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Pilot Mountain Moving & Storage


Portable Storage Units in Pilot Mountain

MI-BOX portable storage units in Pilot Mountain will make your next moving and storage job much easier. One simple call is to 336-368-9636 and you'll have our portable storage units delivered to your home or business. MI-BOX will place it where its most convenient for you. There is no need to rent moving trucks. MI-BOX does all the driving for you. Take all the time you need to load anything you want to move or store into our portable storage containers. One you have it filled, MI-BOX will pick it up and deliver it to your new home or we can store it for you at our self storage location in Pilot Mountain.

MI-BOX Moving & Storage in Pilot Mountain rents 8', 16', and 20' portable storage containers. PODS® does not offer 20' portable storage units. But MI-BOX does. Compare PODS® to MI-BOX before you book your next portable storage units. Get the additional space you need. Get the convenience of having the portable storage unit right outside you home. Get the savings of not having to rent a moving truck. Get a local moving & storage company in Pilot Mountain. Get great prices and service.

Moving can be a stressful time but MI-BOX Moving & Storage in Pilot Mountain, NC can make the process much easier. Our portable storage units are delivered right to your home. We gently place each storage unit where it's most convenient for you. You can take as much time as you need to load them. Once you are done, just give us a call and we'll pick it up and store it for you at our secure self storage facility in Pilot Mountain. Each portable storage unit can be securely locked and sits at ground level for easy loading. Let MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving take some of the stress away from moving. Give us a call today.

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MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving Pilot Mountain, NC

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Pilot Mountain Moving Companies

MI-BOX Moving Company in Pilot Mountain has the most convenient and affordable moving solutions. We offer 8', 16', and 20' portable moving units that get delivered right to your home or business. You can take your time to load each moving unit or do it all in one day. Move on your time. We can also arrange for a professional moving company to load each unit for you. MI-BOX portable moving containers are safe and secure so you can keep them on your driveway or we can pick them up using our patented Level Lift System and take them back to our secure warehouse for safe keeping. MI-BOX Moving & Mobile Storage in Pilot Mountain will give you a guaranteed price on all of our moving services upfront. 

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MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving in Pilot Mountain is unlike any other moving or self storage companies. We are locally owned and operated so your guaranteed to get the best prices and service on moving and storage available anywhere in Pilot Mountain. Our business depends on providing the highest level of service at the most reasonable prices.Compare MI-BOX to PODS®.  MI-BOX Moving Company  has 8 ft. 16 ft. and 20 ft. portable storage units and moving containers that can handle any size job. Our patented Level Lift System will gently place our moving containers on your driveway for you to easily load anything at ground level. No loading ramps, No trucks to rent, and No time restraints. Take all the time you need to load them. Or, call us and we can recommend professional movers in Pilot Mountain to load your moving and storage units. Once its loaded, MI-BOX Moving & Storage will move it to your new home in North Carolina, or we can store it for you at our secure self storage facility for safe keeping. 

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MI-BOX Moving & Storage Pilot Mountain, NC

Self Storage Pilot Mountain

Self storage units in Pilot Mountain are more convenient and simple with MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving. We'll deliver self storage units right to your home anywhere in Pilot Mountain or the Foothills region of North Carolina. Our portable self storage units come in 8', 16', and 20' lengths and best of all they are delivered right to your home.

Portable Self Storage Units can give you extra time to complete any storage job when it's most convenient for you. MI-BOX is locally owned and operated by Eagle Self Storage so you're guaranteed to get the best prices and service available. We have all your self storage needs covered.

MI-BOX portable self storage units in Pilot Mountain are rented by the month, just like other storage units. Only MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving will deliver the storage units to your home for the ultimate convenience in self storage. You can take as much time as you need to load anything you would like to put into storage. Do it in a day, a week, or whenever its best for you. When you're done loading the storage units, MI-BOX will pick it up and move it to your new home anywhere in the Foothills region of North Carolina or we'll store it for you at our secure self storage facility. It's that simple. 

Rent 8 ft. 16 ft. and 20 ft. self storage containers in Pilot Mountain from MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving. They're sturdy, strong and weather resistant. So you can keep it on your site for as long as you need it. Get 24 hr. access while on your site. They're great for remodeling projects, new construction, excess inventory, or just about anything that requires extra space or storage. Self storage in Pilot Mountain has a new look and it's called MI-BOX Mobile Self Storage. It's the easiest way to store just about anything.

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MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving Pilot Mountain, NC

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Self Storage in Pilot Mountain

Pilot Mountain Self Storage

Easy and Convenient Self Storage Solutions

Self storage in Pilot Mountain just keeps getting better. Eagle Storage just added portable storage to our product line to offer our customers the newest services for self storage. Eagle Storage is proudly offering portable storage containers that provide our customers with these added services.
  • Self storage delivered right to your door
  • 8', 16', and 20' storage units for rent
  • Secure self storage containers
  • Onsite storage & climate controlled storage
  • Save valuable time and money
MI-BOX Self Storage containers rent by the month, just like any self storage space in Pilot Mountain. Only you don't need to rent moving trucks because we deliver each unit to your home our business. MI-BOX portable self storage units can sit outside your house or business for easy access. Keep it for as long as you need it. Eagle Storage rents 8', 16', and 20' MI-BOX portable self storage units. No matter what your storage needs are, Eagle Storage and MI-BOX has the most economical and convenient solutions. Big or small, we can do it all.

Eagle Storage units are designed to be durable, safe, conveniently located, well-lit and accessible 7 days a week. At Eagle Storage, we offer a wide range of sizes to choose from. Flexible lease terms, computerized gates, personal access codes and convenient credit card payments.

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Moving - Storage and More

Mobile storage units from MI-BOX are great for more than just moving!

Fire/Flood/Storm Restoration

Disaster can strike your home with little or no warning, leaving the contents of your home in Pilot Mountain unprotected. MI-BOX can help by providing secure, on-site storage for your belongings while the professionals work on restoring your home.


Use a MI-BOX portable storage container in Pilot Mountain to store your belongings during remodeling projects such as:
  • flooring or painting projects that you’d like to work on without moving your furniture from room to room
  • remodeling projects that generate dust (such as grinding/cutting wood, tile, particle board, etc.) that you don’t want seeping down into your upholstered furniture
  • kitchen or single room projects that you’d like to work on without constantly squeezing by and stepping over the contents of the room being remodeled

Garage Makeovers

Let us deliver a secure, weatherproof 16′ container to your home in Pilot Mountain. Then load it just by walking from the garage to the container and lock it up when you will be away from it. Your tools, bicycles, lawn equipment, etc. are stored safely while you complete your project, but also close by so that you can access them conveniently.


Do you have so much stuff you’re not even know where to start? Tackle a bit at a time by storing excess belongings with MI-BOX at your home or in our warehouse. If you need professional organizational help and guidance, just ask the pros at MI-BOX in Pilot Mountain.

Inventory Control

  • Are you a contractor? Consider using MI-BOX mobile storage for your next project so that you can keep your materials and equipment on-site and secure. Keep your tools and other equipment safe while working on a job site — no need to transport everything back-and-forth each day.
  • Store excess inventory on-site — this is especially useful for seasonal businesses and events that have periods of a few weeks or months where a much larger than normal inventory is required.
  • Off-season storage — if you re-use many of the same things for each event and need to store them during the non-event seasons, let us store your mobile storage container in our secure warehouse and bring it to you when needed— save yourself the cost and hassle of multiple trips to a self-storage unit.

MI-BOX vs PODS® in Pilot Mountain

Can I Rent a "Storage Pod" from MI-BOX?

Some customers use the term "pod" generically for any portable storage container because PODS® popularized the concept of portable storage.
However, PODS® and pod are a registered trademark of PODS Enterprises, LLC, and MI-BOX is not affiliated with PODS Enterprises, LLC.  The generic terms used in the industry are either "mobile storage containers" or "portable storage containers," but don't worry; we'll know what you mean.

Portable Storage Units Pilot Mountain, NC

MI-BOX Mobile Storage Container Sizes

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Made in the USA, our highly secure steel framed containers are available in three sizes for your moving and storage needs. All containers are delivered using our patented LeveLift system which is designed to keep your items safe and secure during delivery and pickup. 

- 8' x 8'
- 8' x 16'
- 8' x 20'

- Durable Steel Frame
- Weatherproof watertight design
- Secure, high quality roll-up door
- Solid construction eliminating sun, rain, ice and sleet damage

Pilot Mountain Portable Storage Containers

MI-BOX Portable Storage Containers Pilot Mountain

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Based on the exterior size. Container dimensions are approximate.

Why MI-Box?

Locally Owned and Operated

  • MI-Box of the Foothills is locally owned and operated. They are committed to providing superior customer care, along with safe and secure storage at an affordable price.

Easy and Convenient

  • Let MI-BOX do the driving - storage containers are delivered right to your door. And you load them on your own time, at your own pace. We can even provide packing materials.

Secure, Sturdy Containers

  • MI-BOX containers are constructed of durable composite wall panels on a steel subframe with a sealed roof ensuring your belongings are safe and well-protected.

Price Match the Competition

  • Call us to price match the competition. We'll help you get the best box for your buck!

No Delivery Charge

  • Bring your stuff to our secure facility and skip the delivery charge. Load/unload free in our parking lot and we'll store the container.

MI-BOX Videos Across North America

MI-BOX is known throughout North America for providing excellent customer service while using the best products for for portable storage and moving. Our patented Level Lift System ensures your valuables are kept safe and secure. All MI-BOX dealers are locally owned and operated, so you'll always get the best possible prices and the service you deserve.

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