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LeveLift System

MI-BOX spent years developing and perfecting the way our containers are delivered and picked up to ensure your belongings are kept safe. Containers are always picked up and dropped off LEVELLY. All MI-BOX dealers use our patent pending LeveLift System. It is simply the most efficient way to deliver containers to anyone... anywhere. The MI-BOX LeveLift system gently places containers on any surface in any weather. It won't damage the surface or landscaping around the container. Only MI-BOX dealers have our technology, so you can always count exceptional service and hassle free deliveries with MI-BOX. 

We always keep your contents level while dropping off or picking up your container.

It's Fast. In most instances, it takes less than 5 minutes to drop off or pick up a container. It doesn't matter if the surface is paved or unpaved. If our truck can fit - we can deliver it.

It's Safe. Operators use wireless remote control unit to gently place or pick up containers. While standing a safe distance away, drivers can constantly have a watchful eye on any obstructions like tree limbs or power lines. Safety is a priority at MI-BOX, both for your property and our drivers.

It's Efficient. The MI-BOX LeveLift system can deliver containers in tight spaces, on inclines, in rain, sleet and snow. It can easily deliver two - 8 ft. mobile storage containers at one time or one 12 ft., one 16 ft., or one 20 ft container. It always keeps your container and contents level to prevent contents from shifting.

It's Economical. For less than the price of renting a delivery truck, MI-BOX can deliver our containers right to your home or business. Take your time to load anything you want to move or put into storage. Then, we'll come and pick it up when its convenient for you.

It's Locally Owned and Operated. Only MI-BOX dealers can purchase it. It's our secrete sauce. It enables each MI-BOX dealer to deliver to more people in more places with greater ease than any other delivery system available. Experience the MI-BOX difference.  All dealers are local people who care most about you and your business. Let us show you how we can make your next moving and storage experience be trouble free.

Mi-Box LeveLift System can put your unit anywhere

The MiBox LeveLift system ensures your items are safe

Only MiBox can keep your items Secure from Weather and Damage

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