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MI-BOX Moving & Mobile Storage is the most convenient way to move or store just about anything. We simplify the moving process and give you the time you need. Our portable moving containers are delivered by our patented Level Lift System and sit outside your home or place of business at ground level for easy 24/7 access. Load anything into the mobile moving container, or we can arrange a professional moving service to do it for you. Use MI-BOX to stage your home, clear clutter, and sell faster. Once the unit is full, just call us and we'll move it to your new home in Rockledge or we'll store it for you in our secure storage facility for safe keeping. Access your moving container for free. Load and unload only once, saving you effort, energy and time. We are locally owned and operated, so you are guaranteed the best prices and service available in the Rockledge region. Call now and get MI-BOX Moving.

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Our goal is to take the stress out of moving. Traditional methods of moving are simply becoming outdated. Why cram what should be a few weeks of work into a day? Call MI-BOX of Rockledge, Florida for a better way. We specialize in residential commercial moving in Florida. MI-BOX will bring your choice of a 8', 16' or 20' mobile moving container right to you. In apartment or business locations, our containers fit in a standard parking space. Load or unload at your leisure. MI-BOX Moving has helped thousands of people move. See our moving tips for helpful suggestions.

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Local Muscle Movers now have mobile storage containers. So we can do it all. From full service moving to do it yourself moves, we've got you covered. Our portable moving container pricing is determined by the size of the container and the distance we need to travel. MI-BOX of Rockledge will give you one guaranteed price on our moving services. Our goal is to make your next move simple and hassle-free.

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Storage in Rockledge is simple with MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving. MI-BOX Storage in Rockledge rents our storage containers by the month, just like other storage units in Rockledge. Only we'll deliver an 8', 12' or 16' mobile storage container to your home, where you can take your time loading. When you're done, either leave your container accessible on your site or we'll pick it up and store it in our secure warehouse. Our storage units are sturdy, weather resistant, and attractive. Keep one on your site for as long as you need it. At MI-BOX Storage in Rockledge, we pride ourselves in providing a great customer experience and the most cost-effective storage prices in Rockledge. You'll get one guaranteed price and on-time delivery. If you need self-storage in Rockledge, then MI-BOX Storage has you covered.

Rockledge Portable Storage

Other storage locations in Rockledge require you to rent a moving truck, drive back and forth to the facility, unloading and reloading your items until your mini storage unit is full. Then, when you need access to your stored belongings, you have repeat the process all over again. Not with MI-BOX of Florida. We do all the driving. MI-BOX storage containers rent by the month so you can fill it at a pace that's best for you. Forget the pressure of working with unreasonable rental deadlines, fuel charges or daily rates. Loading and unloading only once will save you time and money.

Portable Storage for Businesses

MI-BOX works with commercial businesses every day to remedy their short-term or long-term storage needs. Seasonal or permanent, we have something for you. With the price of real estate in Rockledge, this is a great way to add square footage. We understand business moves quickly and time is money, so MI-BOX goes the extra mile in Rockledge. We are locally owned and operated, so we understand the importance of delivering fast, dependable service. You can count on MI-BOX for the most reliable storage solutions for business storage needs.

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MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving delivers our secure portable storage units to Rockledge, Florida​, and all surrounding areas. MI-BOX has storage locations throughout the Space Coast and all suburbs. To find the most convenient storage location near you, please click find a storage location near me.

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MI-BOX Moving & Storage Containers 

MI-BOX Moving and Storage containers in Rockledge, Florida are strong, sturdy and weather resistant. They're designed for convenience and protection. Our mobile storage containers are constructed using composite technology, a high density polyethylene plastic core bonded between two high strength steel skins. Composite wall panels provide strength and durability to ensure you are protected. All framing is structural grade steel that is hot dipped galvanized to prevent rust. Each container has a full-width, lockable door. Only you will have the key. A one-piece roof is designed to shelter everything inside and keep it safe from the elements. MI-BOX moving and storage containers are the longest-lasting mobile storage containers available. They're built to keep your valuables safe and secure. Use the most trusted brand in the industry to protect your worldly possessions. Use MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving Containers in Rockledge.

Moving and Storage Sizes

MI-BOX portable storage containers come in four convenient sizes, so you only rent the space you actually need. We are proud to offer 8', 16', and 20' moving and storage containers.

Our 8' self-storage unit is great for small jobs, dorm rooms, seasonal items, inventory, or when you just need a little extra storage space. The 16' storage units are our most popular size and can fit the contents of 3-4 rooms, a basement, or bulky items such as patio furniture, sofas, or dining room sets. Our 16' storage containers are perfect for on-site jobs like remodeling or restoration projects, household moves, or first responders. And, our 20' moving and storage units are ideal for site-to-site moving.

Moving and Storage Units

MI-BOX brand moving and storage units are built to last a lifetime. Only quality products are used in the manufacturing process to ensure your items will be secure. Tested from coast to coast in the US and Canada, MI-BOX has been designing and building quality mobile storage containers since 2004. They protect against sun-fade, radiant heat, snow, and ice. Use the most trusted portable storage brand in the industry to ensure your belongings are kept safe. Rent MI-BOX Moving and Storage units in Rockledge.

MI-BOX Portable Storage Containers Rockledge

MI-BOX Moving Guide to Rockledge, Florida​

Moving to Rockledge, Florida​

The wonderful town of Rockledge has served as the ideal suburb for many Americans moving to Melbourne every year. This charming suburb’s residents take pride in its proximity to nature, its rich history, and its reasonably diverse population. If that sounds intriguing and you are already looking to make a big move, moving to Rockledge might be a suitable candidate for your new home.

Whether you are moving to Melbourne with kids or alone, this guide can help you with everything you need to know about Rockledge’s history, climate, and local attractions. Contained within this guide is also a host of information about moving to Rockledge, moving companies in Melbourne, and the many storage solutions that will come in handy during the moving process.

Rockledge History​

One of the first things to know before moving to Melbourne and its neighboring suburbs is that this region has a rich historical background. Rockledge is the oldest city founded in the Brevard County area and was established in 1887. Before moving to Rockledge, you should know that the name’s origin remains a source of debate to this day. Some attribute it to Gardner Sheppard Hardee, one of the earliest settlers in the Rockledge area. He also served as a prominent member of the Senate in the 1880s. Others attribute it to a man named Cephas Bailey Magruder, who first settled in the area in the 1870s and is said to have named his house “The Rockledge Home.” Either way, almost everyone can agree that the name “Rockledge” correlates with the picturesque coquina rock ledges that line the shores of the Indian River.

The earliest industry established in the Rockledge region was its expansive citrus plantations and trades. Apart from this, the Rockledge region was also a popular tourist hub, offering accommodations to people traveling to South Florida via the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway. By the late 19th century and early 20th century, this city had become a central tourist town, buzzing with tourists who were moving to Rockledge from around the country. It was particularly attractive to people looking for a sunny, seaside escape from harsh, cold winters. Some of the most popular Rockledge hotels at the time were the Hotel Indian River, the Plaza, and the Rockledge Hotel, all of which offered tourists an incredible riverside view.

By the dawn of the 20th century, Rockledge had firmly established itself as a “resort town.” During its most popular tourist months, the town’s population would increase from 200 to over 2,000 people. In the early 1900s, there were only two ways to access Rockledge. The first option was via boat. Several steamboats and sailboats were used to stop at the ports to unload passengers, cargo, and storage containers. The other was via railway. However, after the first World War, Rockledge became accessible by automobile with Dixie Highway’s construction in 1915 and the US1 in 1920.

Much like most regions in the Space Coast area, Rockledge underwent significant expansion during the Space Race of the early 1960s. With the establishment of the Kennedy Space Center nearby and the development of Apollo and various other shuttle programs, Rockledge became a hub that prompted families from around the country to settle. Once known for its citrus groves, the town of Rockledge is today best known as a core for aerospace and technology industries.

Rockledge​ Geography

Before moving to Rockledge, or any town for that matter, it is worth exploring more about the area’s geographical significance. The town of Rockledge is located in Brevard County, and according to the 2010 Census, it was recorded to have a population of almost 25,000. Rockledge covers about 13.60 square miles, with 12.13 square miles being land and 1.47 square miles making up bodies of water. It is situated at an elevation of 23 feet and has essentially flat topography. The town of Rockledge is bound by the city of Cocoa in the north, with which it has a close, shared history. On the west, it is bound by St. Johns River, on the south is the community of Viera and the town of Melbourne, and to the east is the Indian River Lagoon and Merritt Island.

If you are moving to Melbourne for work and thinking of settling down in Rockledge, you might want to get an idea of how far the suburb is from Melbourne’s city. Rockledge is located at a distance of 17.7 miles, or 32 kilometers, to the northwest of Melbourne. Most people prefer to commute between the two locations by car, which takes about 27 minutes along the US1 route.

Rockledge​ Climate

Without a doubt, one of the most essential things to know before moving to Melbourne, and specifically the town of Rockledge, is the weather conditions and overall climate throughout the year. As with most towns in this part of Florida, Rockledge experiences humid subtropical climates. As a result, moving to Rockledge means moving to a town that experiences immense humidity and two distinct seasons; a hot and rainy season from June to September and a warm and dry season from October to May.

Throughout the year, the temperature in Rockledge can go from its highest temperatures of around 90°F in July to moderate-low temperatures of around 49°F in January. Rockledge rarely experiences freezing temperatures and does not receive any snowfall. According to Best Places’ analysis, the Comfort Index for Rockledge is a 7 out of a possible 10. The most pleasant months in Rockledge are considered to be April, March, and November, while the least comfortable in July and August. Since the weather conditions in the area can be quite variable, it is best to be prepared for every possibility. When moving to a new city like Rockledge, consider stowing away your seasonal items by using storage solutions like portable storage containers for rent. Just reach out to one of the many moving companies in the area for more information on Rockledge storage.

If you are moving to Melbourne in search of some sunshine, moving to Rockledge might just be the right suburb for you. The town experiences 233 sunny days per year, more than the national average of 205 days. Also, while temperatures in Rockledge can easily hit 90°F, the town is still cooler and more pleasant than most places in Florida.

Nevertheless, the climate in Rockledge can get notoriously humid. The humidity can last for almost eight months, with July being particularly muggy. An easy solution to help you beat the heat is using dehumidifiers and other appliances to make your new home more comfortable. If you are worried about needing additional storage in Rockledge to store big-ticket items, consider reaching out to Melbourne’s moving companies. They offer a variety of suitable storage solutions, including self-storage tools and renting out storage units.

The rainy season in Rockledge lasts for more than four months, from late May to early October, with chances of precipitation on any given day varying from 40%-60%. The town receives about 53 inches of rain every year, compared to the national average of 38 inches. The annual number of days with rainfall (115) also exceeds the national average (106). The wettest season of the year for Rockledge is Autumn, which is when 40% of the annual precipitation occurs. Essentially, if you are moving to Rockledge, make sure you have all your rain gear packed up and ready to go.

Rockledge does not experience a winter season. However, for an annual average of about three days, the city’s nighttime temperature does fall below freezing. Although the region does experience frost, there have been no records of snow for the past 150 years.

Rockledge​ Demographics

One of the most important things to know before moving to Melbourne, specifically Rockledge, is details about the people and communities that reside here. To that end, here’s all the information you might need to know about the population and demographics before moving to Rockledge.

As per the 2010 US Census findings, Rockledge has an overall population of more than 35,000 residents. However, since 2010, the city has witnessed a population growth of about 15.6%, and by most estimates, its current population stands a little over 28,000 people. The population density of Rockledge is about 2300 per square mile.

For most people moving to Melbourne with kids, Rockledge serves as the ideal suburb to find other families and communities to mingle with. As per the Census of 2000, Rockledge is home to more than 7,900 households and 5,700 families. Out of these families, more than 56% are married, while 31% have children living with them. Moreover, 24% of the town’s population is composed of children below the age of 18. The average family size in this town is about 2.93, and the average household size is 2.51, which is on par with the national average of 2.6.

However, even if you are moving to Melbourne alone, Rockledge can still be an excellent place to live. As many as 28% of households in this suburb are non-family homes, and 23% of households are occupied by individuals living alone.

The majority of Rockledge homes consist of a white population with people of Irish, German, English, Italian and Polish ancestry. However, it is also home to people from various diverse backgrounds. According to the US Census, the racial composition of the Rockledge population is 72% white, 13% Black or African American, 10% Hispanic, 3% Asian, and 2.3% two or more races. As far as languages in Rockledge go, as much as 91% of the population speaks English as their primary language. Meanwhile, 5% of the population speaks Spanish, 2.2% speak various Indo-European languages, while 1.5% speak Asian and Pacific Island languages.

With people moving to Rockledge in search of new opportunities each year, the community here will only get more diverse. To help these new residents with their big move, moving companies in Melbourne offer their services and the various storage solutions they may be seeking.

Rockledge​ Economy

Many people moving to Melbourne for work choose to settle down in the nearby city of Rockledge because it provides a vast range of work opportunities. In recent years, Rockledge has seen a steady rise in its employment rates, and its job market increased by 2% just last year.

A Rockledge resident’s average income is about $29,372 per year, slightly higher than the national average of $28,555 per year. Moreover, future job growth in the Rockledge region over the next ten years is predicted to increase by 42.2%, much higher than the national average of 33.5%. As the city’s job market grows, you can expect a number of people moving to Rockledge for work opportunities over the next several years.

Small businesses in Rockledge are centered around aerospace and technology, with tourism being another primary source of income for the city. In terms of industries, 16% of the city’s residents are employed in retail, 15% in health care and social assistance services, 10% in education services, 9% in manufacturing, 8% in public administration, and 7% in professional, scientific, and technical services.

If you are an entrepreneur running your own home business, you may find like-minded individuals when moving to Rockledge since 4% of the population works from home. Running a home business is no easy task and can often mean running into issues with storage in Rockledge in situations like an inventory overflow. However, these can quickly be resolved by reaching out to one of the many moving companies in Melbourne and renting out storage containers, portable storage boxes, and other forms of storage solutions.

Attractions and Hotspots in Rockledge​

In terms of attractions, Rockledge is perhaps best known for its proximity to nature and its wide variety of natural parks and reserves. Moving to Rockledge will surely mean picnics galore and spending the weekends in one of the many parks in its expansive parks system.

If you are moving to Melbourne with kids, you might be particularly interested in visiting the Helen and Allan Cruickshank Sanctuary located in Rockledge. This vast expanse of natural land provides critical habitat for some bird and wildlife species, including scrub jays, blue jays, gopher tortoises, bald eagles, ospreys, and hawks. The many nature and hiking trails nearby provide an excellent opportunity for birdwatching and wildlife observation.

To experience wildlife in a different form, families can also visit the nearby 75-acre Brevard Zoo. This zoo is home to more than 900 animals from over 200 species originating from Florida and various countries worldwide. It also offers many recreational opportunities such as animal feeding, kayaking, train rides, and educational events and programs for kids and adults alike. If you are moving to Rockledge with your family, this is the ideal place to spend the day for a fun and educational experience.

One of the exciting things to know before moving to Melbourne, and the town of Rockledge, is that the town is home to several historically significant attractions. These include the H.S. Williams House, built in the 1880s by Hiram Smith Williams, a prominent citrus grower and a former Florida state senator. Remembering Rockledge’s past glory as a citrus plantation hub, the Marion S. Whaley Citrus Packing House situated in town serves as a historic site to local residents. It has also been added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. Other historic sites in Rockledge include the Persimmon Mound (also included in the U.S. National Register of Historic Places), the Rockledge Drive Residential District, Barton Avenue Residential District, and the Valencia Subdivision Residential District.

Rockledge’s residents also love to explore the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, admiring its various space-related attractions and Mission Zones. The complex provides an educational and exciting journey through the history of the country’s various space missions over the years. There are many interactive space exhibits, simulations, and tours at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. Among these include the U.S. Astronaut Hall Of Fame, the Heroes and Legends exhibit, the Apollo/Saturn V Center, and the Rocket Garden exhibit.

Rockledge is also situated close to Florida’s most cherished natural attractions, the 140,000-acre Rockledge National Wildlife Refuge. This refuge is a popular spot for nature lovers, birdwatchers, and wildlife watchers from all around the country and is home to a wide range of natural wildlife diversity. If you are into hiking, biking, fishing, and exploring the many adventures that nature offers, this might be the perfect place for you. When making your big move, make sure to bring your hiking gear and outdoor accessories along. If you are concerned about storage in Melbourne, rest assured that you can stow away your furniture and other assets in portable storage boxes and other forms of storage solutions. You can reach out to moving companies in your area for more information.

Life and Cost of Living in Rockledge​

While several people consider moving to Melbourne for new work opportunities, the high cost of living in the city can deter them. It is a far more economical alternative to consider moving to Rockledge as opposed to Melbourne. For this reason, Rockledge is one of Melbourne’s most popular suburbs.

The median income for a household in Rockledge is about $66,280, which is higher than the national average of $57,652. According to Best Places’ rankings, Rockledge has a cost of living index of 98.6, lower than the national benchmark of 100 and Floridan benchmark of 102.8. In all categories except housing and groceries, Rockledge has a lower cost of living index than the national and Floridan averages. This means that essential services such as health, utilities, and transportation in Rockledge are far less expensive than in other parts of Florida and the US. For expenses related to moving, you can reach out to one of Melbourne’s many moving companies that offer efficient storage solutions at reasonable prices.

The city of Rockledge has a Council-Manager form of government, wherein the Mayor and City Council Members are elected for three-year terms. The government has six City Council members, with two council seats being elected every year. The Council-Manager government serves the city’s legislative function, but its prime operations are handled by the city manager and his or her support staff departments.

The city of Rockledge has its own police department. It employs more than 50 full-time State of Florida certified officers, 18 support staff positions, and various guards, reserve officers, and volunteers. Rockledge also has its own fire department with three stations located across the city. The city has multiple boards and committees operated by citizens, such as the Citizens Advisory Committee, the Planning Commission, the Business Development Committee, and the Education Advisory Committee.

Suppose you are one of the many families moving to Melbourne with kids. In that case, Rockledge also offers an additional incentive to lay down your roots in the city – its exceptional education system. The city of Rockledge falls under the Brevard Public School District, which has a reputation for being one of the best school districts in the area. Some of the most prominent schools here are the highly-rated Hans Christian Andersen Elementary, Golfview Elementary, John F. Kennedy Middle School, Ronald McNair Magnet Middle School, and Rockledge High School.

The city’s standard of education is excellent, with as much as $8,466 spent by the city per student, 15 pupils per teacher, and 394 children per counselor. 98% of the population are at least high school graduates, while 30% are college graduates, and a further 5% of the people are currently attending college.

Making Your Move to Rockledge​

With its proximity to the sea and several natural parks, moving to Rockledge might just be the perfect fresh start you need. However, making the big move comes with its reasonable share of challenges. To help you get started, consider doing your fair share of research and reaching out to some of the leading moving companies in Melbourne. The right moving companies can offer a wide variety of storage solutions for all your moving and storage needs in the years to come.

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Self Storage Rockledge Fun Facts

The self storage industry is highly fragmented, with 18% being owed by the six largest companies, 9 % owned by the next top 100 and 73% owned by small operators.

There is about 1.7 billion sq. ft. of rent-able self storage space in the US. Enough for every man, woman and child in the US to stand under.

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Some customers use the term "pod" referring to any portable storage container because PODS® popularized the concept of portable storage. However, PODS® and "pod" are registered trademarks of PODS Enterprises, Inc, which MI-BOX is not affiliated with. The generic terms used in the storage industry are either "mobile storage containers" or "portable storage containers," but don't worry - we'll know what you mean.

PODS® is a registered trademark for PODS Enterprises, Inc and U-Haul® is a registered trademark of U-Haul International, Inc. MI-BOX® not sponsored by or affiliated with any of these competitors.


MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving in Rockledge, Florida is locally owned and operated. We value each customer and treat you as a member of our family. After all, we live, work and play in the same communities we service. With MI-BOX, you'll get convenient moving and storage solutions, on-time deliveries and more choices at the best prices. MI-BOX offers 8', 16' and 20' moving and storage containers. PODS® does not have 20' units. MI-BOX also employs our industry exclusive, patented Level Lift System. We never use centralized call centers - you will always talk to an expert who cares about your experience. Compare MI-BOX® to PODS® today.

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Moving & Storage Delivered

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