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Storage Units In Arlington VA

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Storage Units
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The Smart Choice For Self-Storage In Arlington VA...

...From Local Storage Experts Who Really Know Arlington VA

So you need more self-storage in Arlington VA? Not surprising. There are many things to like about living in Arlington - but having enough space to store all your stuff usually isn't one of them.

Don't get us wrong - here at MI-BOX® Moving and Mobile Storage of Northern Virginia, we love delivering our high-quality climate-controlled storage units, pods, boxes, and containers to residential, commercial and industrial customers all over Arlington. Although we proudly deliver storage boxes of various unit sizes to ALL the counties of NoVA - from Loudoun to Prince William and up I-395 into Washington DC - it's in high-density population centers like Arlington County that MI-BOX can show off our best delivery work.

Storage Arlington Virginia

(That's thanks, by the way, to our patented truck-mounted Level-Lift System that can safely place our 20-foot, 16-foot, and 8-foot-long storage units anywhere there's enough space for the storage unit size, utilizing refined high-tech mechanics and driver-operated remote control...not to mention our teams of highly trained, professional moving and storage experts.)

But we at MI-BOX of NoVA absolutely love receiving calls (to 571-200-1849), emails (to, and online messages (through our website) from our valued clients in Arlington - because every reservation we get from a homeowner or business in Arlington is yet another opportunity to provide an unexpectedly high level of customer service and unrivaled quality of portable storage-unit space to a place that - of all the towns, cities and counties where we deliver storage units - could really use our services.

MI-BOX Moving and Mobile Storage of Northern Virginia knows Arlington. Let our storage professionals work to serve all your self-storage needs.

Main Advantages of Renting Storage Units From MI-BOX

Space is always at a premium in Arlington, Falls Church and Shirlington. But that doesn't mean you should pay top dollar to rent a storage facility!

MI-BOX Moving and Mobile Storage of Northern Virginia hasn't become the most trusted moving and storage company in Arlington VA for nothing. We offer major advantages to Arlington customers that our competitors just can't match. For example:

Industry-Leading Climate-Controlled Self-Storage Units, Pods, and Containers

Built with the strength of hot-dipped galvanized steel, topped by a seamless one-piece roof, and secured by lockable full-width roll-up doors (to which only you have the key), MI-BOX storage units are protected against rust and weather, thereby assuring the safeguarding of your belongings and preventing damage to the surface beneath.

8-Foot Unit

Great to store stuff while cleaning out your garage or RV.

16-Foot Unit

Perfect to store the furniture of a small apartment.

20-Foot Unit

Ideal to store the contents of a townhome or several rooms of a single-family home.

Rely on MI-BOX for self-storage plus much more: Moving logistics, packing supplies, and gate access to our secure self-storage facilities around Northern Virginia.

The Right Unit Size For The Job

Whatever storage unit sizes you require, whether your self-storage needs call for eight-foot units, sixteen-foot units, or twenty-foot units, you really can't go wrong with the climate-controlled boxes delivered by MI-BOX - especially when you consider that each unit is equipped with an internal air-circulation system which wicks away moisture, thereby avoiding water damage, mold and mildew.

Free Estimates You Can Count On

Just call, email, or submit the short form here on our website to get your complimentary instant quotes on self-storage unit delivery, pick-up, and rental (short-term and long-term).

Guaranteed Pricing

In the self-storage unit business, surprises aren't good. That's why we make sure to guarantee rental rates, providing cost-certainty and peace-of-mind to customers, whether homeowners or businesses. The prices we quote upon unit reservation will be the price you pay. (Ask about our military discount and other promotions.)

Timely Delivery and Pick-Up On Your Schedule

We promise flexible scheduling and responsive customer service to our customers in Arlington VA.

Convenience and Protection

Everything we do is geared toward customer satisfaction - and the best way to ensure a satisfied customer is to deliver a high-quality product on time. Your rented MI-BOX self-storage unit is designed to protect your valuable belongings (documents, electronics, furniture, items from the hall closet, anything) from the elements of weather and the threat of theft, regardless of location...while simultaneously affording you the convenience of reliable self-storage facility right there on your own property.

From Our Family To Yours

MI-BOX Moving and Mobile Storage of Northern Virginia is a true small business enterprise run by a local Northern Virginia family since 2008.

Safety First AND A Perfect Fit: MI-BOX's Patented Level-Lift System

Years of engineering refinement culminated in the achievement that is the Level-Lift System, an exclusive piece of technology developed by MI-BOX® of North America. As an independent, locally owned dealership (not part of a multi-national franchise - we are a true family-run small business), MI-BOX Moving and Mobile Storage of Northern Virginia is pleased to possess the Level-Lift System, mounted on all of our moving trucks and vans.

We promise, as an Arlington VA resident or business, you'll be glad you hired MI-BOX of NoVA when you see the Level-Lift System in action.

Storage Space, Delivered

Picture this: One of our massive white self-storage containers - we offer unit sizes of 8 feet, 16 feet and 20 feet in length, all at a standard 7 feet and 2 inches in width and tall enough to easily access - with the MI-BOX logo stamped on both sides, positioned securely in the grip of a specialized MI-BOX delivery vehicle.

Then, imagine your driver aligning the vehicle exactly where you prefer the storage unit be placed. (No matter the surface (asphalt, gravel, dirt, grass, whatever - even on an incline!)

Once in position - we can put a MI-BOX self-storage unit any location our vehicles will fit - the driver performs a visual inspection of the intended placement location, to ensure there's sufficient space for you to load and unload items into and out of the storage unit.

Upon confirmation, it's all machinery. The MI-BOX technician presses a button, and voilà, the Level-Lift System goes to work - opus ex machina, so to speak. That huge self-storage container starts to move, gripped tightly on both sides by sturdy double-jointed metal arms whose pre-determined movements are impelled by pneumatic servo-mechanisms. The self-storage unit levitates upward, carried away from the truck bed. Once the storage unit is clear of the rest of the vehicle, those arms gently lower the container onto the ground, setting it down precisely where you want it - all without ever once tipping or tilting, keeping completely level and parallel to the ground below the whole time.

Then, the arms free their vice-like grip on the storage unit, leaving the facility there for you to use as long as you need. It's a remarkable piece of technology, the Level-Lift System - and only MI-BOX has it (because MI-BOX invented it).

Why Is The Level-Lift System So Important?

Especially in a high-density location like Arlington VA, where usable spaces are often limited and strictly confined, having an advanced technology like MI-BOX's Level-Lift System is a major advantage. A few good reasons why:


By using wireless remote control to operate the Level-Lift System, your team of MI-BOX self-storage and moving professionals can assure proper fit of the self-storage facility in whatever space you want the unit to go - while avoiding obstacles like power lines, tree branches, or other structures.


Once we maneuver the MI-BOX vehicle into the correct position for drop-off of the self-storage unit, it typically takes five minutes or less to move boxes from truck to ground.


In rain, sleet, snow, gloom of night, on inclines, or even tight spaces, the proprietary MI-BOX Level-Lift System can deliver your self-storage unit to whatever location you want.


Because MI-BOX offers (and is the only moving and mobile storage company in Arlington VA to offer) the Level-Lift System - with efficient positioning and fast deployment - we can reduce time and costs we expend in delivering climate-controlled storage units to your home or office building...and that can account for more savings to the MI-BOX customer.


The most important aspect of the Level-Lift System is right there in the name: Keeping your self-storage unit level during delivery and pick-up. The apparatus is designed for the seminal purpose of making sure the valuable contents inside the unit never tip, tilt, or spill!

On-Time Delivery of Storage Units, Pods, Boxes and Containers Throughout Arlington VA

If you live in Arlington, Virginia, you're already aware: It's pretty great. It combines the best details from multiple worlds: The urban excitement of our nation's capital, Washington DC, meshed with the affluent suburbia of Northern VA - with (if you know where to look) a little country mixed in.

Whether you need to store stuff off Glebe Road or Wilson Boulevard, Carlin Springs Road or Four Mile Run Drive...or if you have stuff to store up in Arlandria, down near Mount Vernon, over in Shirlington, alongside the Potomac River, amid the gleaming edifices of Crystal City, or underneath the flight path of National reside inside one of the most dynamic, vibrant areas in the entire Mid-Atlantic region.

A Little Trivial Interlude

Here's some trivia: Did you know Arlington VA was once part of Washington DC? True fact. The land that's now Alexandria City and Arlington County was ceded by the Commonwealth of Virginia to the federal government of the United States in 1801, then incorporated back into VA in 1847 - though the name "Arlington" wasn't adopted until 1920. So, living in Arlington VA really is like direct access to American history!

We're The Go-To Self-Storage Unit Delivery Company For Arlington VA

MI-BOX® Moving and Mobile Storage of Northern Virginia is proud to serve the portable storage facility needs of folks throughout the City and County of Arlington. You'll spy MI-BOX self-storage units placed on driveways, side streets and construction zones throughout the neighborhoods of Arlington VA, from Cherrydale to Pentagon City, Seven Corners to Bailey's Crossroads, and Shirlington to Aurora Highlands.

MI-BOX of NoVA knows how to help Arlington VA store stuff...because we know Arlington VA.

Contact MI-BOX Moving and Mobile Storage

For self-storage in Arlington VA, the choice is clear: MI-BOX® Moving and Mobile Storage of Northern Virginia.

Get more details on our facilities and unit sizes, then make your reservation. Call MI-BOX during office hours at 571-200-1849, or email us anytime at

Some customers generically use the term "pod" to refer to any portable storage container because PODS® popularized the concept of portable storage in Northern Virginia. However, PODS® and "pod" are registered trademarks of PODS Enterprises, Inc, which MI-BOX is not affiliated with. The general terms used in the industry are either "mobile storage containers" or "portable storage containers," but don't worry - we'll know what you mean.

PODS® is a registered trademark for PODS Enterprises, Inc and U-Haul® is a registered trademark of U-Haul International, Inc. MI-BOX® not sponsored by, or affiliated with any of these competitors.

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