Tips for Moving in the Winter

Despite the weather, many people still choose to move during winter. If you’re one of those brave souls, here are some tips to help make your move go as smoothly as possible.

Before You Move

Get Started Early
One of the best things you can do when moving in the winter is to get started early. This gives you a chance to get everything in order and ensures you have plenty of time to get everything done. Renting a moving container, like an MI-BOX moving container, can be a great help when it comes to this. 

Hire Professionals
You may think you can do this move yourself, but the winter is not a time to take a risk. Hiring professional movers will ensure that your belongings are handled safely and efficiently. 

The Week of the Move

Have a Backup Plan
The winter is always unpredictable, so it is essential to have a backup plan. One way you can is to decide on a backup moving date. Then, ensure that your moving company is also available on your backup date.

Pack an emergency kit
This should include snacks, water, a first aid kit, extra blankets, and anything else you might need in an emergency.

Moving Day

Dress in Layers
You will go in and out of your home multiple times, and staying warm is essential. Wear boots, a coat, gloves, and a hat to keep yourself comfortable. Remember that no matter how hot you get, you should not strip down to less than your shirt. 

Keep Salt and Shovels Nearby
Keep salt and a shovel nearby on your moving day. Use them on the day of your move to clear any pathways you need to access the moving truck. Pack these items last so you can quickly reaccess them at your new home if necessary.

Protect Your Floors at Both Locations
Moving day means people will go in and out of the entire house. During the winter, water, snow, and salt will be the biggest threats to your floors. In both your old and new home, lay down sheets or tarps to protect your floors from damage. If you don’t have a tarp, put something down that people can step on when entering the rooms. This will trap most of the moisture and salt coming into your home during your winter move.

Lower the Heat on Move-In Day
On moving day, your doors will constantly be opening and closing, which can result in your heater working overtime trying to keep up, which means your bill will increase. We suggest that you lower your heat on your move-in day. 

Benefits of Moving in the Winter

  • The weather is usually cooler, making it more comfortable to move around and unpack
  • winter can be a great time to take advantage of holiday sales on moving supplies and services
  • No more worrying about your belongings getting overheated or damaged by the sun
  • Increased flexibility

So if you are thinking about moving in the winter, MI-BOX is here to help you! Visit our website to learn more.