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MI-BOX® Moving & Storage of Arlington VA & Washington DC

Among local moving companies in Stafford VA, MI-BOX stands above the rest. With our affordable rates, hassle-free scheduling and quality moving services, we guarantee an amazing job and stress-free moves!

Best Stafford Storage

MI-BOX® Moving & Storage of Arlington VA & Washington DC

Residential or commercial, you can store it all with MI-BOX of Stafford VA. Choose from 8′, 16′, and 20′ container sizes. Keep them with you at home or the office – or use our secure storage warehouse!

Convenient Delivery in Stafford

MI-BOX® Moving & Storage of Arlington VA & Washington DC

With our patented Level Lift system, highly trained professional movers and great customer service, MI-BOX of Stafford VA delivers the best portable containers in the industry!

Delivering the Moving and Storage Stafford VA Demands!

MI-BOX is not your typical mobile storage and residential/commercial moving company in Stafford, Virginia. We’re a better kind of storage and moving company. We’re the kind that delivers industry-leading, long-lasting portable self-storage containers to make moving to, from, or in Stafford VA a truly fantastic experience.

Wherever you live or work in the Stafford County, Virginia, area, we’re your Stafford movers and self-storage providers. MI-BOX Moving & Mobile Storage combines the convenience of local self-storage with the capacity of local movers to offer the most reliable Self-Storage, Moving & Relocation Services in Stafford County.

MI-BOX sets the standard for a full-service moving and storage company in Stafford VA for a variety of reasons. For one, MI-BOX provides state-of-the-art self-storage containers delivered to your location, and you can keep them as long as you want (even if that’s longer than you initially thought!). For another, MI-BOX can transport those containers from their current location to their new destination safely, without worry of spilling or damaging the contents inside.

Yet another reason why MI-BOX is your choice for Stafford movers and self-storage providers is that we guarantee first-class attention, flexible scheduling, and great customer service on every storage container delivery and moving job. MI-BOX Moving & Mobile Storage of Stafford VA is a locally owned and operated storage and moving company – we’re an independent Northern Virginia-based dealership of the nationally known Storage and Moving company – and so we understand the need to make every moving day and every storage-unit delivery, pickup or transport the most positive experience possible.

Flexibility Is the Key To MI-BOX As Stafford’s Top Self-Storage and Moving Company

In a way, hiring MI-BOX Moving & Mobile Storage of Stafford VA is like owning your own self-storage and moving company. You’re the one in charge of what you do with your world-class MI-BOX storage container – all 7 feet, 2 inches wide and in size varieties of eight feet, 16 feet and 20 feet long – and you decide how long you keep it, or where you put it.

Our trucks can place MI-BOX storage containers wherever there’s room, on just about any surface. And it’s there until you ask MI-BOX of Stafford VA to 1) take it away, because it’s empty and you’re done with it, 2) haul it carefully and safely to your new apartment, home, office complex, business, or construction site, or 3) relocate it to a secure MI-BOX self-storage warehouse in Northern Virginia, where only you have access to its contents.

Family Owned Local Movers in Stafford

You’ve probably heard of MI-BOX. It’s a multi-national brand, a corporation in the self-storage and moving business marketing to commercial and residential clients needing short- or long-term storage solutions, or long-distance or local moving services. There are MI-BOX locations throughout the United States and Canada, both east coast and west coast.

We’re MI-BOX Moving & Mobile Storage of Northern Virginia, serving Stafford County, NoVA and the DC metro area. We’re a locally owned family-run small business, since we’re an independent dealership backed by the strength and resources of the MI-BOX brand. When you need our containers and trucks and warehouses, you’re dealing with people who know the Stafford area and are driven to provide the best customer service at an affordable price. Call us at

Professional Movers at a Guaranteed (and Great) Price

We told you MI-BOX isn’t your typical self-storage and moving company. We’re better. One of the ways we’re the preferred local self-storage and moving company in Stafford County – from Garrisonville to Falmouth to Aquia Harbor to Quantico Marine Corps Base – is that you’ll know the cost of your self-storage rental before we deliver your container, and the cost of your long-distance or local move before moving day.

That’s because, unlike a traditional moving company, MI-BOX can figure the cost of your self-storage or moving job based upon 1) which size(s) of MI-BOX portable storage container(s) you have, and 2) how far our trucks need to travel for delivery or relocation services. That means one guaranteed price on MI-BOX’s storage and moving services. It’s another way we will make your next move a wonderful experience at a reasonable price.

MI-BOX® Moving & Storage - Arlington VA Storage Units, Arlington VA Moving Companies
Pod Rentals

Full-Service Storage Services in In Stafford VA

There’s simply nothing on the market like a MI-BOX self-storage container. They’re modern steel-framed marvels, engineered and built to withstand the elements of weather and the threat of theft, while protecting your possessions and keeping them safe whether the container is on the ground, being lifted up, being set down, or being transported.

That’s what makes MI-BOX of Stafford your choice for convenient, on-site self-storage. It’s literally like having a reinforced, ultra-strong self-storage unit at your fingertips. MI-BOX portable storage containers sit at ground level, making loading and unloading easy, and can be placed anywhere our truck can fit. They feature lockable roll-up doors and can handle just about whatever you need to store inside them – and our patented Level Lift system picks them up and puts them down anywhere with great care, upsetting nothing and safeguarding everything.

What To Store With MI-BOX

MI-BOX of Stafford County has the solution for self-storage of residential items (furniture, kitchen items, personal computers, household goods), recreational items (sports equipment, collectibles, water sports, hand tools), and commercial items (seasonal merchandise, excess stock, or your full inventory). We can make your kitchen remodel, garage clean-out, yard sale set-up or upcoming move a smooth experience.

How Self-Storage Works With MI-BOX

We’re committed to providing the absolute best self-storage service. That means we make sure you have everything you need to safely, securely store your valuable possessions, business assets, or personal belongings. We deliver the container(s), you load them up, and we take them to our secure warehouse or you keep them on your property, locked up under a key only you hold.

Where Can MI-BOX Put Storage Containers?

For being such massive things, MI-BOX self-storage containers (over 7 feet wide and in lengths of eight feet, 16 feet and 20 feet) are remarkable in their ability to go almost anywhere (driveway, cul de sac, parking space) and on almost any surface (asphalt, concrete, blacktop, dirt, grass, even inclined) without damaging the ground. If the truck fits, the container sits.

MI-BOX® of NoVA - Arlington VA Moving Company & Storage Services

Meeting Stafford’s Storage and Moving Needs

Yes, we’re full-service Northern Virginia movers and a leading NoVA self-storage company, but our extremely polite, highly courteous, fully licensed, well-trained and (if we do say so) fairly good-looking professional crew is only able to do so much – you have to provide any shrink-wrap and packing services. Once they’re loaded up, our moving crew transports your containers to whatever new location you need them to go – always carefully, always safely. Residential moves or office moves, MI-BOX of Stafford understands how important the contents are, so we go the extra mile to make it a smooth move.

MI-BOX Mobile Storage Unit Container Sizes

Take advantage of the incredible strength and durability of MI-BOX’s portable self-storage containers. Reinforced with hot-dip galvanized structural-grade rust-proof steel, composite wall panels topped by a seamless one-piece roof, and equipped with ventilation to wick away moisture, our containers are up to the task of protecting your possessions from weather damage and malicious harm.

Plus, MI-BOX containers come in three sizes – so we can provide exactly the right amount of space for your self-storage or moving needs in Stafford VA.

Remodeling? Office Move? New Apartment? MI-BOX Has You Covered

Whatever you’re moving or storing, MI-BOX delivers the containers that make it stress-free. Moves are difficult enough, so we provide the best self-storage containers in the industry to ensure an excellent job on your next move.

Call MI-BOX Moving & Mobile Storage of Stafford County for a free quote on renting our containers. Our experienced movers and storage experts will make sure you get the right containers for the job.

2o-foot portable moving and storage containers: Five to six rooms of furniture … large apartment … household goods … kitchen or basement remodeling/restoration projects … large garage cleanouts … first responder equipment … supplemental construction storage.

16-foot portable moving and storage containers: Three to four rooms of furniture … mid-size apartment … basement or small garage cleanouts … outdoor furniture … living room furniture … dining room sets.

8-foot portable moving and storage containers: One or two rooms of furniture … dorm room moves … seasonal item storage … sports equipment … industrial or occupational signage … excess inventory.

Best Variety of Containers for Your Move or Project
Local Family-Owned Moving & Storage Company in Northern Virginia

Safety Through Technology: MI-BOX® Level Lift System

Of the many reasons to go with MI-BOX as your professional movers in Stafford County, none is more impressive than our patented Level Lift system. We’ve developed sophisticated high-tech truck-mounted apparatus that keeps the portable storage containers – and the contents inside – completely level at all times throughout the loading and unloading process. The assets and possessions stored within are prevented from shifting, spilling, and toppling, so your stuff arrives at its new location in the same condition as it left. Plus, the Level Lift system works reliably on inclined, uneven, or unpaved surfaces – and we can deliver containers anywhere our trucks can fit . . . even in the snow and rain!

See the Level Lift System in Action!

Watching MI-BOX’s patented Level Lift system lift a completely loaded MI-BOX storage container straight up, without the merest tip or slant, and place it securely on the back of a MI-BOX truck and lock it down into place, is nothing short of a technological miracle. Check out this YouTube video over to the right to witness it first-hand.

In reality, of course, it’s not a miracle at all – it’s just the product of years of technological innovation and engineering development by MI-BOX itself. But our clients reap the benefits of the Level Lift system. In less than five minutes under most circumstances, MI-BOX’s professional crew can pick up or drop off a container, operating the system via wireless remote control.

Stafford Prefers MI-BOX® to PODS® and U-Haul®

You’ve heard of PODS®, U-Haul®, and our other mobile self-storage competitors in Stafford. All things considered, MI-BOX comes out on top in comparison. Consider our ultra-strong containers, our patented Level Lift system, our easy and flexible scheduling, our affordable guaranteed up-front pricing, and our family-run local office that’s always at your service. Then check out the online reviews for MI-BOX Moving & Mobile Storage of Northern Virginia in the Stafford County area. You’ll see plenty of satisfied customers – residential and commercial alike – who have experienced a stress-free self-storage rental or moving day thanks to MI-BOX.

MI-BOX® Containers Are Not PODS®

MI-BOX® has steel-reinforced 20-foot-long portable self-storage containers for rent. PODS® doesn’t offer 20-foot units. MI-BOX® created the patented Level Lift system for keeping the contents of our containers safe, secure, and undamaged during a long-distance or local move. PODS® does not have the Level Lift system. MI-BOX® offers guaranteed pricing up front. Other self-storage and moving companies only provide estimates, so your cost isn’t known until afterward. MI-BOX® Moving & Mobile Storage of Stafford is locally owned and operated, with great communication and a personal commitment to service that’s evident from your initial contact with our self-storage and moving team. That’s beyond what you can expect from any other commercial or residential moving team in Stafford County, Virginia.

About the Word “Pods” (And PODS®)

Legally speaking, PODS® is a registered trademark of PODS Enterprises, Inc., and U-Haul® is a registered trademark of U-Haul International, Inc. MI-BOX® Moving & Mobile Storage is a wholly separate entity from – and indeed is a competitor of – these two companies.

However, many customers generically use the term “pod” to refer to any portable self-storage container. In our industry, the terms “mobile storage containers” or “portable storage containers” are commonly used, but if customers give us a call looking to rent a “pod,” we still know what they mean.

Residential or Commercial, MI-BOX Guarantees Professional Service

MI-BOX Moving & Mobile Storage of Stafford VA is in business to make life easier for people who need dependable self-storage and a professional crew of movers in Stafford County. We’re an established family-owned small business backed by the MI-BOX brand to provide personalized, five-star portable storage container delivery and full-service moving to homeowners, renters, property managers, office managers, and businesses. Rely on MI-BOX for truly hassle-free storage and moving services.

The Amazing Usefulness of MI-BOX Containers

Our steel-reinforced lockable self-storage units are essentially enormous extra-secure boxes that you can store almost anything in. Consider some of the ways customers have used our containers:

  • Residential moves
  • Office moves
  • Business equipment storage
  • Furniture storage
  • Inventory storage and store relocation services
  • Youth sports equipment storage
  • Temporary storage during remodels and renovations
  • Emergency storage during disasters like fires and floods
  • Long-term storage (on-site and in our secure warehouse)

Whatever reason you need portable storage containers, MI-BOX has the right boxes for the job.

See the Difference With MI-BOX Moving & Storage of Stafford

storage alexandria

MI-BOX Moving & Mobile Storage isn’t like other Northern Virginia movers serving the Stafford VA 22554 area. We’re different – better – in certain critical areas:

Great customer service: As a locally owned family-run business, MI-BOX of Stafford is dedicated to treating all customers with fairness, courtesy, and respect.

Flexible scheduling: You’re in control of how long you keep your MI-BOX container(s). If your schedule changes, no problem – just give us a call!

Reliable quotes and a reasonable price that’s guaranteed up front: Once we tell you the rate, it stays there, with no price changes. And there are no extra fees for fuel consumption or truck usage.

Great communication and a personal, local move manager: We say what we mean and mean what we say, we answer questions thoroughly and promptly, and we follow up to ensure customer satisfaction. Plus, when you call our office, you can speak with a real person.

Absolute security in protecting your belongings: With the industry’s most sturdy portable self-storage containers, MI-BOX offers unparalleled protection for your valuable items.

We make moving and storage in Stafford VA easy. Reduce stress, save money, and protect your stuff with MI-BOX Moving & Mobile Storage of Stafford County.

When You Call Us, You Get Us

The last thing you want is to call your moving company and not get them. Lack of prompt communication is often a customer’s biggest concern. MI-BOX of Stafford – as a locally owned and family-run independent dealership – doesn’t employ a call center. We have dedicated office staff who’ll pick up the phone when you need us. If we’re not available at the exact moment you call, we’ll strive to get back to you the same day.

State-of-the-Art Self-Storage Containers

There’s no beating MI-BOX containers. Seriously, try to beat one and you’ll come out the worse for wear. Our containers are extraordinarily sturdy, the result of continual refinement by MI-BOX’s own team of engineers since the brand’s establishment in 2004. MI-BOX containers as weather-resistant, durable, secure, and proven reliable over years of widespread use.

Keep Contents Intact With Level Lift

Proprietary patented technology developed and owned by MI-BOX ensures that whatever you store in our containers stays in the same condition. The highly advanced truck-mounted Level Lift system places our storage units wherever our clients need them to be – and it does so with greater ease and efficiency than any competing storage and moving company in Stafford VA.

Neighborly Customer Service

We recognize that moving can be a stressful time. Even if you’re not moving and just need self-storage, chances are it’s for a stressful reason. MI-BOX is here to help. We’re on your team in the Self-Storage, Long-Distance, and Local Moving game, and we’re in it to win it. Our hard-working professional crew is trained to be courteous and thorough with our customers, providing everything you need to move at your own pace. When you’re ready to go, MI-BOX Moving & Mobile Storage of Stafford VA will be ready to take you there.

The Perfect Solution for Moving & Self-Storage

Secure storage containers delivered to your location in Stafford

Lockable full-width roll-up doors, composite wall panels, and one-piece seamless roof

Portable, weather-resistant, ventilated to prevent moisture buildup

Option to store on-site or at a secure MI-BOX storage facility

Choice of 8-foot, 16-foot, and 20-foot containers in length, all 7 feet and 2 inches in width

Local family-run storage and moving company committed to great customer service

Easy appointments, on-time delivery, and flexible scheduling

Ideal for residential moves and office moves in Stafford