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Looking for portable storage in Swanzey, New Hampshire? You’ve come to the right place. MI-BOX has been a leading mobile storage provider since 2004. 

If you think throwing things away is difficult, you’re not alone. We all accumulate things throughout our lives that hold sentimental value. Whether it be an old high school jersey or a gift from a close relative, there are things in our lives that we simply won’t ever want to throw away. This is where MI-BOX comes in. We offer a portable storage solution that is safe, convenient and specially designed to protect your belongings in any weather condition. Perfect for anyone in need of a place to store their things for a short or extended period of time.

Who Could Use Portable Storage In Swanzey, New Hampshire?

Portable storage can come in handy in a variety of situations. Some of the most common reasons our storage containers are used include: 
  • Home staging preparation 
  • Hardwood and carpet installation projects 
  • Fire or flood damage restoration projects 
  • On-site storage for contractors 
  • Apartment renters with limited storage options 
  • Long-term hotel renters with limited storage options 
  • Seasonal storage for business inventory overflow 
  • Temporary storage for arenas, racetracks, town fairs and festivals 
  • And more. 

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Why Portable Storage In Swanzey, NH?

Portable storage is the new and improved way to store your belongings. Rather than renting a truck, paying for its gas and insurance and driving to a self-storage facility yourself, we bring the storage right to you. Our storage containers can be delivered anywhere you’d like, including your driveway, backyard, parking lot and more. 

All our containers are delivered at ground level, so you’ll never need to haul your things up a long loading ramp or use a forklift. When the box is lifted back on to our truck, it will be lifted evenly and level to protect your belongings from shifting during transit. 

When you’re done loading your Mi-Box storage container you can either keep it on-site or have it delivered to one of our storage facilities. 

Self-Storage Swanzey, NH 

Our portable storage facilities are some of the best in the business. They’re safe, secure and available for access 24/7 by Mi-Box customers at any time. 

All facilities are locked down tight with 24/7 surveillance and security alarms. If an alarm is triggered, police are called and your belongings will be safe. In addition to the alarms and surveillance, all facilities have professionally trained employees available on-site. These employees can assistant you with accessing your container, and add an extra layer of security. 

When you rent a MI-Box container you will be given a PIN number that you can use to enter the facility. This gives you free, unlimited access to your belongings at any time of the day. Perfect for those situations where you need to grab something quick out of your box. 

A weather controlled storage facility is available in Swanzey, NH for those times when you need to store something extra delicate or valuable. Be sure to ask about this when speaking with your Mi-Box representative about your storage needs so we may accommodate. 

About Our Swanzey, NH Containers 

All containers are built to resistant moisture with DuraPlate wall panels and hot dipped galvanized structural steel frames. This protects your driveway from ugly stains and keeps valuables susceptible to the harsh Swanzey, NH weather, such as copper and iron, from corroding while in storage. 

Choose from a 8 ft., 16 ft. or 20 ft. Mi-Box container. PODS® does not offer 20 ft. portable storage units, but MI-BOX does. Compare PODS® to MI-BOX before you book your next portable storage units.

Moving Companies Swanzey, NH

MI-BOX Mobile Storage & Moving in Swanzey, New Hampshire operates differently than other moving companies in the area. Our prices are guaranteed up-front and do not change based on weight or other miscellaneous factors. Other moving companies will quote a low price initially, but then add significant fees later when your belongings are already loaded on to their truck. These unscrupulous companies make it seem like you're forced to pay their exorbitant hidden fees because they've already loaded your things on to their truck. It's a classic bait and switch. Our locally owned and operated Swanzey, NH movers do not believe in this sort of deception and instead choose to treat their customers like family. Customer satisfaction is MI-BOX's top priority.

Once your belongings are loaded, MI-BOX Moving & Storage will move them to your new home anywhere in Swanzey or Central NH or we can store them for you inside our warehouse for safe keeping. 

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