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Priddis AB

Priddis, AB Self Storage

MI-BOX Mobile Self Storage in Priddis, Alberta takes the hassles out of moving and storage. We deliver the self storage unit right to you. You take your time to load it. Then, MI-BOX will pick it up and store it for you inside our climate controlled self storage warehouse. Or, you can keep the storage unit on your property for easy access.

MI-BOX Self Storage is Convenient. Because we do all the driving for you, you don't need to rent a U-Haul or moving truck. Gone are the days of making several trips back and forth to your mini storage unit. The self storage container is gently places at your property for the ultimate convenience.

MI-BOX Self Storage is Affordable. We have 8', 16' and 20' storage space for rent. So you only need to rent the space you need. We can deliver as many storage units as you need and you can choose any combination of sizes to fit your needs and budget. Big or small - We can do it all.

MI-BOX Self Storage Gives You Time. All storage units are rented by the month, just like regular public storage facilities in Priddis. Only you don't need to waste time renting a truck, calling friends or family to help, going up and down elevators only to do it all again when you're done storing. MI-BOX units sit right outside your home or business. You can load them whenever you have the time. When your done, we'll pick it up and store it for you at our secure self storage facility.

MI-BOX Self Storage is locally owned and operated. You'll speak directly to the owner who guarantees to give you the best prices and service. So, if you're in need of self storage in Priddis or the Calgary Region, let MI-BOX Self Storage earn your business.

We Make Moving & Storage Easy

MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving Priddis,Alberta

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Priddis, AB Moving & Storage

Moving to or from Priddis, AB doesn't have to be a hassle. MI-BOX Moving & Storage has convenient and affordable solutions for any size move. We'll deliver a moving container right to your home. You can take as much time as you need to load it. Or we can arrange professional loading services to do it for you. When done, MI-BOX will move you anywhere in the Calgary Region or store your belongings inside our climate controlled warehouse for safe keeping.

MI-BOX Moving & Storage is hassle free moving. We're a locally owned and operated moving company. Our business depends on delivering exceptional service at great prices... every time. You'll get one guaranteed price and we'll show up on time. Our moving trucks and containers are clean, dry and secure. One call is all it takes. We Make Moving & Storage Simple.

MI-BOX Moving & Storage has solutions. No matter if you are moving from an apartment, condo, house, or business. MI-BOX has the best options in all of Priddis. We have 8', 16', and 20' moving containers that will fit any size job. All moving bins are delivered right to you using our patented Level Lift System. It gently places each bin on your driveway and keeps your contents level throughout the delivery and pick up process. Protecting your valuables from shifting and never leaving a trace we were there ensures a smooth move.

MI-BOX Moving Company gives you options. Not all moves are the same. Different needs must be met and we get it. If you find yourself overwhelmed with your moving situation, we have cost effective options. Need a place to store your goods because your new house isn't ready yet? MI-BOX can keep your stuff safe and secure inside our climate controlled warehouse. Need to sell your house fast? Use our moving storage containers to clean up the clutter. Did you know all home staging companies and realtors agree that a clutter free home sells faster and for more money. No matter what your situation is, MI-BOX has you covered.

MI-BOX Makes Moving & Storage Easy

MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving Priddis, AB

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Farm & Ranch Storage Containers

Help boost income during the winter months by creating a little self storage business of your own. The mobile containers have no maintenance costs and are also visually appealing. We simply work with you to set up the desired amount of mobile storage containers, and you rent them to the people in the surrounding community. Keep your property looking great while putting more money in your pocket. 

MI-BOX is also innovating the way billboard advertising is done. Take advantage of a MI-BOX partnership by using non-branded mobile storage units. They're perfect for your company logo or real estate signage to be applied. It looks great and you can change the location with a simple phone call. 

If you are open to becoming business partners, please e-mail us or speak to one of our customer service representatives to get started. 

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MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving is locally owned and operated. We understand the needs of our customers in Priddis, Alberta the Calgary Region, We encourage our customers and potential customers to visit our social media links on Google+, Facebook, Twitter. You can also see videos of MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving on Youtube. 

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We Make Moving & Storage Easy

MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving Priddis, AB

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See how MI-BOX Works

See how MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving works in Priddis, Alberta.

Priddis Mobile Storage Containers

Priddis is a beautiful hamlet west of Calgary sitting in the heart of ranching country. Full of luxury homes, spectacular golf courses, and expansive properties, the people of Priddis expect good service and privacy - which doesn't usually come cheap. With MI-BOX Mobile Storage containers security, accessibility, and great customer service are always guaranteed at no extra cost. 

The MI-BOX Advantage

What you really need is to make life a little more simple. Why handle your storage items multiple times, driving back and forth from a self storage unit you have rented? Do you really want to rent or borrow a truck and pester friends and family loading and unloading a storage locker, knowing that in a few months you will have to repeat the process?

MI-BOX delivers your choice of an 8', 16' or 20' storage unit right to your front door. Keep the mobile storage container on site at your home or business, or send it back to our secure storage facility. You only have to handle your items for one load and one unload. Now doesn't that make a little more sense?

Mobile storage containers are also known as portable storage containers, units, bins, cubes to mention a few. Not are created equal. Companies like Big Steel Box use sea cans which are much heavier and better suited for commercial job sites. They are tilted off a truck. While other companies like PODS and Cube it do provide similar services, we encourage you to experience the difference for yourself. Go to their place of business and see their mobile storage containers. Talk to them and then call MI-BOX. You'll see why we're the # 1 mobile storage company in Priddis, Calgary, Alberta and all of Canada.

Rent or Buy

The most simple of moving and storage solutions are immediately available. Portable Storage Containers are rented out on a monthly basis. This ensures that you have the flexibility and the freedom you need for your move. Units are delivered right to your door, and delivery to your specified location is always part of the package. 

Planning on buying a storage unit to remain on site? No problem. Contact Us for more details. 

100% Guaranteed Service