damage, burglary, or arson. You'll have 24/7 access to your storage items, and can arrange for larger or smaller units as needed. You can even request additional units for even more storage space. When you're finished with the mobile storage units, you simply call and the truck returns to remove them for you. The MI-BOX mobile storage units are available through your local Petit-Rocher Moving & Storage company, Johnson Moving & Storage. Trained service representatives can answer all of the questions or concerns you have about mobile storage units, and are looking forward to meeting your storage needs.

Great For
  • Extra Storage at your Home or Business
  • Home Renovations
  • Home Staging
  • Water or Fire Restoration 
  • On-site material storage for Contractors 
  • Seasonal Storage

Petit-Rocher Moving Companies

Johnson Moving and Storage has been providing quality service since 1954. With over 50 years of experience they have the knowledge and skills to provide you with an easy stress free move. 

An experienced staff of packers, loaders and van foremen ensure the move is managed efficiently to make it a positive experience. Each item is handled with care, wrapped and loaded carefully into our specialized, fully equipped moving trucks. We offer a variety of truck sizes to accommodate your local or long distance moves. 

  • Packing
  • Local & Long Distance Moving
  • Commercial Office Move
  • Furniture Storage
  • Warehousing & Delivery Service
  • Mobile Storage Loading Service

Petit-Rocher Self Storage

You think of self-storage, it's likely you remember a past experience with a dimly lit storage facility on the outskirts of town that you hated to drive to. The revolutionary MI-BOX mobile self-storage system has alleviated this hassle for good! You can now rent a single self-storage unit and have it placed on your own property, or stored in a secure storage center. This option allows you the freedom to slowly work on loading your storage unit, right there at your current location, then having it transported for you to a safe and secure storage center. The same portable self-storage unit can then be taken to your new location for unpacking later, or returned to your location any time you wish. No more driving back and forth, facing possible safety concerns at night, or being miles away from your personal belongings. 

MI-BOX self-storage facilities are safe and secure. A trained and professional staff is available to provide assistance. The facilities are clean, well lit and spacious. The storage area is also climate controlled to keep belongings dry. MI-BOX self-storage centers provide safe storage. Only the customer has a key to access their container. The storage facility provides drive in and out access to make reaching containers easy. A staging area is also provided where vehicles can be pulled in out of the rain, snow or heat while loading or unloading. A container inventory and management system is available to help organize and track the contents. MI-BOX self-storage facilities provide a safe, clean environment for storing belongings with easy access. Your container is locked and protected inside a secure facility. 

  • Delivered to you
  • Loaded by you 
  • On your schedule
  • NO Rental Truck required
  • NO need to load and unload multiple times
  • Simply, Safe, and Easy

When you need storage, and you need options, the convenience of the self-storage MI-BOX is the solution. One phone call can have the unit delivered to your home, or taken to the secure storage center. You rent the self-storage units exactly as you would a traditional self-storage unit, by the month, with the price based on unit size.

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