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Rockford Portable Storage

Rockford Portable Storage

MI-BOX portable storage and moving services provides the most convenient way to clear clutter out of your home or prepare for a move. 

MI-BOX portable storage services the greater Rockford area, and can provide mobile storage to serve your needs.

The MI-BOX storage units are designed to be placed on your property where you can fill the unit at your convenience.  Once the desired items are placed in the MI-BOX portable unit, the storage container can either stay at your site or it can be picked up by MI-BOX moving and taken to a MI-BOX storage facility until the contents are needed. 

The MI-BOX Movers handle the container with the utmost care, making sure that items are returned to the owner in the same condition as the moment they were stored.  Many people find this storage process to be much more user-friendly than trying to move multiple items on their own.

Rockford Storage

Rockfield Storage Facility

MI-BOX storage facilities are the ideal place to store your loaded MI-BOX units, and for storing:

  • Holiday decorations and seasonal items
  •  Unused medical equipment like wheelchairs, crutches and hospital style beds
  • Business storage for excess furniture, inventory and documents
  • Weatherproof storage when there is an impending natural disaster to keep items in your basement or ground floor from being damaged by flooding

MI-BOX storage facilities are protected by 24/7 video surveillance and fencing to keep personal belongings safe and secure.  Users receive a pin number that makes 24-hour MI-BOX storage access possible.  Each facility is also equipped with alarms that warn first responders of any trouble, including fire alarms and security alarms in the event of an attempted break-in or other security breach.

Rockford Moving Companies

Rockford Moving Solution

MI-BOX movers are available in Rockford, and they can help take the stress out of the moving and storage experience.  When working with MI-BOX movers, you can:

  • Let the movers pack your belongings for your move
  •  Choose the MI-BOX unit size that best fits your needs – you can choose from 8 foot, 16 foot and 20 foot sizes
  • Stage your home while your home is on the market – you can store your furniture and belongings in a MI-BOX unit during the staging process. 
  • Let the MI-BOX movers load and unload your MI-BOX portable storage unit

 The MI-BOX movers can also help you plan your move and help you best utilize your MI-BOX unit

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