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Is your house crowded and there is not enough storage space? It is not uncommon for a family to outgrow their space and live with clutter. A MI-BOX is the solution that many have looked for who needs extra space. There is no need to have stuff piled all around you; a MI-BOX Portable Storage Unit is a solution that can clear that space in a matter of minutes. When the garage is full and the house looks like a tornado hit it, a portable storage solution is the answer. 

The MI-BOX storage solutions provide customers with many options. If you have the room on your property, you can simply store the box right there. That means you can have access to your stuff anytime day or night. You put the lock on the unit, so you control who gets in and out. We will bring the box of your choice to you. Once you have loaded it, simply call us and we will pick it up, or you can leave it right there. We have a storage facility in San Juan that can safely store your precious items. Adding additional items or taking things out is never a problem 

Need to store precious items, like a piano?  Because they are locked, they keep theft and burglars at bay. If you need to use the storage facility, the San Juan County NM Jumbo Mini Storage has a convenient location. Better still, there is a full service staff on location that is friendly and also professional. They will be more than happy to assist in anyway. If you need help loading or unloading, just ask! Go online today and get a free quote, or give us a call! 

San Juan Portable Storage

Portable storage has become an excellent option for those who are trying to downsize. It costs a lot to live these days. When downsizing is a requirement, self-storage unit become a necessity. When space is limited, Jumbo Mini Storage in San Juan County NM can help. As a MI-BOX dealer, we offer storage solutions that can help. Do you lack storage space; we can give you the extra space you desire. These boxes are able to accommodate small to large storage needs, we can find the right size box to accommodate your needs. When you need more storage space that is affordable and secure, look no further than the MI-BOX system.

MI-BOX units are easy to use and can provide any home or office with instant extra space. Need to store important office documents, or family photos?  With weather proof storage, it is easy to make sure that important documents are kept secure. These units can be kept at the home or the office and they can hold just about anything. Because they are locked tight with your lock, you control who has access. Whether it is at your office, home or our storage facility, only you have access to your stuff. Anytime the facility is open, you can add or remove from your box. 

Many people worry about how this system works. Don’t worry; you can access your stuff anytime you need. The Jumbo Mini Storage unit in San Juan NM is easily accessible and has convenient service hours. The friendly staff will be more than willing to help you. Think of the MI-BOX system as an extra-large closet in your home, only better. When you are ready to get rid of the clutter, give us a call. Whether you need to store furniture, summer supplies, or important office documents, we are the storage solution need you have been looking for. Want to renovate? We can securely store furniture and other items to make the job easier. Call today; your quote is waiting for your new MI-BOX Portable Storage solution.

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San Juan Moving

Whether you’re moving across San Juan County NM or across the country, moving is a hassle. Thankfully, Jumbo Mini Storage can help to make the move simple. Sure, it’s a stressful process, but our friendly movers can help get it done with little issues. You can obtain a quote on your move by going online or calling one of the independently owned Jumbo Mini Storage companies. Best of all, moving doesn’t have to be a debacle; it can be done safely and with little hassles. Need assurance before using us, all of our moving services are guaranteed. By using our services, you will get valuable, reasonably priced, secure move that is not only quick but also safe. Jumbo Mini Storage’s MI-BOX systems can make your next move a breeze

We bring the MI-BOX containers right to your door and packing has never been easier. Whether it is the home or office doesn't matter, we service all types of clients. Simply gather your things and get ready to move, then when you are ready, you just load them into the container. Your items are now all safe and secure when they are packaged in the MI-BOX Mobile Storage Unit. These units can withstand the elements, rain won’t ruin a thing. You can take your time loading these boxes, just call when you’re ready to have it move. Once the box is full, we will pick up and deliver the MI-BOX to wherever you like. Don’t rush, you can take all the time you need. Corporate executives and busy households love having the ease to be able to move at their leisure 

The MI-BOX container gives you the ability to control your move. What else can work around your schedule and allow your move to be a piece of cake? Whether you want to pack a bit at a time, or move all at once, you control everything. Some may need help when loading the MI-BOX; we have movers who are standing by. MI-BOX is designed to work with all customers and to make sure that all moves are made simple. Call or go online for a quote. Make this the easiest move ever!

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